I have learned a new way of living lately, as we all have in these delicate times.

I have transformed my work into a remote business, which has allowed me to continue to work with all of my clients and expand out to many others who have moved out of state over the years. This new way of inter-being has allowed me to have a much richer and more fulfilling relationship with many. I am blessed, and so grateful, to have the platform of remote sessions to continue offering my services.

Something struck me today as I was working with my clients. All of them mentioned the same thing to me and it made me pause. When the Universe repeats herself, I listen. What they each expressed to me was how thankful they were for having the foundation of the type of training I provide in my sessions. They shared that it has really anchored them into a lifestyle of fitness that has helped them stay strong and remain in such good health all these years. Knowing that they can at least care for their body with their workouts, or their mind and emotions in their holistic wellness sessions, or simply connect with another human being for a while to stay tethered to life, has brought them peace and safety.

Of course this was wonderful to hear. But as the fourth client mentioned the same thing to me, it made me wonder why everyone was noting this today.

I did some thinking and realized that this time we are now in has given us all an opportunity to drop into our wellness in a way like no other.

We are tending to our health with new awareness and, hopefully, consistency. What it has taught me is that even if I am stressed, scared, confused, uncertain, standing in the middle of a pandemic with no clear direction of what to do, I know what I can do for my body, spirit and mind.

I wanted to take a moment and share with you some of my basic tips to make sure that you are caring for yourself in such a way that your foundation is well. You might not do a full workout every day, or go on a hike, or cook a full meal, do your formal meditation, or keep up with all of your beauty regimes, but you can do enough to make sure your foundation has been tended to.

Think of this list as your bare minimums.

You can choose one, or a few from each group. This isn’t about pressure, or being perfect. It is about making sure you at least check in with yourself a little bit every day; somehow, with love. You matter enough to live a life that allows you to feel good in your body, able in your mind, and calm in your spirit. You can make wise choices that will maintain your wellness without even trying.

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4 Simple Rules

To Stay Healthy Inside & Out

Stay Healthy Inside & Out With These

Breathe on purpose

• Box Breathe-inhale to the count of four, hold your in breath to the count of four, exhale to the count of four, hold your out breath to the count of four. Repeat four times.
• Meditate for 3-15 minute
• Learn Wim Hof Method of breathing

Stay Healthy Inside & Out With These

Move on purpose

• Go outside and walk for a little while. You don’t need to count your steps or turn on your FitBit, just move and enjoy nature.
• Bounce on a trampoline.
• Hold plank for one minute.
• Use a weighted hula hoop for a few minutes.
• Dance to your favorite music. (Like no one is watching.)

Stay Healthy Inside & Out With These

Feed your body with purpose

Eat a salad everyday
• Take your supplements.
• Drink a lot of water.
• Don’t put anything toxic in your body.
• Eat the colors of the rainbow. Change your food choices often to give yourself a variety of nutrients and minerals.

Stay Healthy Inside & Out With These

Feel on purpose

• Laugh about something. Watch a funny movie/TV show, talk to someone who makes you happy. Lean into joy.
• Cry if you can. If nothing comes up, simply create the space in case something wants to. Allow sadness, grief, fear, pain, or anger to move and be expressed with crying. It’s healthy. Try it.
• Write a letter to a loved one.
Read literature, or poetry, that moves you.
• Give yourself permission to slow down. There is no rush. This is our life. Be in it. Slow down enough to be present for it all.

Oh, and know that you are loved.

Blessings of peace and good health.

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