Hope In Brooklyn

The wonderful Kate Fuglei shares a beautiful piece about her return to a Brooklyn neighborhood and the hope and joy she found there one year after the pandemic started.

Genein M. Letford’s Mission to Spread Intercultural Creativity

The amazing Genein M. Letford is a national spokesman that is shifting perspectives about creative thinking strategies and our ability to work with people from various cultures.

From Death Springs Life

Jeanette DuBois shares her outlook on what we have experienced the past year… our losses and gains and how to embrace life.

point of view

Guest writers, personal stories, expert articles and reflections from Jean, Jeanette and Alison — with every missive being an attempt to touch, to help and to encourage a dialogue.

As Quarantine Thaws Our Connections Still Matter

As the wonderful Cheryl Farrell shares, we have been kept afloat by our online relationships and friendships this year. As quarantine ends… now what?

Four Connections Close to My Heart

Kate Fuglei gives us a glimpse into four close relationships and how she stays connected to those who hold a special place in her heart.

Are We Connecting To What Matters?

Dove Rose gives us some Deep Dive questions to explore – making sure we are connecting with the most important people in our lives – ourselves!

A Story About Honor – I Owe a Man 60 Cents

Our honor is measured by small and large experiences. From stealing a candy bar to weighing in on a jury. How do you measure up?

How Alex Trebek’s Suits Are Making A Difference

Matthew Trebek coordinates the donation of his dad’s Jeopardy! wardrobe to The Doe Fund’s Ready, Willing & Able economic opportunity work program in NYC.


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