“I love that moment when you see the lightbulb go on, or the ‘Aha!’ moment, when a person owns the experience and is all in!”

– Hollis Citron, educator, artist, founder of “I Am Creative” and insidewink’s Artist of the Month

Passionate About Inspiring others

As an artist, Hollis Citron expresses her creativity through several mediums such as printmaking, collage, mosaics and clay. Her “Love Note Bowls” are custom made with words and messages that are meant to bring positivity into the lives of others. “Seeing your word of choice everyday will empower you with a feeling, make you smile or laugh or just give you a warm fuzzy.”

Explore the Possibilities, Express Yourself and Expand Your Thinking

As an educator, Hollis has taught in shelters and in schools for both children and adults in special and general education since 1990. “Leading teacher and parent workshops to incorporate art into the classroom and homes has been an exciting alternative to reaching more people.” She is committed to making a creative outlet accessible to everyone.

“My passion is in helping others to get in touch with their creative side and realize how much their life will change because of it.”

Combining her love of creating and her passion for helping others, Hollis founded I Am Creative. It is a safe space that is all about empowering people to explore, express and expand their idea of what creativity is and to embrace their strengths and interests. I Am Creative hosts both online and in person workshops, a creative audio program, classes and Creative Conversations to inspire and build up the confidence and understanding that everyone has within them.

Hollis Citron on RVN TV’s Off the Mat with Lauri Andreacchio

Hollis Citron and and Laurie Andreacchio discuss creative expression, listening to that inner voice and have some fun with a hands-on project. project supplies list

Hey Hollis, Who inspires you?

As far as celebrities: Pink, love her confidence, look and strength. She is my go to music to listen to while I am doing something that is making me nervous.

Everyday people in my life: Is it cheesy to say … my Mom. She is always challenging herself to do better and as much as life has presented, she just keeps jumping over the hurdles and has effected so many people’s lives for the positive!

“With the title of ‘Artist’ I have struggled to make the time for myself, believe that I have a voice worth hearing and feel disconnected from my true purpose.”

How did you turn your life towards creativity and limit the struggle?

1. Created a personal goal and put it in writing to make me focused

2. Found a studio space to create my own work

3. I spend more time with people that are likeminded and motivated to do what makes them happy

4. I am kinder to myself and am more aware to delete the negative self talk

Do you have a favorite quote?

A quote that I really resonate with is, “Mistakes are proof that you are trying”

What do you love about LA?

5 things:

1. the outside malls are so cool, what a concept!  2. Pasadena, such a pretty town.  3. Santa Monica, walkable town and the water is right there.  4. Paseos, great walking paths, so pretty.  5. Venice, no other place like it, be your own person and flaunt it!

some high-points in your career and life?

High Point in Career: I have had so many opportunities, I am really so blessed. What comes to mind is getting the confirmation from students that they really felt supported and that they could thrive and be themselves in the art room. It makes it all worth it.

High Point in Life: again cheesy, but the support and adventures with my husband and our 2 children, love them to the moon and back.

A super important question … Cake, pie or ice cream?

Ice cream on a sugar cone. Love mint chocolate chip, either white kind or green, no preference. Having the last bite of the cone after the ice cream, YUMMY!

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