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Okay, I love Television, Movies, Plays, and just about anything with a story. There are a few rules I have about what those stories can have and what they can’t have but for now, the important thing is for you to know that I love TV! 

I’m not one of those people who can quote movie lines. I have a ton of those friends. They are witty and genius and I always admire them but I’m not like them. Then I have friends who know every actor’s name, every movie they were in, every role they played. Nope, I’m not that person either. In fact, I often don’t know the character’s names in the shows I’m watching. I guess it’s because I don’t think the name is all that important. Yikes, are you getting perturbed? Yeah, I get that a lot it’s okay.

What’s important to me is the story.

Sure production values are important, but when I see something that has great writing I get stopped in my tracks and all I want to do is watch. This makes my life a conundrum at times. Do I watch or do I work? The answer is always best when I can watch TV and work!

“Restaurants on the Edge” is my new guilty pleasure

I’m not one for reality shows because the stories are normally pretty thin and I find the characters in many reality shows to be rather shallow and uninspiring. This is certainly not the case. 

Before I discuss the tidbits it’s important to give you the basic premise of the show. An intrepid band of interdisciplinary professionals travels the world to assist fledging restauranteurs in saving their restaurants. 

The restaurants are in trouble for a variety of reason’s but when our heroes arrive they meet with the owners, assess the area, the restaurant and it’s the environment,, and they make suggestions to both the design of the restaurant, the menu and even some of the business practices of the restaurant. Marketing is a common theme presented throughout the show.  It’s interesting to see how the marketers combine a regional flare into the restaurant’s appeal to the public. 

The cast of the show is made up of Dennis Prescott and Nick Liberato the expert chefs and Bohn is the Interior Designer. However, the true star of the show is each location the trio visits. These locations are unique and stunningly amazingly beautiful. If you like to travel, if you like incredible food, and if you like uplifting stories of good people, then you’ll like this show. 

I can not stress enough how amazing the camera work is on this show.

The show creators not only utilize the stunning variety of locations but they also use drones to capture unique perspectives of the locations from the air. The camera work is just stunning. 

As I previously mentioned the people on the show are uplifting and their stories are heartwarming. The show takes the time to allow you to get to know the fledgling restaurateurs. Each endearing story makes you want them to succeed because they seem like such good people. As the viewer, you want the owners to succeed because they seem like such good people.  The show creates the feeling that you are one of the members of the cast and that you are along for the journey and that step by step you are helping by simply watching. It’s not difficult to do because the stories and the locations are so beautifully presented; it makes you want to binge-watch the series in one sitting. 

My guess is it will take just one episode to get you hooked and before you know it you are watching “one more” episode and planning your next trip. 


Season 1 on Netflix

This show is suitable for:
All Ages

I describe the show as:
Entertaining and Informative

The nature of the show is:
Travel and Food


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