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What is Your Truth?

How Do You Honor Your Truth?

I will tell you mine and then you can tell me yours.

We all know the, Is it True?  Is it Kind?  Is it Necessary?  Right?  Well, that is a good one to live by indeed.  Here is one to apply to yourSelf when you choose to stand in, live from, and align with your Truth.

T~Is it True?

R~Is it Respectful?

U~Is it Uplifting?

T~Is it Tender?

H~Is it Honoring?

My Truth is that I have special needs to feel grounded, at peace and nourished.  I have been honing this talent for quite some time now.  I have refined it into a very well oiled, loving, nurturing practice and I am happy to share with you.

Here is a ‘bird’s’ eye view into my world.  Get it?  Bird’s eye?  Dove?  Okay, moving on. 

This is what living in my Truth looks like on a daily basis-


I Need Space

  • I need space in my day so that it is not scheduled too tightly.  Soft cushions in-between appointments so I can take care of myself.

I Need Snacks

  • I need lots of yummy nibbles and sips of deliciously organic sustenance always near by.  I never work with a client without a little dish of something in case I need it.  Sometimes I might not know I am hungry and if it is there I know I have been thought of, taken care of and provided for.

I Need Water

  •  I need to always have a mason jar of water with a lemon juice ice cube in it and some special concoction of some sort like ionic minerals, zinc, Solomon’s Seal, Rescue Remedy, or something of the like.  Water is my comfort.  I only drink water with lemon.


I Need Quiet

  • Sometimes when the world is not so quiet I am able to create quiet by softening the edges of my surroundings.  This may mean using ear plugs during construction next door or the hourly gardeners with their leaf blowers on our block, perhaps I have 432 Hz healing sounds playing softly in my space, perhaps I drive to a quite trail and find some sounds of nature to align with.

I Need Aromas

  • I need palo santo burning to clear energy after work to shift into a different space of rest and restore.  Sage is also nice, or some food grade Young Living essential oils in a glass diffuser burning near me.  This is a gift to my senses and is quite grounding as well as clearing.

I Need The Outdoors

  • I need to stand in the grass and practice Earthing.  I take off my shoes, walk into my backyard, you can go to a park or find some soil to simply stand on.  Close your eyes and just be, and connect with the earth.  Feel connected to something structurally greater than your physical shape. 

Dove Rose

I Need To Unplug

  • I need to unplug and not be available to dings, and notifications of things from cyber space.  Power Down; literally.  Best gift to your nervous system, ever.  

I Need To Actively "Do" Joy

  • I need to do things that bring me joy such as reading, napping, watching a foreign TV show, gardening, tidying, connecting with a loved one.  Find what brings you joy and lean into that.  If what brings you joy isn’t healthy, find something else that does and lean into that.  

I Need Restorative Rituals

  • I need to deeply nourish myself with restorative practices, foods, and love.  Find some rituals that truly shift your vibration, lower your heart rate, settle your body, calm your nerves, soften your edges.  Things like Yoga Nidra, sitting in silence, praying, meditation, chanting, cooking, eating from the earth, writing a love letter to a friend, aligning with love, light and joy.

These are some examples of what living Truthfully looks like in my life.  

I have a little trick for you…

Sometimes a great way to know one’s Truth is to tilt the opposite way for a moment and sense what it looks like to not live one’s Truth.  

Here are some examples of what that might look like~

Dove Rose

Not Living In Truth

  • Over booking your day.  Working too many hours.  Not sleeping well.  Turn off all that tech at least two hours before beddy-bye time.  No screens in the bedroom.  No WiFi, no Bluetooth.  Turn cell to airplane mode or power down.

  • Not having healthy food in your fridge and pantry.  Get rid of the alcohol, sugar, gluten and processed foods and lean more towards all the healthy stuff.  You know what it is.

  • Answering the phone when you are depleted and haven’t taken care of yourself yet.  Let it go to voicemail.  You’re allowed.  Go take care of yourself first and call them back later, if you want.

  • Saying yes to more when you have already over extended.  If you’re already pooped don’t pile on more.  Go get balanced first and then ask yourself before you comit to something, ‘Do I have the energy to do this?  Do I have a surplus to do more with or should I replenish more before I make an energetic withdrawl?’

  • Spending too much time plugged in; cell phone, computer, iPad, news, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.  We are all way too connected to these things.  I am too, you’re not alone.  The best thing to do is break the habit.  It takes a little time but you can do it!  I belive in you.

  • Not spending time in nature.  Especially nowadays, we can spend a lot more time indoors with so much of us working remotely.  Set an intention to spend an hour in nature every day and perhaps at different times of the day.  We used to have recess, lunchtime, after school sports, and so much more.  It is our responsibility to sprinkle those back into our lives.

  • Not drinking enough water.  Half your weight in ounces is a good place to hover daily.  It helps for it to always be with you.  If you see it, you will drink it.

  • Negative speech, gossip, complaining, judging others, feeling righteous, overly connected to egoic Self. Instead, lean towards gratitude, compliments, witnessing other’s greatness, empowering speech, uplifting conversations.  

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Sending you so much love and healing light.  Remember, you are never alone along this path of life.  Reach out if are ever in need of support, guidance, or company.

Truthfully Yours,


Dove Rose

Dove’s boutique studio, Dove’s Bodies, has been an LA institution for more than 35 years. With a background combining decades’ worth of studies in fitness, dance, pilates, martial arts, primal movement, yoga, pranayama, organic nutrition, energy healing, mindful living, intuitive clearing and meditation, Dove is sought out for her unique, intuitive wholistic total-body approach. Dove’s life passion is to guide her clients on their own unique path to wellness, wholeness, and the full integration of mind, body and spirit.

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