A world-renowned, New York Times best-selling author, Sonia Choquette has written 27 books including Trust Your Vibes and 21 Days to Jump Start Your Intuition. She has been an intuitive guide, spiritual teacher & speaker for the last 40 years, and has inspired millions to trust their own intuition.

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JEAN: Are we on?

Alison : We are on. I did it again.

JEAN: You’re just so great at this, Alison.

Alison : So professional.

JEAN: Yeah. And you’re doing this early in the morning for us.

Alison : We never talk early in the morning unless one of our guests is far away. Which, which Sonya is.

JEAN: Yeah. So today we’re interviewing Sonia Choquette, and she’s coming to us from England..

Alison : I think that’s very exciting. She, um, she’s been talking and explaining and working with intuition for so many years, right?

JEAN: Yeah. I think I read over 40 years or close to 40 years. And she’s written, I believe, about 28 international best selling books on the power of intuition and your soul. And, uh, I think her time right now is, is really high for her because people are very interested in more of the metaphysical nature of life.

Alison : That’s exactly right. And her books are so easy to understand. Yeah. And she feels like she’s talking to you. So this is really exciting.

JEAN: Yeah, it’s it truly is. And all the examples she gives in the book.  So, um, I’m so happy to be interviewing her. This was a delight to see her say, ” yes” and she would be on our show.

Alison : So here we go.

Alison : Hello,

JEAN: Hello. Good morning.. Or I should say good afternoon, or good evening?

Sonia: Hello, It’s almost 7 p.m..

JEAN: Wow! Sonia is so… Thank you so much for being on our podcast. My name is Jean.

Alison : I’m Alison.

Sonia: Nice to meet you both.

Alison : I love all everything you’ve done. And I’ve been inundated reading your books and trying to follow my gut feelings.

Sonia: I hope that you’re having fun with this. It’s such a, it usually feels so empowering when you start doing that.

Alison : It’s it’s very exciting. You’ve been doing this a very long time. And Jean and I were just saying 30, 25 years ago, this was not mainstream, was it?

Sonia: Oh, absolutely. I was out in the field hiding in the— ducking, ducking the potshots being thrown at me. But I’ve been at this for 50 years publicly. So I’m excited to see that the world is evolving and I have a theory about it.

Alison : I would love to hear that.

Sonia: Well, you know, we can afford to be checked out when everything is pretty predictable and doesn’t demand our attention. But since Covid and post-Covid, all hell’s broken loose. You know, nothing’s predictable. So it is requiring everybody to not only check back in with their outer senses, but recognize that we need more than that. So it’s spontaneously creating a real availability to our inner senses. And so the time is now. I’ve just been patient.

Alison : That’s right. You’ve stuck to it. Yeah.

JEAN: You’ve been a woman ahead of your time. And I was sharing with Allison that I was introduced to your books, one of your books, about 30 years ago. So when you said, “yes” to being on our podcast, I was like, oh, she’s amazing. And I’m so inspired by all the wonderful books and information you’ve been sharing with people around the world. So, um, Sonia, I was curious if you could share with our listeners a little bit about your background, what got you so interested in the power of intuition?

Sonia: I come from a matriarchal family where, um, my mother was. A child bride. Prisoner of war. During World War Two, she lost her family. She lost her hearing. She married my father illegally, really at 15, and came to America. And so she was basically a child, and she very much faced the consequences that that the possibility of of real horrific death many times. But what kept her from it was her inner guidance.. It kept saving her life. So I grew up with a mother who would, first of all, she was deaf. And she said that was her biggest blessing because she didn’t have to listen to the crazy confusion and nonsense of the world. But she said,  we have an inner voice and that’s the one that kept her alive. And she said, that’s the one that we need to listen to. So I grew up in a context, in a family where our inner voice was the first sense, it was the one to listen to, and she empowered us at seven years old and we were six siblings that she empowered. She wasn’t entrenched in the world, the external world. She didn’t have to win approval of others. She was an artist. She was in her studio. She was in her home. She didn’t really care what other people thought. It wasn’t part of her value system, and she taught us not to either.

