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editor notes

Jean Trebek
& Alison Martin

Letter From The Editors – A Time For Change

insidewink's editors monthly "share" Moving Through Transitions Hello friends, "The only thing that is constant in life is change." - Heraclitus Typically, there's something about this time of year that welcomes change.  Perhaps it's the cooler weather, the children going back to school, or the leaves turning colors that signify the changes around us... and all the while,...

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Maryam Morrison and The Eden Magazine

The Eden Magazine did a wonderful interview of our very own Jean Trebek! AND Jean loved the editor, Maryam Morrison, so much we decided to share her good!




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Brave Face Not Required: Three Steps to Cope with Transition

Cheryl Farrell offers three steps to getting through transitions, by sharing a story of her relative and the help offered the unhoused in Hope Of The Valley Tiny Homes.


Emily and Valerie: Uncovering Autism’s Voice

"I Have Been Buried Under Years Of Dust"... are the first words Emily Grodin used to express herself. Emily is on the autism spectrum and for years was unable to fully communicate. Her parents, Valerie and Tom, worked with many therapists and different modalities...

Tapping Your Way to Peace & Health with Nick Ortner

Need stress relief? Try Tapping! Nick Ortner from the Tapping Solution speaks with insidewink about this wonderful form of energy and anxiety release.

Thank You, Ed Asner

Thank you, Ed Asner! Our little tribute to the man we invited into our living room for so many years…

Thank You, Ed Asner

Thank you, Ed Asner! Our little tribute to the man we invited into our living room for so many years…

Nancy Levin on How to Set Boundaries and Love Them!

Boundaries! Selfishness! The passions of Nancy Levin as she guides us through ways to make ourselves the priority.

12 Days of Love: insidewink Valentine’s Gift Guide 2021

Our Valentine’s Gift Guide features 12 socially responsible companies for 12 days. Day 1: Headbands Of Hope, Day 2: FAZL, Day 3: Yoobi, Day 4: OM Matters, Day 5: TOMS, Day 6: EarthHero, Day 7: STATE Bags, Day 8: Amour Vert, Day 9: The Tote Project, Day 10: Caesura, Day 11: Ten Thousand Villages, Day 12: DonorsChoose!


Gratitude is the gateway to a more expansive, loving, full life. One moment in complete awareness of all the gifts…

Flower Shop

I used to own a flower shop in Century City, California. It was charmingly small, but moreover, it...

Aretha Franklin “Think”

What can we say about Aretha Franklin that has not already been said? Singer, songwriter, activist, pianist. Whatever she touched turned to gold.

Suddenly Grateful

Oh God, here again. I sit in the ICU next to my mother. I look at her thin skin and her pale lips...

True Compassion

Are You Truly Compassionate? During this holiday season, I want to reflect upon the word that...

Circle of Kindness

The other day I was riding my bike and I was hit by a car.  Not badly…but enough that it got my...

Eric Axene-Artist of the Month

Photo by Eric Axene "Ghosts of Old Broadway" Downtown Los Angeles, CA   What Inspires you?I'm...

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