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When I started writing this month’s article based on friendship, I was leaning towards the dynamic bonds I have amongst my friends.  I planned on diving into the nuances of the art of true friendship.  

I realized something as I was chatting with my friends about it; we are all versed in how to be a good friend to a loved one.  It is usually quite simple due to the overwhelming positive emotions we have effortless pouring forth to them.  That was the moment I felt a pull to shift the focus inward, which I like doing, as you may well know by now.  

Instead of focusing on all the areas we might be hard on ourselves; critical, negative, harsh, and possibly flat out mean, I am going to shine light on all the ways we can befriend our Self.

A few questions to ponder…

~What kind of friend are you…to you? 

~Are you… nice, patient, generous, forgiving, understanding, gentle, accepting, nurturing? 

~If you were an animal, which would represent the type of friend you are to yourself?  What creature encompasses the dynamic of your inner relationship with you; a bunny, bear, woodpecker, snake, puppy, dragon, or perhaps a squirrel?

~Pretend you were drawing the likeness of your friendship towards yourself.  What colors would you use?  Pastels, primary colors, black, white, bright, dark, where would you be on the color palette?

~Lastly, if you were to identity as an aspect of nature to represent your relationship with yourself, where would you most align… in the forest as a massive redwood tree, or along the shoreline as the crashing waves, or perhaps a babbling brook, the vast endless sky, or the simple flatlands of the desert?  

Play around with the questions above and come into a deeper awareness of what kind of friend you are to yourself.   If there is room for improvement in some areas of our relationship with our Self, what can we do?

Well, I am happy you asked. I will share some practices I incorporate into my daily living to nurture my Self and be a good friend to ME. 

How to be a good friend to YOURSELF

Dove Rose

Ask yourself a lot of questions.

For me…

I pause and reflect on the answer and live with the awareness and mindfulness that each day is different.  What worked yesterday might not be right for today.  I apply this in all areas of my life—if I need a nap, what I want to eat, if I need movement, if I felt the sun on my face yet, and so on.  

Create a nurturing environment for yourself.

For me…

I keep my house very clean, organized, and simple.  I know I feel more at peace when I am surrounding by open space, a beautiful flower from the garden, a view of nature, and calming sounds.  I use a sound machine if the outside world is too loud, or some days I keep I Love Lucy on in the background to lift my spirits.  Sometimes I use 432 Hz vibrational sounds to fill my home with nurturing energy.  Perhaps I simply sit with the sounds of nature and sit back and dwell in the wonder of the moment as it is; untouched.  I take the time to create my Nowspace that nourishes my soul.

Take care of your body

For me…

I feed my body with foods that are good for me; support my immune system, keep me grounded, calm, and happy.  I refrain from stimulants, GMOs, fried foods, or alcohol so that my body is pure and clean.

Dove Rose

Keep yourself moving

For me…

I take myself on walks. I dance. I do things I love.

Forgive yourself

For me…

I forgive myself when I make a mistake; eventually.  Sometimes I am hard on myself and can be a bit harsh.  I accept that aspect of myself and find compassion.  I then place my hand over my heart, as a sign of loving kindness for myself, and remind myself that it is okay to make mistakes.

Remain a student of life

For me…

I continue to read, educate, inquire, study from masters, pay others to help me when needed, and remain humble in life.

Stay With It

I was taught some of these practices at a very young age by a brilliant hypnotherapist and it has become my nature.  After living them for many decades they have become my way of being.  I invite you to try these on for size and come up with your own version of befriending your Self—be in friendship with your Self, be your own best friend.

Love and blessings of continued good health, a calm mind, and a peaceful heart.

Love, Dove

Dove Rose

Dove’s boutique studio, Dove’s Bodies, has been an LA institution for more than 35 years. With a background combining decades’ worth of studies in fitness, dance, pilates, martial arts, primal movement, yoga, pranayama, organic nutrition, energy healing, mindful living, intuitive clearing and meditation, Dove is sought out for her unique, intuitive wholistic total-body approach. Dove’s life passion is to guide her clients on their own unique path to wellness, wholeness, and the full integration of mind, body and spirit.

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