Sonia: It’s like, you know, who cares if it’s going to save your life, to trust your vibes, that you’re going to do! So I don’t have an experience of not trusting my vibes or not being connected, but what I do have is an observation. That people who are disconnected from their inner guidance are have the worst disability of all. They’re just at the mercy of the world, pulling them this way and that and losing their way. So I started very young, teaching people. First. I started doing readings and it was really a game. I was one of seven kids I just wanted to be. The game of our family was trust your vibes. And my game was I’ll be the best!  so by the time I was 12 or 13, I was already attracting the attention of neighbors and eventually the police and different things. But I was not enjoying just serving as other people’s inner guidance. I, I was scared for people. I wanted to say, you need this. So my first class, I was 15 years old when I taught my first class and like, wait a minute, there’s one better than coming to me. Turn your own light on and that was just our way. That was my way. And I don’t have an experience of any other way.

Alison : Mhm. That’s exciting. That’s an exciting in a way. Right?

Sonia: It was exciting. But I also, what was exciting for me is I could turn that light on in people.

JEAN: Right, right.

Sonia: That was my excitement is to have someone who’s going completely living for approval and feeling lost and giving their power away and being confused, to I know who I am, and I know what is good for me. I know what is not good for me and I don’t need anyone’s approval. I’m going to follow my inner guidance and I’m going to be true to myself. And that was my… and that has always been my reward.

Alison : Yeah, there’s a real peace to being authentic once you finally get it.

Sonia: You’re right. You’re so right. Because we are energetic beings. So if you’re authentic, it affects those around you and they entrain into that frequency. It gives everybody permission and invitation and permission to resonate at that level. And so I think it’s the only way for our planet to have a future. And that’s why I’m so excited. It’s finally mainstream.

Alison : That’s exactly right. I was I’m sure you get this question 100 times a day. Can you explain to us and me the difference between intuition, wishful thinking and worry?

Sonia: I can. It’s a language thing to some degree, because when we say intuition, we wuse the language of follow your feelings, right? But people confuse that because they think follow my emotions. But I am actually saying intuition is not emotion. It is feeling like energy, like feeling– right on your skin. Follow that inner vibration which actually is not emotional. It’s very calm, it’s very quiet and it’s very consistent. That’s how you know it’s intuition. It’s the voice that says, don’t go there and  your emotional self says, but I wanna to go there… that looks so fun… that looks like such a good relationship. Don’t go there. Oh, but it’s a nice person. He’s just he’s just wounded. I’ll help him. Don’t go there. Oh, well, that job will make me money, so I’ll overlook the fact that it’s in a nuclear waste plant or whatever.

Alison : Right.

Sonia: So your wishful thinking will go up and down and try to talk you in to things, and it’s restless and it contracts–worry really contracts. It’s noisy, it’s agitating, and it leaves your body, um, contracted because you’re protecting yourself. The energy goes in where intuition expands. It’s quiet. It doesn’t have a lot of words and it doesn’t vacillate. So if you start paying attention to your body, that’s why we say feeling, but I like to use the word now sense. Pay attention to what you sense, not what you feel. And that will help you get a little bit more dialed into it.

JEAN: Right? Right.

Alison : That’s really interesting because I have in my life, I think I’m better now, but in my life had a lot of worry about things. Um, and yet I’ve also had moments of very clear intuition.

Sonia: What causes the worry, is that you may have actually been tuning in to what was not sound, reliable… what might be dangerous, might be pay attention, but you had no power to voice that and make a change.  So because that’s crazy. You’re a weirdo. What are you talking about? Where’s the evidence? And that no longer is the pushback. In fact, anybody who says that to me today, I say, oh, you’re so last century. That is you know, that is so.. you are so a flat Earther.

Alison : That’s right..we’ve moved on.

Sonia: Right. Really we’ve advanced– so, when you do worry, voice it.   I say, what are you afraid of? Just what are you afraid of? What are you afraid of? That is actually a tool that I use called empty the garbage. And you keep saying that….what are you afraid of? And what are you afraid of? And then, I’ll say, what do you see right in front of you? And then, if they start to get to a point where, well, I’ve said it all, then I say, put your hand on your heart. What does your spirit say? What is your inner guidance saying? And it’ll pop right out. So sometimes a worry is a legitimate intuitive signal to make a change. And it’ll consume you if you ignore it. It’s when you acknowledge it and act on it that it calms down.

