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Happy headlines to start your day. Uplifting, funny and inspirational feel-good news stories to make you smile. 

a special moment

FBI agent gets surprised by baby he saved

After many years of service, Troy Sowers was retiring from the FBI and his daughters decided to surprise him! Rewind back 22 years: early in his career Agent Sowers discovered and saved an abandoned baby… his daughters thought it might be a wonderful gift to reunite their dad with that “baby” he had saved. It’s a beautiful story about how a life was changed and impacted by love.

out of this world

Cookies in Space

Put down the fruit! Astronauts will be baking Chocolate Chip Cookies in space. It sounds like fun, but they are actually interested in seeing what happens to the cookies during baking in zero gravity. This will be one of the first time astronauts will be cooking in space. What shape will they bake in? Will they become little sweet gooey balls? And, maybe most important of all… will they taste the as good? 

this will make you think

 you will like this… maybe

Jean came across this video of “The Story of The Chinese Farmer” and thought it would be great to share. It reminds us that all the news, thoughts, incidents that we witness are part of a natural cycle and that letting go of  judgement can free us.

human kindness

Golden Arches Golden Rule

Texan, Hazeal Cain, was trying to help the world by feeding the homeless. As she was giving food away in Corpus Christi, she realized that she had more people to feed and not enough meals. She ran into a nearby McDonald’s and asked if anyone in the restaurant wanted to help. She ordered $40 dollars worth of hamburgers and much to her surprise the manager of the McDonald’s, Matthew Ortiz, opened his own wallet, took out a $20 and bought extra hamburgers to help. Ortiz said, “My mother and father always told me, ‘If you have extra money, just give it out.'” Hazeal responded, “it feels amazing to see people’s reaction to hope and love.”

now get out there and make it a great day!

“The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty & Truth.”

– Albert Einstein

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