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editor notes

Jean Trebek
& Alison Martin

Hope Springs Internal for our editors – Jean & Alison

Editors Monthly "Share"insidewink co-founders, Jean Trebek & Alison Martin, look inward as they share thoughts on the season's renewal of hope. Photo taken pre-pandemic 🙂 Hello sweet friends,As the Northern Hemisphere moves into Springtime, the feeling and optimistic attitude of hope seems to be a bit more easily attainable. Maybe it’s seasonal, maybe it’s the longer...

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insidewink is an online magazine, a platform, a resting place – encouraging kinder living by highlighting universal experiences and individual perspectives – that reveals the true goodness within. 
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Nurses-To-Be and Their Small Acts of Kindness

The Academy Director for Bay Path Practical Nursing reached out about these three woman and the small kindnesses these nurses-to-be have shown.




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Affirmation – a New Look

insidewink affirmations always have a new look, a fresh take, a different perspective that affords a minute to see things differently!


How Nataly Kogan Can Help You Be Happier

Nataly Kogan is in the business of Happiness. Her Happier Method gives us straightforward ideas to inspire us to be happy too!

The Japanese Puffer Fish – Artist of the Month

The Japanese Puffer Fish works tirelessly to create a beautiful piece of geometric art to attract a worthy mate… and what did you do on Valentine’s Day?

Trebek Family Advocates Importance of The Compassion Project

The Compassion Project motivates children to see “compassion” as an action word, teaches kindness & social emotional learning skills to elementary school children.

Being Grateful in the Midst of the Messiness of Life

insidewink co-founders, Jean Trebek and Alison Martin, discuss being grateful even in the midst of the messiness of life with Kristi Nelson, Executive Director of and author of "Wake Up Grateful"  “My practice is grateful living. And it’s literally in...

I’m Listening

I’m Listening

Three small, unrelated moments of gratitude, patience, and caring remind Alison to stay open, help others and truly listen to the universe.

Smile! It’s Happy Headlines

Smile! It’s Happy Headlines

Need a reason to smile? Well, here’s our Happy Headlines! From Hummingbirds to Teens to Mama Bears to Sweet Treats… all good news to make you smile.

From Death Springs Life

From Death Springs Life

Jeanette DuBois shares her outlook on what we have experienced the past year… our losses and gains and how to embrace life.

Hope In Brooklyn

Hope In Brooklyn

The wonderful Kate Fuglei shares a beautiful piece about her return to a Brooklyn neighborhood and the hope and joy she found there one year after the pandemic started.

Suddenly Grateful

Oh God, here again. I sit in the ICU next to my mother. I look at her thin skin and her pale lips...

True Compassion

Are You Truly Compassionate? During this holiday season, I want to reflect upon the word that...

Circle of Kindness

The other day I was riding my bike and I was hit by a car.  Not badly…but enough that it got my...

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