Is Living With Your Head in the Clouds a Good Thing?

Dreamers who live with illusions seem to have their “heads in the clouds” but do they actually have the key to joy and unexpected adventure?

Archie’s Homesteading Adventures: Life on the Homestead

The Life of a Homesteader is both exciting and challenging as we learn from this series – Archie’s Homesteading Adventures.

How to Access the Best Reading Resource for your Child

There’s no question that parents are spending more and more time with their kids these days. COVID-19 has forced almost all parents to take a step back from their jobs and their commutes and focus their energy on the people at home. With all of this extra time on...

point of view

Guest writers, personal stories, expert articles and reflections from Jean, Jeanette and Alison — with every missive being an attempt to touch, to help and to encourage a dialogue.

How My Daughter Helped Me See Past Illusions

I gave birth to my daughter. I know I did. I have proof, I have pictures!I remember how seriously I took becoming a mom.I tried to be so good, with the most advanced black and white hanging thingies in the bedroom (because I read that babies can’t see colors), Mozart...

How to Rethink Your Feelings of Fear

It’s time to rethink and re-boot by letting go of fears and thoughts that might be holding you back from truly enjoying life.

Following In Her Flutter-Steps

Jeanette’s moving follow up to her article on Betty the Butterfly is a poignant metaphor that shows small actions have big meanings these days,

In a Disposable World 4 Easy Ways to Be Kinder to Our Planet

Living in a disposable world of paper towels, one-use bottles & plastic packaging, explore alternative solutions for less waste and a happier environment.

How to Savor Simple Pleasures that Bring You Joy

In these challenging times we are experiencing together or apart, it’s more important than ever to savor simple pleasures.


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