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editor notes

Jean Trebek
& Alison Martin

Letter From the Editors: The World Has Shifted and Changed

Editors Monthly "Share"insidewink co-founders, Jean Trebek & Alison Martin, sharing thoughts on the world around us and how the focus and purpose within our daily lives has shifted. Hello friends, We have learned so much about the meaning of our theme this month - the idea of “purpose”. The world has shifted and changed. Actions, jobs and events that defined us and given...

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insidewink is an online magazine, a platform, a resting place – encouraging kinder living by highlighting universal experiences and individual perspectives – that reveals the true goodness within. 
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Front Line Newlyweds: Joe and Megan Calcagno

Everyday Heroes: Joe and Megan Calcagno are in the epicenter of the pandemic in Chicago. Tireless, humble newlyweds, insidewink takes small glimpse into their lives.




Affirmation: Transitions

insidewink affirmations are gentle reminders of the love, compassion and gentleness in us and all around us.


I’m Breaking Up With My Couch

I’m Breaking Up With My Couch

After a beautiful relationship for the past few months, Alison finds the strength to let her couch know that it’s time to move on.

Mirror, Mirror…

Mirror, Mirror…

From debutante to styling expert, Patrice Chanel, embraces beauty as she comes to a new understanding of this “ideal”.

journey to a Plastic Free Life: Getting Rid of Plastic Bags

Journey to a Plastic Free Life: Getting Rid of Plastic Bags

Our everyday hero, Lisa Rogers, takes the first step on living plastic free by getting rid of her single use plastic bags.

insidewink make peace with your body

Making Peace With Your Body

You know the moment… you see yourself in a photo or a reflection and you get that “feeling”… NIKI SVARA gets us over it! “You have the ability to let go of judgements and feel joyfully at peace with your body.”

Family Traditions

Traditions and family go together! Jean shares some holiday moments that bring her right back to her childhood.

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