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Lucky Fin Bump

Joseph Tidd (JoJo), a 22 month year old with the confidence of an old soul, was born with congenital limb difference. He is teaching us all about owning our differences and enjoying life no matter what. Thank you, JoJo and thank you Lucky Fin Project.

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Bee highway

Concerns that the bee population of the world has been declining, the Brent council in London is planning on a seven mile corridor to help encorgae population growth and pollination. Twenty-two meadows of various wildflowers, including poppies, cowslip and ragged robin, will bloom this year, helping not only the bees, but butterflies, dragonflies and moths.

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Hi Mom

After 60 years of searching, 81 year old Eileen Macken was able to meet her mother, 103 year old Elizabeth. Eileen grew up in an orphanage and started searching for her mom when she was 20 years old. She never lost hope and finally, with the help of a genealogist, Eileen met Elizabeth this past May. The two women felt an immediate affinity for each other, “There was such a bond between the two of us, it was fantastic. She’s such a kind lady, I said to my children that all this life I’ve loved this lady, even though I don’t know who she is… I’m not sure I will ever come down from this cloud, ” Eileen stated. 

human kindness

Vending Machine Kindness

Everyone gets hungry when they travel and Tadashi Yoshimoto, a 74-year-old Japanese farmer, had a solution.  For the last 40 years, he has filled his very own vending machine with curried rice that he prepared daily and, amazingly enough, the rice came from his own rice paddy just down the road.  He refills the machine twice daily with his deliciously prepared rice and curry. The cost? 300 yen (approx. $2.75)… that’s a great price for a homemade meal for a hungry traveler!

animal pals

keeping watch for his peeps

Crossing a busy highway can be tricky and dangerous, maybe that’s why this turkey decided to be a “crossing guard” for his turkey friends. Love the way he stands there and patiently waits for the group to cross!!

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“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

– Amelia Earhart

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Happy Headlines for July 2019

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