Listen to the Music of Your Heart-Strings

How can we really connect? Dove Rose shares an amazing phone call and ways we can listen to the music of our heart strings so we can really offer more love to others.

Nature vs. Nurture: Does It Matter?

Our wonderful guest contributor Cheryl Farrell writes about self-nurture and answering the call of your purpose.

Small Nurturing Acts

Kate Fuglei’s lovely story about small, simple acts of kindness and nurturing gives us a moment to reflect on the effect our actions have on others.

point of view

Guest writers, personal stories, expert articles and reflections from Jean, Jeanette and Alison — with every missive being an attempt to touch, to help and to encourage a dialogue.

How A Bird and A Nest Reminded Me Of Life Lessons

The Cardinals and their nest outside Daniel Francis’ window remind him of truly important life lessons.

Gift Ideas for Mom

Need a gift idea for mom? Take a look at the insidewink gift guide that features 12 socially responsible companies and some really great unique gifts!

Hope: One of Life’s Little Necessities

Hope is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  And I’ve come to a realization.Hope is a necessity for life.There’s a phrase that goes; “Where there’s life, there’s hope…” but I’d put it; “Where there’s hope, there’s life.” When I feel hopeless, it becomes...

Hope In Brooklyn

The wonderful Kate Fuglei shares a beautiful piece about her return to a Brooklyn neighborhood and the hope and joy she found there one year after the pandemic started.

Genein M. Letford’s Mission to Spread Intercultural Creativity

The amazing Genein M. Letford is a national spokesman that is shifting perspectives about creative thinking strategies and our ability to work with people from various cultures.


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