Affirmation For Today

Today I will truly listen…

to others’ words, to the birds, to my heart 

Today I will truly feel…

 the warmth of the sun, the connection in a smile, alive

Today I will truly see…

the good in others, the beauty of the world, the best in myself

– Alison Martin, insidewink

insidewink’s weekly affirmations:

Positive reminders to encourage, motivate and inspire. Challenge yourself to repeat them, believe in them and eliminate self-sabatoging or negative thoughts.

Geri Weis-Corbley founder of the Good News Network

All The Positive News in One Place: The Good News Network

At insidewink we love to “share the good”, so when we discovered the Good New Network and its founderGeri Weis-Corbley, we became big fans! READ IT HERE

The Generousity of the Human Spirit

Jean sits down with Dr Mark Vierra and Mark Laponce to discuss the amazing generousity of the human spirit and our ability to turn the other cheek and look away from hurtfulness. READ IT HERE

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Navigating Life’s Transitions

Navigating Life’s Transitions

We all go through challenges. And how we think about those times truly makes all the difference. Dove Rose offers beautiful ways to navigate through the challenges and tansitions.

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