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Why are we taught to honor others but we aren’t taught how, or the importance, of honoring ourselves? In life we learn about manners; how to be polite to others, say thank you, and please, open doors for people, respect our elders, and so on. However somewhere along the way we missed the course on how to turn all of that inward.

Be Polite To Your Self

I would like to teach a class based on how to be polite to our Self. There are no tests in this class, and no final exam. However you will receive a certificate of completion in the form of either, empowerment, happiness, peace of mind, or possibly all of the above. ☺

First lesson, be polite to your Self. I am separating the word yourself in order to help us see that there is a Self to be in relationship with. It is yours; yours to tend to, honor, and spoil. We all know how to be polite to others. We would never say you’re ugly, you’re fat, or you’re lazy to anyone—ever. But for some reason we use this language with our Self, often. We don’t even think twice about it. It is a natural form of Self talk for many. We deserve respect from our Self, and to our Self.

It helps to first realize there is a relationship there to be had. You are a pretty cool human and it’s an awesome gift to be in relationship with your Self. There is the I, the conscious Self, and then there is the thinking mind; the critic, the perfectionist, the bully, the judge, etc. We all have these aspects of our psyches.

The Thinking Mind vs. the Aware Mind

The homework is to separate out from what the thinking mind is saying to the aware you; the conscious you. First it helps to realize it isn’t true. Just because you are thinking it doesn’t mean it is true. It is helpful to ask a quick question if you notice your mind going down the rabbit hole of believing whatever you are thinking.

You can say to yourself:

  • Is this true?
  • Is this mine?

Pausing to ask the question will slow down the firing of synapses that are off and running criticizing this thing or that thing about your Self.

I will give you the answer to the question in case you are wondering. The answer will always be ‘no, it is not true’. Many of the voices in our head are bully thoughts and they are not polite; they are not honoring you, or your true essence.

If you pause and think to your Self,:

  • Am I being polite to my Self?
  • Am I honoring who I am?
  • Am I nurturing my relationship with my Self?

You know the answer will always be No, I am not being kind to myself; I am not honoring my worth, my gifts and blessings, my essence of who I am.

“You are worthy of great honor, deep love, and radical kindness you beautiful thing You..”

—Dove Rose

Honor Your Greatness

You are a magical being. You are a wondrous creation walking on the face of this earth. You are a living, breathing miracle. We all are. Why on earth would you want to harm this precious soul? You wouldn’t, would you? So don’t. It is that simple. When you notice that you are not honoring your greatness; beauty, abilities, preciousness, then immediately smile inwardly and drop the thought. If you don’t give it legs, it can’t run. And if it can’t run, it can’t carry you away from the truth, which is You Rock!

I invite you to begin a love affair with your Self and start honoring You. Notice your inner speech and allow the language to shift towards complimenting your Self, congratulating your Self on a job well done instead of criticizing that it took too long. Every single thing you say that is Self-harming can be quickly reversed and turned into love and turned inward.

Treat Yourself As You Would Treat Others

Everything that we have been taught about treating others should be applied to our Self first and then continued for the rest of our entire breathing life; it never ends. It gets deeper and more profound as we get older. Spend time understanding what it means to you to truly honor your existence and respect your Self; greatly and demonstratively.

Try it out and let me know how it feels. It might seem a bit strange at first because there is a new pattern be formed, and new synapses firing. You will slowly dissolve the old ones by not fueling them with your attention. And then, Poof! New synapses will be formed and a new way of living will be your new norm. You deserve it. You are worthy of great honor, deep love, and radical kindness you beautiful thing You.

I honor you simply because you exist. Imagine how much you can honor your Self?

I send you blessings of good health, peace of mind, and a joyful heart.



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