Every moment of every day, there are large and small acts of kindness happening all around us.

One person is picking up trash on a beach,

another is organizing a toy drive for children. 

One young adult is starting a library at her school,

another is cutting hair for homeless people.

When the world is seen through the eyes of an “everyday hero” all things become possible.

Everyday heroes know that solutions are available, that the idea of separation can dissolve and that hope is still alive. They know the truth that a small moment of compassion can change the movement of a life time.

insidewink would like to spotlight these heroes. If you know someone who is making a difference in your neighborhood, school or job, we would love to hear about them.

It can be anyone!

Your neighbor who bakes cookies every time someone moves in to the neighborhood. A parent who is an active volunteer at your child’s school. A group at your place of worship who calls seniors to make sure they are OK and to check if they need anything. A guide dog who has changed the life of their human companion.

It can be you!

Sometimes, it’s difficult to toot your own horn… but this is a safe space! So, if you are doing things that you know are important and make a difference… please toot away! (not sure that sounded right, but you get the idea)

It’s easy!

Just email us at info@insidewink.com with “Everyday Hero” in the subject heading and please include a written description of your everyday hero. Tell us why they are a hero to you and others. Please include their name and email. Our content team will read each one and contact you and your hero.

As you know, we will not be able to include every hero… so please take it upon yourself to give them a truly heart felt “thank you.” Those two little words coming from your heart can make all the difference… that will make YOU an everyday hero.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Your friends at insidewink.


Together we can put a spotlight on the many wonderful people who share the good every day!

Tell us about the people you know who are making a difference in your neighborhood, school or job, we would love to hear about them!

Please write “Everyday Hero” in the subject heading and include your name, a written description of your Everyday hero, why they are a hero to you and others, their name and email so we can contact them.

share the good!

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