Navigate Transitions

Transitions are Hard

If you believe that, then you are correct.

If you don’t believe that, then you are also correct.

It is a mindset, not a fact.  If you see life changes as hard, challenging, unwanted, unfair, etc. then you will indeed feel uncomfortable, unhappy, probably stressed, irritated, maybe scared and even resentful.

Here’s the good news!  You can drop it like a hot potato.  Seriously, you can.  Anything that does not serve you in your life and align you with your greater good YOU can shift.  How you say?  Read on.

Let It Go

I have walked through my fair share of transitions; losses, both personal and professional, and I have suffered greatly.    I have also learned A LOT along the way.  One of my greatest lessons from all these transitions in my life is that so much of the struggle and pain was me holding on to what was instead of trusting, either what is Now in the moment, or what is to come.

Transitions are inevitable, they just are.  As adults we all know this.  Some of us have had more intimate dances with deep loss and know this on a energetic, and cellular level.  Some of us simply understand this on an intellectual level.  Regardless of your personal journey through life, you are a powerful being and have the ability to withstand great adversity, expansion, and joy.  After all, such is life, right?

Deeply meaningful teachings I have received from my journey through a life of radical transitions

Navigating Transitions

Trust, trust, trust, and then trust some more

  • Please trust me on this one.  It is probably the single, most important note there is.  Trusting instantly softens us on a biological level, psychological, emotional and energetic level.  We stand in a place of allowing when we trust; we let go.  We know time will pass, things will heal, the view will change, the tree will grow, the heart will mend, the scar will dissolve.  


  • Whatever it is that is present in our life that is asking us to face a transition of some kind is there for a reason.  It is our teacher, there is deep wisdom in all of life’s moments.  Sometimes it isn’t as obvious but trust (see above) that there is data being downloaded into you that will expand your world; mind, Universe, soul, consciousness…

It belongs

  • It helps to view whatever we are going through as belonging.  When we think it doesn’t belong we suffer more.  It belongs and you know how I know that so adamantly?  Because it all does.  My mother taught me this and I have lived my entire life watching her teachings be confirmed by Life.  

You are whole

  • It might be hard to even consider for a moment that you will ever touch joy again or be able to be whole again, I promise you that it is not only your destiny but you already are whole.  We just feel broken, hurt, lost.  We are not.   We are simply walking through Life.  This is Life, my loves.

I am not alone

  • This is a very important one as it brought me great solace over the years.  You, me, we are not the only ones walking through our hardships; losses, transitions, challenges.  This is the way of life and we are organic beings intended to move, feel, mourn, rejoice, fall, run, and continue to expand through Life.

Here are a few things I do to help me through tough transitions

Navigate transitions

~I recall a previous transition that kicked my butt and I see how I got through it and where I am now.

~I recall all the gifts and blessings I have received since such hardship.

~I recognize the wisdom I attained from walking through it and notice how many people I was able to help because I lived it, not learned it, but lived it and can share from a personal experience and not a book.

~I look to others who have gone through the same.

~I read my old journals to see how far I’ve come.

~I ease off the heavy expectations of how I “should get through something” and instead simply get through it how I need to.

~And lastly I eat really well, soften all my edges, slow down, lighten my load, take things off my plate that I can let go of and nurture myself A LOT.

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I hope these help you as you walk your path.  Please know I am here, in my corner of the world, doing the same as you.  I’m just doing my best every day.  I am open, receptive, learning, softening, and trusting.

I send you massive love and blessings of good health and a peaceful journey while you are here.

Be well.



Sending you so much love and healing light.  Remember, you are never alone along this path of life.  Reach out if are ever in need of support, guidance, or company.

Truthfully Yours,


Dove Rose

Dove’s boutique studio, Dove’s Bodies, has been an LA institution for more than 35 years. With a background combining decades’ worth of studies in fitness, dance, pilates, martial arts, primal movement, yoga, pranayama, organic nutrition, energy healing, mindful living, intuitive clearing and meditation, Dove is sought out for her unique, intuitive wholistic total-body approach. Dove’s life passion is to guide her clients on their own unique path to wellness, wholeness, and the full integration of mind, body and spirit.

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