Alison : Right.

JEAN: You say, um, very much how putting language to what you’re feeling, where you’re feeling it is very important. Can you talk about that a little bit?

Sonia: Well, we have been gaslit for 2000 years that has been saying or 200 years or whatever in the Middle Ages when they started saying your spirit doesn’t exist and you can’t be empowered. We were muted. So we would have these feelings and we were shamed and shunned. Believe me I was the I’ve got it all. You know you’re a weirdo. You’re not you’re crazy. You’re the devil. I mean the, the repertoire of banishment to the inner self has been pretty intense. So the, the self-protective instinct was to be silent. But if you don’t name it, you ignore it, right? When you name it, you claim it. That’s real. Now, you don’t have to go ring your bell and convince anybody else to acknowledge it but you. So I have a tool. I say to people, just say, this works for me. This feels right for me. And I’m going with it, because then, you know, you nobody can push back. It’s like I am choosing to go with this. It works for me. Where in the past we felt we had to get approval. We had to get we had to get an authority figure to say, okay, we’re going, you can listen to that and we’re going to put importance on that. Mhm. So the things that’s changed in the culture, we really don’t feel the need for that approval because all the people that we were looking for that approval from are nuts. And we’re looking all those people and  so we don’t need to ask you anymore. You blew it. You have no credibility. So that’s another benefit of the chaos of the world is we are now coming back for self direction.

JEAN: It’s forcing us to. Right? It’s forcing us to be to become self empowered. Capital “s” Self.

Sonia: Yes. And and to think, well, who on Earth would you give your power to these days?  That is a scary thought. And though and  yet there are those who choose to still because they don’t want to be responsible, they don’t want to have any accountability for their life. Okay. So I also say, when it comes to listening to your vibes, that is probably the most self-empowering, self acknowledging choice you can make, but it’s not going to be necessarily one that’s shared by everybody you know, so don’t need it to be. Just don’t need it to be just. And don’t make them wrong either. That’s why I come back to well, this works for me, right?

JEAN: It’s a great. That’s a great, uh, honoring sentence. Clean and clear.

Sonia: It works. I have had so many people say you’re ridiculous, and they’ll say, I’m okay with that. It works for me, right? I’m okay. You know, you’re you’re a weirdo. Can be perceived that way. It works for me, right? Stops the stops the the the gaslighting. Yeah. And and that it definitely because that’s gaslighting. And then, you know, it happens and you can try this. It’s so fun. Within a few minutes of you just holding your truth and holding a like, I’m empowering, I’m empowered. I’m not living for your your approval. Um, within ten minutes they’re going to say, well, what do you feel for me?  within ten minutes, within ten minutes of them realizing that their approval isn’t going to doesn’t have any weight anymore, they’re going to then come back to. Well, actually, I’m scared to. Do you see anything for me? that’s pretty predictable.

Alison : Whenever you hold up a mirror, you always get that kind of a reaction. You know, when I was reading your book, the. I really felt a real sense that you have of compassion and responsibility. And it’s interesting the way the two go went hand in hand. And sometimes I have to say, the responsibility part of your book, I wanted to shirk, you know?

Sonia: Of course. That’s the only reason we don’t trust our vibes or own them or acknowledge them because we and we want to shirk them because we’ve been, again misled to believe we’re not capable of being responsible. And we are not able to make choices that will take care of us. But I simply suggest, well, who will then? Because that again. Who? That’s a scary thought.

Sonia: And even  I have to tell you a funny story, because I have a three year old granddaughter. And yesterday my daughter said to my granddaughter. You know, I don’t want you to eat that fruit because it’s not washed. So let’s just put it aside and eat it later. And she said, well, she said it might, it might make you sick. And my granddaughter said, well, I’m going to have to eat and I’m going to have to eat this and try it, because you never know until you try. And she just really was not going for that. But I think she’s an example of the new souls coming in.

Alison : Yes,

Sonia: I don’t think she’s exceptional. I think that’s just the new consciousness. It’s like, well, I’ll listen, I’ll take your input, but I’m going to have to really go with my own feeling here.  i just love.

