No Room for a Vegetable Garden?

There are so many varieties of vegetables that really thrive in containers and there is nothing like growing vegetables and harvesting them from your very own garden. So incredibly fresh and flavorful!

But what if you don’t have enough space for a garden bed? Or live in an apartment with only a patio or balcony? Or maybe you are just wanting to get started with growing your own vegetables but are intimidated by planning a full vegetable garden? Then consider growing your herbs and vegetables in containers.

Grow Vegetables in Containers on Your Patio or Balcony!


Okay, so there are like a billion different types of tomato plants to choose from. You can pretty much grow any tomato plant in a container if you support it properly, but we recommend choosing ones that are the “Determinate” tomato types because they will only grow so tall and will work best in small spaces. Try the Patio Princess, Baxter’s Bush Cherry or the Tumbling Tom Yellow. Any good local nursery will be able to help you choose and many have great descriptive signs to help you out. Tomatoes like plenty of sun and consistent watering.


Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can grow zucchini. They are easy to grow and produce vegetables all summer long. You’ll want to choose a bush type zucchini plant and use one plant per 15 gallon pot. Keep an eye on these guys though, zucchini’s can surprise you and double in size over night! Zucchini is great for stir fry, pastas and zucchini bread. If your plant produces more than you can eat, just shred or chop and freeze in small batches for the winter months.

Lettuce and Salad Greens

Lettuce is really easy vegetable to grow from seeds, only needs partial sun and are look beautiful on your porch or patio. Pick up some decorative pots and a few varieties of salad greens so you can enjoy a variety of fresh greens! Planting Tip: Save a few pots to plant some more about 3 weeks apart. This way you’ll be enjoying all summer long.

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Sweet Peppers & Chili Peppers

Sweet Peppers, hot peppers, orange, green and red peppers! So many to choose from and all great for growing in containers. Choose a well draining pot—peppers hate wet feet— that is at least 10-12” tall and wide and a warm sunny spot—peppers love sun—that is sheltered from strong winds—use a stake to support the stalk—and your peppers will flourish!


Relatively easy to grow and care for, Eggplant comes in a bunch a varieties you typically can’t find in the grocery store. Look for varieties that are labeled as being good for containers and use 5 gallon wood or terra cotta pot (because they breath better and your eggplant will be happier) per plant. Just like a pepper plant, you should give it a little support. Two ring tomato cages work great. Harvest as the eggplants ripen to encourage more growth!

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