moonlight intentions

It is a full moon and a new year, and it is time to set an intention

I’m feeling a need to write tonight, to dream and speak of the metaphysical.  It’s a night of flights of fancy, of considering dreams, of looking into the future for hopeful happiness, of believing in good things coming, of making magic my reality.

Why?  Apparently, it’s in the stars, and the planets are aligning in such a way that this night is special and is heralding in special things, truths, revelations that will free me, release me, and allow me to become better.  That will set the waves of magic off from within the embers of my skin as each pore releases electric signals to the universe that I am ready to receive, and I am buzzing, shifting, aligning, coming into resonance with the highest and best plane of existence for the destiny of my soul.

I close my eyes and feel it happening.  My entire physical body of light flickering in and out, energy particle beams like Star Trek forming into a solid unity of Me as it locks into the right planet, the right universe, the right reality, the one filled with my greatest joy and happiness, and with a world filled with the balance of good things…

I can see it, feel it, this world of peace.  This world of joy 

This world where humans finally come into balance and calmness with one another and with our planet.  

Where we finally stop being triggered by one another or pulling triggers against one another or any other living thing, and instead find a way into putting the weapons down that we hold against ourselves and others.  

We find a way into compassion and empathy.  We find a way into calm wisdom.  We find a way into allowing for those who are extreme to exist but not control the narrative anymore, nor be the majority anymore.  

We find a way for those who are mindful and neutral and able to keep the peace to be the ones who are in control again, who create the space that allows those who choose to be extreme to do so without harm to themselves or any other living beings, regardless of their extreme views.  And that allows for the majority to live quietly, easily, joyfully, at peace.  The majority having the ability to live lives they choose, to pursue their dreams, to do their best, to be their best, to have the opportunities equal to all.

moonlight intentions

Because in this world… 

… where the majority are equal, where the majority have the ability to live rich, fulfilled, compassionate, passionate, loving, joy-filled, happy, hopeful, hope-filled, creative, well-fed, well-bred, well-done lives

… where the majority feel seen and heard,

…where the majority see one another without judgment or fear but work together for the common good… then those who are on the extremes quickly see their numbers reduce and dwindle until there are so few that they are holding that space simply to help maintain the overall balance of the curve.  To hold the ends of the rainbow down, as it were, so the rest of it can rise up and create every color, create magic, create a sphere the encircles the entire earth.  

So much so that ultimately there is no longer a need for those extremes, that even those extremes move upward and the rainbow becomes a rain bubble, a rain circle, a colorful globe of every color imaginable that floats and encompasses everything, all equal within it, a perfect ball of alignment where each particle and each part and each tiny atom depends on the other to maintain the perfection of it all.

There is a way for this to happen

We have it within us to do so.  We have it within each of us personally, and we have it within our collective consciousness.

I want to participate in that reality.

So I sit here typing, shifting, meditating, thinking.  I sit here feeling into it and moving into it as I do.  I sit here putting all that I have been in the past behind me permanently, forgiving myself for my transgressions against myself and others, and forgiving all those who transgressed against me.  I sit here placing myself into the energy of the balance so that I can be a particle within the bubble that helps hold it together.

mimosa Dubois

I want to be a part of the rainbow sphere

This isn’t spiritual bypassing – a new term that is gaining traction but is perhaps also being misused by many to mislabel ideas and energies that are simply tuning into hope and into positive attitudes.  Because this also takes into account the very real emotions that come up within me, within all of us, when someone or something or some action or some attitude or some whatever creates chaos around us or inside of us, and asks us to take a hard look at them.  

For those emotions are real, and valid, and ought to be addressed.  Only in really accepting them, acknowledging them, FEELING them, and allowing them to exist can we finally deal with them.  Just like those on the extremes, ignoring them will not make them go away but will only make it worse.  Confronting them will not make them go away but will only make them worse.  

It is only in honestly taking a look at them and listening to them with an open heart and an open mind that we can finally deal with them in any real way.

So I step back…

… and have to consider my own emotions, my own attitudes and judgments, and look at myself and feel into whether what I think and say and feel when I think and say and feel those things are in alignment with that energy I am trying to be a part of, that universe, that reality that I have a vision of and can feel in my body when I am calm and content and in spirit.  Am I in alignment with it when I think about things which trigger me and react to it?  

And I have to say; “no.”  I’m not completely out of alignment, but I can feel how it impacts me.  I can feel it pulling me down.

So I step aside and away from those judgments, those thoughts, and I get myself back into the energy of joy, and then I reconsider where I am and what I was thinking.  And while my opinions haven’t changed, perhaps my emotions surrounding them have or can or will continue to do so.  And I will no longer feel triggered by them at all.  

moonlight intentions

And then I am free

For this is true freedom.  When I am able to think about those things that caused me panic attacks and insomnia and nightmares this past year – the past years of my life, going all the way back, it doesn’t matter when it was, all of it – if I can think of those things and step away from the emotions tied into them, and then return to those memories or thoughts to find my emotions have changed, have softened, have even gone away entirely, to find myself in a neutral space about it all – then I am truly free indeed.  