Alison :  I love that… And you’re so right. And I think the idea of compassion in your words, even in this jump start your intuition bookk..Were you always this compassionate?

Sonia: Yeah, because I’m this intuitive and I know that people are suffering.  even if they’re externally arrogant and if they’re externally abusive and aggressive that I can get under that. And I feel that scared and pained self, and I do have compassion for that. I don’t get bullied by it. But I have compassion. It’s like you’re in pain. Yikes.

Alison : Right. And I think the hardest thing too is then the self compassion.

Sonia: Right

Alison : I think I have been so turned off from that and that.

Sonia: Women especially have been taught that if you have any sensitivity toward yourself, you’re being selfish and weak, and your job is to be a man with boobs and just be good soldiers and throw yourself on the fire and sacrifice yourself for the world. And so, it’s  our peers, these women that are all of a sudden coming back online and saying, you know what? I’m over that.

Alison : Yeah. Yeah.

Sonia: huge amounts of women are saying, you know what? I just can’t do that anymore..I can’t do it. I’m going with the official. I’m not available to that. And I’m going to take care of myself without guilt, and I’m going to be kind to myself. But it is an onboarding process. You have to do it in bite sizes, which is why Jump Start, I think, helps you do a little and see how that feels. Do a little more, see how that feels, because that’s the only way you’re going to do it at all.

JEAN: Can we talk about some ways to connect to your intuition?

Sonia: Sure.

JEAN: You know, not that, not that we’re ever disconnected, but…

Sonia: Well, we are. It’s like a radio station that we can turn off.

JEAN: Well said. So can we talk about, like, three ways to–.

Sonia: I’ll give you some real simple trick techniques. Intuition is actually just beneath our awareness. But what it requires is honesty. Okay.. You have to be honestly willing and the thing that intuition delivers is often information that invites a change. So you have to be willing to  contemplate and entertain a change of behavior or a change of direction or a change of status quo. So if we are not willing to entertain that, then we’re going to tune it out because it will make us uncomfortable. It’s what you said, Allison. It’s a little bit of that. It’s like, no, you know, so I say start small, let it be fun first, have some positive, non-threatening experiences, play some games. And my favorite intuition game is, I wonder.. I wonder?  The minute you say, I wonder, your eyes go up to the right side of your brain. Your heart opens and you’re not trying to figure it out. You’re just making yourself available for something. So I wonder, I wonder, say you’re at this, you’re applying for a new job. I wonder where I’ll have the best time? I wonder where I can be most creative? I wonder if I should go on this date? I wonder, I wonder what would be fun to do tonight?

Sonia: I wonder where we should go on a trip? I wonder where I’ll have new friends? Because I wonder is an invitation to allow yourself to entertain things that your defensive logic brain bats away like flies. They get in and then answer out loud instead of figure it out. I wonder… and then you start answering. I wonder if this gluten free bread might actually be better for me? I wonder if a mediterranean diet would be fun to try? I wonder if my back ache is connected to my very unhappy partnership? You know, you just wonder instead of have to know.  So get in the habit of wondering, hmm, I wonder– ???  that way it puts it in a realm of possibility that you can be informed, but you don’t have to act on it. That’s the trick around the ego. Second is, what does your heart say?  Put your hand on your heart and you don’t have to listen. You don’t have to listen. So here’s a tool that’s fun. Um, where would you like intuitive guidance? Who wants to be my guinea pig?

Alison : I will.

Sonia: Who wants to be my visual aid?… I need an honest question. That means you are truly available to an answer… You’re truly open to guidance.

JEAN: I am open to guidance. So ask you a question.

Sonia: Ask and if you’ll share with us what’s the question. And I’ll take you through the process of getting to an intuitive insight.

Alison : How can I find what I’m supposed to do now that I’m 65?

Sonia: Okay, so follow along and we’ll go quickly. Okay. Ready? My head says.

Alison : My head says, uh, do something very productive.

Sonia: Head says.

Alison : My head says, make a big change.

Sonia: My head says.

Alison : My head says you got to get out there and volunteer and do that kind of stuff.

Sonia: And my head says.

Alison : But my head says, you got to stay very busy to be worthwhile.

Sonia:  and I’m afraid of?

