SEE on Apple TV: In a world where no one can see and everyone thinks that vision does not exist, two children are born with sight and no one knows. Starring Jason Mamoa

“See” TV Series in Apple TV

In a world where no one can see and everyone thinks that vision does not exist, two children are born with sight and no one knows.

Well, almost no one. What’s the point of a good secret if you don’t tell anyone? And that’s the twist in a world where everyone is blind and it’s completely normal to be blind. What does the world think of people who can suddenly see? Yeah, makes you think a little, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I’m not giving away anything that you don’t learn in the first 45 seconds of the first episode.

The “See” TV Series appears to be filmed in the majestic Pacific Northwest of the United States. The landscape of this show is breathtaking. I found myself endeared by the lush forests and beautiful rivers to the point that it was easy to lose track of the story.  However, there is enough action, political intrigue, and wonder that you’ll never forget that the world has turned blind.

Why Should You Watch the TV Show See?

Apple TV’s “See” TV Series has dystopian elements of The Maze Runner and Hunger Games where the landscape is littered with the ruins of our present civilization and this makes it fun to watch.  However, See also has some elements of the violence and political intrigue that are found in Game of Thrones, without the blatant sex. Don’t get me wrong, there are adult sexual situations. I don’t think there are quite as many raw pornographic quality sexual moments as in Game of Thrones.

Gentle reader, you should also be most aware, this show is also quite graphically violent.  It would be very irresponsible of me if I didn’t point out the violence. Some of you may find the show unwatchable. However, I think the violence and the brutality add to the show as a counterbalance of the love and tenderness which is also represented. However, television viewing mileage may vary depending on the viewer and you should watch at your own risk.

See may be difficult for some viewers to watch.

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The “See” Series Also Has Tender Moments…

As I mentioned above, I also find See to contain very tender and loving moments. Many characters within the show truly love each other. This love makes for a nice juxtaposition to the extreme violence. I enjoyed seeing a story where a stepdad raises children that are not his own but loves them as if they are. I enjoyed seeing a story of love where it’s not ripped apart by unfaithfulness or another assorted personal irresponsibility. The characters still seem to ask themselves the questions that we ask ourselves. “What’s my purpose? What am I doing here? What’s the point to all this?” Slowly through this first season, many of those questions become answered and it’s fascinating to watch.

Within that I find the fight scenes to be very interesting and refreshingly unique because the characters that fight are blind. It’s a different presentation of martial combat than most people are accustomed to. It’s not your typical block, block, karate chop, kick, and punch. It’s more like listen for your opponent, guess where they are, attack, and react.  Some of the blind fighting and interaction is very far fetched. Since no one is really concerned about reality in this show then I won’t worry about it either.

"SEE" TV Series on Apple TV

An Easy to Follow TV Show

Plus some unique fight scenes and a manageble plot line

The show does have many of the normal standard good guy vs bad guy elements. The stories are familiar but presented in a new way. I enjoyed that this show was easy to follow. If it were too complicated I don’t think it would have been as enjoyable to watch.

Maintaining a simple storyline provides time to think about the superpowers we possess that we take for granted. Things like speech, smell, and oh yeah, sight! It also allows us to think about our real-life relationships and to consider what they are based on- are they based on trivial things like appearance or on the substance of the person?

The Hero of “See”Jason Momoa

The hero of the story is the actor Jason Momoa, who, if you aren’t aware is a big, strong, good looking guy in real life. I did ponder a few times that as much as I like Jason Momoa as an actor, what would the show be like if he were ugly and deformed? Obviously the other characters are also blind so it wouldn’t matter to them. His life partner has never seen him so it wouldn’t matter to her either.

But would the story have been different? I think it would have added a different level of coolness to the show that as viewers we aren’t accustomed to seeing. However, because we are limited by what we do see, perhaps the producers of the show cast Momoa because he is attractive and because we can appreciate his beauty. We’ll just have to keep watching the very handsome Jason Momoa be the hero. 

“See” TV Series on Apple TV

This Show Might Be for You!

So far there is only one season of See, so if you start watching now you won’t be too far behind. I enjoyed this show immensely. Although the stories are familiar, they don’t seem worn out. The characters are enduring. It presents a world that is different from ours and yet familiar at the same time.   If you don’t mind violent fantasy dramas that are set in a horrible future, then this is the show for you!

SEE: TV Series on Apple TV

“See” TV Series: Season 1

This show is suitable for: Adults

I describe the show as: Fantasy/Action, Suspenseful, Violent & Graphic

The nature of the show is: Science Fiction & Adventure with Adult Themes


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