Stand Up for the Cause with Brand #integrity

Anti-racist policies and social justice efforts are an important part of brand #integrity. Does your company walk the talk?

I’d Like to Think I’m a Nice Person, But…

Good or bad or both… Alison has that kind of week that makes you question who you really are.

Walk the Talk: How Your Integrity Hinges on Your Word

Are you walking your talk? Be honest…do you follow through with what you say you are going to do? How committing to your word shows good character.

point of view

Guest writers, personal stories, expert articles and reflections from Jean, Jeanette and Alison — with every missive being an attempt to touch, to help and to encourage a dialogue.

Just Beat Those Broken Wings Faster and Faster

Jeanette shares a very beautiful, delicate, moving short story about a three days shared with a Swallowtail butterfly. It will make you cry.

5 Things I’ve Learned From the Woolsey Fire

These times of overwhelming uncertainty evoke déjà vu in me. I have felt this panic before and I have learned how to find the good in a rubble of despair.

Rachel Calof —An Inspiring Bridge From the Past in Challenging Times

Finding solutions in challenging times, Kate Fuglei is inspired by Rachel Calof’s story of strength and hope for better days.

How Do You Find True Value and Purpose in Life?

How does your day go when there doesn’t seem to be any real purpose in your life? Discover your light within, improve motivation and give your life greater meaning.

Journey to a Plastic Free Life: Personal Care and Hygiene

Lisa Rogers continues her popular series on Living a Plastic Free Life by tackling all those plastic bottles in our bathrooms.


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