The Author of “Setting Boudaries Will Set You Free” on the Beauty of Selfishness

Nancy Levin is on a mission… to allow us to set boundaries and to take back the idea of selfishness.

So many of us put others first. We twist ourselves into knots trying to please everyone and do everything and be everything to everyone! The idea has been instilled in us that a “loving” person keeps the peace and “people pleases”. Nancy Levin believes that true relationships begin with Self Love and authenticity. 

Nancy Levin is a life coach, bestselling author, founder of the Levin Life Coach Academy, and host of Your Permission Prescription Podcast! We are such big fans of Nancy that when we started this video interview, Alison and I both gushed to nancy for almost 5 minutes about how meaningful her work was to both of us. (We actually asked our editor to take all that out so that we could get to the meat of our talk!)

YOU are the Priority

Nancy has worked with many incredible people. Her tenure as Event Director at Hay House, working along side Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer, was significant in her development.  Her desire to support and coach others expanded with each book she wrote: “Permission to Put Yourself First”, “Worthy”, “Jump … And Your Life Will Appear” and “Writing For My Life” 

The idea and goal of “making ourselves a priority” is so freeing on so many levels. Yes, it takes courage to kindly set boundaries, but once you start you can see what a burden has been lifted from your journey. We especially appreciate Nancy’s take on HOW to set boundaries. She stresses that we don’t need ask anyone to change their behavior, that’s not really our business, but instead she offers that we say “if this behavior continues, I will be doing XXXX.”  That way we have set a clear plan for what will happen… then, of course, we would have to follow through. That’s where the courage comes in.  

Thank you, Nancy!

I show people how to identify their No so they can free their YES.” – Nancy Levin

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