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Team Picks

jean trebek recommends


I think it’s fair to say that most of us like to receive value for our money.

This being the case for me, I’m sharing this really wonderful website where they cut out the middle man and therefore can offer their customers at least 50 – 80% less than leading luxury brands. I purchased a really beautiful bed quilt from this company a month ago and am so happy with the quality and the price….it’s more lovely than I ever imagined.

One last good thing to share about this company…Quince’s statement on safety, fairness and sustainability –  “We’re committed to working with factories that meet the global standards for workplace safety and wage fairness.  We offer the best in organically produced materials and package our products in en environmentally conscientious way.” I appreciate that!

Check out Quince here. (affiliate disclosure)

Team Picks

Alison Martin Recommends

Tales From The Loop

My husband, Dan, and I really enjoyed this Amazon Prime TV Series. Science fiction has always hooked me and this series is incredibly poetic. Based on the paintings of the Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag, Tales From The Loop, is a series of interconnected stories about the townsfolk in a fictional midwestern town.

The “Loop” beneath the town holds hidden secrets,  robots roam the woods, homes disappear… all told in a very realistic way. You begin to know the families and start to appreciate the relationships and the dynamics of the town. Many of the images and the questions they pose have stayed with me for quite some time.

It’s beautiful, a bit sad, engaging and mysterious – Tales From The Loop is worth a watch.

Check out Tales From The Loop on Amazon Prime. Watch the trailer here.

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Team Picks

Emma Berdie Donson Recommends

Caraway Cookware

As a long time cooking enthusiast, I’ve taken the latest trend of ceramic pans seriously and tried a few over the past few years. Non-stick seems to be bad for the environment, our food, and our bodies, stainless just means I’m scrubbing for hours, and enamel pans like Le Creuset are way out of my price range… until maybe someday they end up on a wedding registry… Hey! A girl can dream, can’t she?  

The Caraway ceramic sauté pan (and frankly I’m guessing the whole set, though I haven’t taken that leap yet) is a dream to cook in! You don’t need too much heat, as the ceramic gets hot and cooks evenly, and cleanup comes with brilliant ease. Over time, if you use a little too much heat your ceramic may brown a bit but apply some baking soda and vinegar and voila, it’s a brand new pan!  The design is also super cute — I bought the sage color but they have 6 adorable colors to choose from.  Why would you stick to just one? 

Honestly, I’m asking for a multi-colored set for Christmas. 🤷🏻‍♀️😎  You hear that, Mom?  I hear sleigh bells in the distance already…

Shop Caraway here.

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