Holiday Wellness: How to Stay Sane & Healthy During the Holidays

4 Simple Holiday Wellness Tips

Celebrate the season without losing your marbles or abandoning health & fitness goals. Take time to recharge, set limits and check in with yourself so you can actually enjoy the holidays!

Holiday Wellness Tips: Unplug From Fitness Apps


1. Unplug from the Fitness Apps.
You’ll Feel Better.

Plugged in. Monitoring steps. Monitoring calories, breathing, heart rates. Even meditation practices being monitored via an app! It gives us a sense of control with this technology telling us Great job! You did it! or Keep it Going!

“The rub is that sense of control is just that, a sense; an illusion. There isn’t actually any control. It just makes us feel like we are doing something. And sometimes the something we are doing is missing the experience of life unplugged….Release the control, the alerts, the milestones, and instead just move, sweat and breathe.—insidewink fitness expert, Dove Rose

Give Yourself the Freedom to Say NO! —Thank you.


2. Give Yourself Permission to say NO! —Thank you.

You don’t have to bake that extra batch of cookies. You don’t have to add another zoom party to your already busy schedule. Dr. Elvira G. Aletta PhD, insidewink author and founder of explore what’s next, tells us we have the freedom to choose. We can choose what we do, and we can also choose to say no when it’s too much to handle. Do less and enjoy more to maintain holiday wellness.

“It’s OK to use our freedom to say no. All animals, and most people, will understand. They will be okay, and, most importantly, so will we.”

Learn the Freedom of NO!  from Dr. Aletta Here

Stay Healthy Inside & Out With These


3. Bare Minimum Wellness Rules

“Even if I am stressed, scared, confused, uncertain, standing in the middle of a pandemic with no clear direction of what to do, I know what I can do for my body, spirit and mind.” 

Fitness expert, Dove Rose, shares some basic tips to “make sure that you are caring for yourself in such a way that your foundation is well” and has been tended to.

“This isn’t about pressure, or being perfect. It is about making sure you at least check in with yourself a little bit every day; somehow, with love. You matter enough to live a life that allows you to feel good in your body, able in your mind, and calm in your spirit. You can make wise choices that will maintain your wellness without even trying.”

I'm Breaking Up With My Couch


4. Make Time for Downtime

The hustle, the bustle and the pandemic are exhausting. Which is why it is so important to make sure to rejuvenate with some downtime. Creating time and space to unwind can actually increase your productivity, creativity and your mental health.

So, watch some TV, listen to some music, take time to work on a hobby, go for a walk or pick up a good book. Remember, it’s not wasting time if you are enjoying wasting it—and feeling better because of it.

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