Jean Trebek

Engage fully in what brings you JOY.

Being pre-occupied and having fun cannot co-exist.

Allow all the “wonderful” in your life.

– Jean Trebek, insidewink

insidewink’s weekly affirmations:

Positive reminders to encourage, motivate and inspire. Challenge yourself to repeat them, believe in them and eliminate self-sabatoging or negative thoughts.

Karen Drucker artist of the month

Spreading Joy Through Song: Karen Drucker 

Karen Drucker’s motto is “You are seen, you are heard.” Through her varied talents, she creates an openess that is transformative.  She is a singer, a songwriter, an author,  a retreat leader, a comedienne and a self proclaimed “seeker”.  READ IT HERE

How to savor simple pleasures that bring you joy

How To Savor the Simple Pleasures that Bring You Joy

In these challenging times we are experiencing together or apart, many of us have come to an awakening about what is really important. No matter what is happening ‘out there’ one thing we slowly begin to realize it’s the little things in life that give us the most joy. READ IT HERE

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The Simple Joys of Enjoying

The Simple Joys of Enjoying

In her beautiful story, Kate Fuglei takes us to a small Italian town where she discovers a life lesson on enjoyment.

Emily and Valerie: Uncovering Autism’s Voice

Emily and Valerie: Uncovering Autism’s Voice

"I Have Been Buried Under Years Of Dust"... are the first words Emily Grodin used to express herself. Emily is on the autism spectrum and for years was unable to fully communicate. Her parents, Valerie and Tom, worked with many therapists and different modalities...

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