Alison : I’m afraid of failure. I’m afraid of of being, of being called lazy. I’m going to start to cry. I’m afraid of… I’m afraid of, um, uh, being vulnerable. I’m afraid of not finding something.

Sonia: Okay, hold on, take a breath. Ah, now look at something in front of you that’s beautiful. Just anything. Okay. What is it.

Alison : Jean.

Sonia:  Okay, perfect. What that does is that brings you back to the moment.  Again, my head says?

Speaker3: My head says that, I have to constantly have my time filled and be rushing around.

Sonia: I’m afraid of?

Alison : I’m afraid of, i’m afraid of being a nothing.

Sonia: Take a breath. Exhale. Ah, look at something beautiful. Put your hand on your heart.. And my spirit says?

Alison : My spirit says, have fun.

Sonia: And my spirit says?

Alison : You know, it’s great that you started tap dancing. That could be just it.

Sonia: And my spirit says.

Alison : I think you should try ukulele.

Sonia: Take a breath. And how does your body feel? I have one more question… My last question is what your spirit says true?

Alison : Yeah.

Sonia: Okay. There you go. You know, the two are very different… They’re very different frequencies.

Alison : And I could feel and hear my body when you were talking about what does your head and what are you afraid of? I felt like I was way up here.

Sonia: Oh yes…You were. You were in your head– now you got connected to your truth? Your whole voice changed, your face changed. Your light came out. You relaxed. You opened, contract it, contract it, contract it.

Alison : Yeah.

Sonia: The reason I say take a breath and what do you look at, is because it brings you back to your body and back to the moment.

Alison : right.

Sonia: And that’s how you have access. It’s that simple. It took us two minutes.

Alison : Right. I feel very relaxed.

Sonia: And then you have a choice. You can listen to your head, right? There’s no party there, is what my friend said. No party going on there. Or you can listen to your spirit. You have a choice. It’s important to give yourself that choice.

Alison : And do you still do things like this to yourself during the day? Or are you like…

Sonia: No, I’m Just tuned in. I’m like the I’m the Princess and the pea,  if it’s even the slightest bit off, I of course correct.

Alison : Really? Yeah.

Sonia: I can’t stand it. I cannot stand physically to be even a breath in my head.

Alison : Wow

Sonia: It’s so alien to me that it feels dangerous. I call it a bad neighborhood. I write in my books, it’s a bad neighborhood. And your ego is a barking dog in a bad neighborhood, and nothing’s good going to happen there. So get out of Dodge.

Alison : Yeah. In the society that we’re in now with social media and being inundated, inundated all the time, how how can I or how can anyone get in touch with their intuition, with all of that? You just shut it off.

Sonia: Well, it’s a couple things– the one factor that will change everything is to own that you have a choice. Have a choice on where I’m placing my attention. I have a choice on it, but I don’t have a choice on how it’s affecting me.

Sonia: So then we have to go back to discernment. Social media is there, but I find that it is a tool when it’s used in small doses. And it’s a poison when it’s used to go back in your head and check out and numb out.  So it is a tool for communication. I appreciate it, but I, I find real life more interesting. And so, (and I it could be partly my age) I, show up to social media as a tool to communicate, but I don’t show up as a way to look for myself.

Alison : Right.

Sonia: And that’s where I think if you’re looking, I mean, the first commandment is not to have false gods. So I always look at social media and don’t let it become a false god.

Alison : Right.

Sonia: That’s really important. And to be discerning, like pay attention after you’re scrolling for 45 minutes, how do you physically feel?

Alison : Kind of sick.

Sonia: You feel kind of sick, because you’re in your head. You know, the thing about being in your head, and this is biology, it can’t connect.  Everything is over there. So it’s very isolating. And that’s what makes us sick. We are creatures who are designed to be connected to ourselves, to others, to the Earth, to the universe. And when we get so disconnected, it’s like a plant, it’s like a flower in a vase with no water.

Sonia:  It really is very, very measurable. So use it as a tool. But don’t look for yourself in something that’s artificial.

Alison : Right.

JEAN: Sonia, do you meditate every morning?

