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You are the most wonderful expression of the unique!
You are the glorious manifestation of this moment!
You are the snowflake, the leaf, the sun ray.
You are the drop and the ocean.
You are the truest sense of the individual and the greatest knowledge of the whole.


insidewink’s weekly affirmations:

Positive reminders to encourage, motivate and inspire. Challenge yourself to repeat them, believe in them and eliminate self-sabatoging or negative thoughts.

“Tell Me Something Good” Jean Trebek on The Cantore Show

Jean talks with Chris and Meryl on 100.7 San Diego’s The Cantore Show about insidewink. “Jump starting your weekend with some positive vibes from insidewink”…

Walnut Crusted Salmon

Heart healthy and easy to prepare! Jean Trebek’s delicious seafood dinner recipe of walnut crusted salmon is a great entrée idea for dinner parties or for just hanging at home with the family. “The flavorful combination of mustard, walnuts and honey make this dish irresistible.”

Let It Go with Ed Asner

We’ve all experienced unfortunate situations in life; whereby friends or family members have wronged us, or what we’ve surely believed in did not come to pass.  Letting go...





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