I am no longer tied to any of it, even if I see it as “good” or “bad” and recognize it as such, even if I am able to grieve over certain things or rejoice over other things, I am also able to step away from them triggering me one way or the other and just allow them to be what they were without fear, anger, anxiety, pain, judgment or worry anymore. 

As well as without over-excitement, giddy exuberance, or any other extreme positive emotions… which can be just as toxic as the negative ones.  This is what I consider spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity – using those positive emotions to ignore the pain or problems, using the spiritual to pretend it’s all fine when it isn’t, and trying to force others to do the same even when they are in the midst of darkness or despair.  Having no compassion or patience for those who go through those nightmares of the soul, but instead pushing them away saying they get too “negative.”

It is one thing…

…to protect yourself from those who would abuse you with their own toxic waste.  It is another to remove yourself from those who really need you simply because they are going through a difficult time and you don’t want their “negative energy” to rub off onto you.  It is as though positive feelings are a drug that must be maintained in order for life to be worth living.  

Don’t get me wrong.  Positive thoughts and emotions are not only good, but the goal we all have.  It’s OK to still feel those things, to want to be in a place of excitement and exuberance and delight as much as possible.

But to also have no attachment to them simply because they are positive, to be relieved of any and all need for my emotions and experiences to be one way or the other, but in a place of calm acceptance and gratitude regardless… this is when I am free.

Because in that space of compassionate clarity and calm I find myself staying also in a place of love.  Of simple, deep, joy-filled love.

moonlight intentions

Gratitude always leads to joy, as joy always leads to gratitude

It’s something I am trying to explain in words that words cannot contain.

It is not a disassociation from life or emotions.  It is not denying them.  It is not being so “above it all” and “holy” that I don’t care at all.  

It is caring but not being attached to the outcome of that care.  

It is loving without expectation.  

It is being in joy without being in fear of it ever going away.  

It is also being in grief without being attached to that either, without feeling it is forever but knowing it shall pass.  

It is being concerned without being afraid.  

It is fighting to preserve and help the good, to protect the innocent, to care for that which needs caring for, to uphold the rights of the individual, to heal the planet and others and myself… while also being able to release my expectations of the outcome of that fight, or my need to be right within it.  

It is being able to have compassion for those whom I see as “evil” or whom I hate on a visceral level.  It is observing that hate within me and forgiving it, and loving myself for it, and allowing it to be without judgment of myself or those to whom that hate is directed.

It is both a difficult and incredibly easy place to be.

I am as strong as I want to be

But within that strength I choose to position myself in that universe where the highest and best GOOD is happening not only to me, but to everyone, and to the planet itself.  Where we find ourselves able to navigate these current times and ways and waters with grace, with gratitude, and with ease – pulling us all out of fear and division and possible world wars and destruction, and placing us into love and peace and the greatest potentials for good being revealed and lived in our world instead.

We can do this.

There is so much I cannot control and it scares me.

When I consider the world governments as they are now, the environment, all that is happening… the threat of what could be.  I do not want our beautiful blue planet to turn into Mars.

It can overwhelm me.

So I must turn my mind back onto what I CAN control – myself.  And the fact that I, like everyone, am able to control the universe I choose to reside in, and the ultimate Earth I choose to allow my personal consciousness and physical body to participate in.  All through the use of my mind and emotions.  By putting it out there and focusing my intention and will and saying; 

“Let us create this together.”

moonlight intentions

We can do this

Indeed.  Let us create this together.  A world where the outcome is of the highest and best good happening. Let us choose to visualize and create the GOOD.

I focus instead upon all that is around me now, that which I am able to do something about.  My own life.  My own home.  My own self.

Even writing about it now, as I allowed my focus to go back on the problems in the world, I felt it pull me back, I felt myself slip back into that fear level… 

But I sat here and re-imagined my energy, re-visualized that beautiful balanced world and universe I can feel and see, I re-felt my way into that space… and I could feel myself shifting back into peace, into neutrality, into the realm of all possibilities again.

I want to fall asleep every night filled with those positive possibilities, and wake in the morning  knowing they are real.

This is my declaration, my proclamation, my desire, my intent on this magical night.  This I bring into being for myself and all I love right here and now.

And I love this planet very much indeed.

These are my intentions, not just for a new moon or a new decade or a new year, but for every single new day as it dawns in the East.  My intention made manifest by the light which causes my eyes to open.  My intention made strong as my heart beats the rhythm of life in my body.  My intention made real as I draw my breath and speak out loud:

We. Can. Do. This.



Jeanette is a film & tv editor, writer, director and producer who’s worked on Emmy & Telly Award winning shows, movies, and music videos for a variety of networks.  She’s also a trained operatic who mostly sings to her cats now, though sometimes she expands her audience to her family & friends.  She loves gardening, good books, good wine, and good conversations, preferably all at the same time.

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