Sonia: I do, I enjoy it.  I meditate twice a day, but I only meditate for ten minutes, 15 minutes. But I’m also in a constant state of connection. My head’s pretty quiet. I don’t have a lot of noise in my head. I don’t live there.  And when you’re present. You’re you’re in a meditative state. That’s what the goal of meditation is. So for me, a meditative morning or evening is just a check in with my Source. It’s like checking in with your best friend.. So that’s my why I enjoy it. So I show up to it because I get my guidance, I get my energy, I get everybody out of the pool, I get rejuvenated. But I’m not like, I’m not some kumbaya, manic, you know, meditator on a mountain. I think that’s your ego faking you out.

Alison : Mm hmm.

Sonia: I really do. I think that’s a bit of ego posturing to stay in control. I’m pretty at ease, now. I think we don’t have to contrive.

Alison : Yeah

Sonia: We’re designed to be, we are divine creatures. We are divine spirits that are designed to be connected and to be quiet and to be present. And if anything, the best way to get there is just turn on some music and sing and dance for 15 minutes.  It isn’t difficult. It’s simply a matter of your ego getting out of the way and you don’t have to– I always say your ego is like your barking dog. You don’t have to shoot the dog, okay? You just train the dog. Train the dog to  just step aside, okay? Some people think, oh, I have to meditate and shoot the dog. And it’s like, good luck with that. But you don’t.

Sonia: You just have to know that’s my ego. I’m not going to give it that much attention.

Alison : You’re very funny.

Sonia: I am very funny. But so is spirit.

Alison : Humor ,I think is the best… You’re cracking me up. Humor is the best way, I think to open up to all this. Yes…?

Sonia: Humor is God walking through your bones.

Sonia: Humor is God sprinkling through your nervous system. It it’s the great connector. It is to yourself, to others, to life, to goodness. So, um, we are funny.

Alison : I agree right.

JEAN: To your point in your book and what Allison just said, that laughter really has that power to lighten.

Sonia: It brings you back to spirit. It brings you back to your spirit. When you laugh, your ego lets go. Yeah. And you come back to your true self. And this isn’t about snarkiness and that it’s about really being delighted, which means filled with light, right?

JEAN: That’s so beautiful I love that. Delighted.

Sonia: Yeah, that’s what it means, of the light. And so when you’re delighted, you’re back in your light, you’re back and you’re, you know, anybody laughing from that place is aligned with their spirit. They’re clear. They lose confusion. It’s all good again. And it really is a change of channel instead of some big struggle like a cat in a bag, you know… We just shift.

Alison :  yea, and it’s really so present.

Sonia: Yes.

Alison : You know, you’re it is right there. Like sometimes when Jean and I start laughing you feel like, oh my gosh. Like, this is the only moment.

Sonia: Do you know what I think it is? I think it’s an exorcism of all the demons in your head.

Speaker3: Yeah, I totally agree. What do you enjoy the most about life?

Sonia: I love people. I think you can tell I love bringing the spirit out in people. It is even the most curmudgeon person has got a spirit in there, and I love seducing that spirit forward and having that shared connection and I, I love I really love the world. I travel a lot. I live part time in Paris, part time in London. I love adventure and I love that this world, you know, don’t believe what you read on the news. The world is beautiful and people are basically really good.

JEAN: Yeah.

Sonia: And what we’re given is a is a selected view that wants to keep us afraid. But a couple years ago, there was a big scene here in Paris about the election. The people were were on having manifestations and riots and whatever. And everybody was calling me and I said, yeah, until lunchtime or dinner. And then everybody went home and went back to their families. It wasn’t perpetual. All hell break loose. It was moments that were broadcast  and it was right outside my window…But the same people that are screaming at each other back and forth were having tea and on the on the break because hey, you got to go have your, your break. So don’t believe what you’re shown. It’s not the truth.

JEAN: Yeah.

Sonia: Connect with humans and then you’ll have your own experience. And that’s the only truth you really can use anyway.

JEAN: Yes– Sonia, are you working on anything? Now that you want to give a shout out.

