Hybrid Self Love

My mother would often sign her cards Love Your Mother & Your Father.  Being raised by a single mother, ironically, I was not solely influenced by the feminine.  One might assume there would be an imbalance but my mother intuitively knew how to infuse both energies from a mother and a father; the traditional male and female powers and softness.  

Embracing The “Both”

I know I am lucky to say this but my mother truly embodied what one would expect from a father towards his daughter and indeed ticked all the boxes of a loving, watchful, deeply supportive mother.  

What this has instilled in me is the ability to infuse both into my existence as she demonstrated so beautifully.  I was shown that a woman doesn’t have to be all the feminine qualities and a man carries all the masculine qualities.  Because of this radical ability she had to embrace both aspects of her psyche, and parenting skills, I truly see both energies swirling in each of us as humans.  

Observe Your Uniqueness 

We all carry energies of feminine and masculine; whatever those words invoke for you individually.  We are all unique creatures walking through life here on earth.  It is up to each of us to drop into the vastness of our souls and touch upon all that is there; and available to us to tap into. 

We might find certain aspects of our personality where one is more prominent and that can be a wise attribute to embrace.  While looking inwards we might notice there are parts of our life where we intuitively, or unconsciously, come from a more feminine, or masculine, pool within us.

I find great value in these observations because they show me how powerful, and balanced, I truly am as a human being.  I identify as a woman, and a daughter to a beautiful mother but I don’t stop there.   I am able to tune into all of my masculine energies and I feel like my upbringing was balanced by the energies from both feminine and masculine creating this possibility.

Lean Into the “Opposite”

I invite you to look into your existence and recognize all of your energies, abilities, gifts, talents, blessings and vastness that allow you to be in touch with all aspects of yourself.  We don’t need to live a truncated life by choosing one or the other to live from.  I encourage you to shine the light on the opposite of what you may feel you most easily in line with.  

For me, it would be feminine since I am a woman and I had the influence of a mother most of my life.  I then would lean into the energies that I connect with that make me feel all the stereotypical masculine traits; all the yummy ones.  

I feel we have come so far as a species, and always expanding into a higher consciousness of course.  There is great possibility for each of us to fill in our edges a bit more with the brush of life and paint ourselves in a brighter light, with more truth, freedom of boundaries and limitations, and a deep sense of knowing who we are. 

We are ever changing beings and I welcome you to the world of constant morphing energies, supporting you on this journey of life.

Sending massive blessings of love, peace and a harmonic existence.

Be well.

Love,   Dove

Dove Rose

Dove’s boutique studio, Dove’s Bodies, has been an LA institution for more than 35 years. With a background combining decades’ worth of studies in fitness, dance, pilates, martial arts, primal movement, yoga, pranayama, organic nutrition, energy healing, mindful living, intuitive clearing and meditation, Dove is sought out for her unique, intuitive wholistic total-body approach. Dove’s life passion is to guide her clients on their own unique path to wellness, wholeness, and the full integration of mind, body and spirit.

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I’m Just Curious

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