Sonia: I actually am. There’s two things I’m working on for people who are interested. If it’s very immediate that they’ll listen to this. I have a course that I’m releasing called True Balance, which is how to understand your anatomy and your energetic anatomy and how to take care of yourself in today’s world. So that’s something that will be released, um, in the next few days. And then I have a book coming out in the fall that I’m very excited about called Read Life. Oh, how to recognize what’s really going on. And it’s about, you know, read the room, read people, read the situation, quit pretending you don’t get it right. Because I actually think we do get it and choose not to.

Alison : Right.

Sonia: And if you want to have some fun, work with my Oracle cards. Ask your guides. My new deck. That was just re put out there. It’s so full of energy and life and people are having a very fun experience.

Alison : Oh I’m definitely going to do that. Yes. That’s fantastic.

JEAN: Wow.

Alison : That’s a one way to get right into this field without making it difficult.

Alison : Yeah, yeah…You’re so open and I feel like you’re my friend.

Sonia: I am, I only talk to the spirit in people and the spirit in  all of us are deeply connected.

Alison : Yeah.

JEAN: That is so beautiful, so true.

Sonia: And, um, I’m so honored that you invited me to have this, this moment with you and to share these things with your beautiful people. It’s really been a gift.

Alison : Thank you. I feel that the same way about you. You’re really just so, you know, you’re not intimidating at all. You’re so, you’re so accessible.

Sonia: Iam a nice, loving, bright light that wants you to to experience the best of you.

Alison : Yes, you. Thank you.

Sonia: You know, the word psychic is a word that scares people because it’s like a knife. It cuts through– psychic. But what it means is, it cuts..I cut through all the illusions, and I see you and what people are not expecting is your beautiful. You’re just beautiful. And I want you to see that too.

Alison : Thank you, thank you. So you’ve made our whole day. It’s just the beginning of our day. So we’re going to be floating.

Sonia: So you get to go have fun and thank you all my love. And if anybody wants to learn more about me I have.. oh this is fun thing.. I’ll just tell you one more thing. I have a podcast with my daughters.


Sonia: And it’s so fun because we just talk about our lives and living together and growing up and being intuitive. And it’s pretty… they’re pretty funny too. So it’s called it’s all related. So if anybody wants to check that out, it’s all related. It’s another fun invitation into this awakened state.

Alison : Thank you.

JEAN: So beautiful.

Alison :  Have a beautiful evening.

JEAN: Your Light is such a blessing. Thank you Sonia.

Sonia: Thank you. Bye bye.

JEAN: That was great.

Alison : I’m as light as a feather. And I loved that.

JEAN: I loved the process she took you through.

Alison : Yes. And I really, it was emotional. And I feel so nice right now.

JEAN: Yeah.

Alison : Like. And I’m glad you were there because I felt like you’re you you’re just a positive force for me. And you do keep me grounded. So I was glad you were there. And, you know, I felt a little vulnerable, but I really just wanted to be honest. And I thought she was so graceful and heartfelt and beautiful, I felt safe.

JEAN: Yeah. Me too. Well, I do think girlfriends do that. And just friends doesn’t have to be girlfriends. Friends do that for each other. We we help each other get out of our, that thinking mind so much and come back into the heart. And Sonia absolutely champions the power of your heart as this, as the seat of intuition and your gut. You know those two places, um, and you and I were talking a little bit before how intuition is really like the truth of empowerment. Your own empowerment.

Alison : Right. And this book, I just think this book is fantastic. And you and I both did it. 21 days To Jump Start your Intuition… And it’s just bits and pieces. It’s like like a little meal and you can have bits and pieces and try it and see what you like and see what works. And I thought it was very, very beautiful. And after talking with Sonia, I mean,  the energy that I felt of just acceptance and love and fun.

JEAN: Yeah. and that’s been her motto all throughout any book that I’ve read of hers. It’s just like, here, try this, here’s this, this is what works. Here’s a tool, here’s something that, uh, will get you back to your true divine power.

Alison : And the idea of, So I guess my wish for everyone today is to laugh with something or about something. Or have some fun today.

JEAN: Have some fun. Like listen to a funny movie. And like Sonia said, dancing, sing. Just get out of your noggin and back into your soul.

Alison : Get out of your noggin.  I love that, I love that, okay, I got to get out of my noggin, right? We hope you have a beautiful day. And thank you for listening.

JEAN: Yes. Enjoy everything.

Alison : Bye.

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