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Team Picks

jean trebek recommends

Helen’s Handbags

Transform your loved ones’ non-usable clothing articles into purposeful cloth memorabilia.

My dear friend Alison, surprised me one day with several tote bags that were made out of my husband’s ties. I was so impressed…what a wonderful idea!

Designer, Helen Bellomo, was the person who did it. On the left is a picture of what Helen created from Alex’s ties for myself and my family! We love her tagline, “Sew Many Memories” because she takes whatever type of clothing garment and turns it into a more practical item… perhaps a face-mask, tote, apron or quilt (just to name a few).  It’s such a personal memento and can be gifted at so many occasions or just to have a special keep-sake item from a dear one.

Check out Helen’s Handbags and see everything she can create on Etsy here 

team picks

Alison Martin Recommends

The Madcap Motel

Last weekend my family and myself went down to the Los Angeles Art District to “check-in” to the Mad Cap Motel. Located in the yellow striped building on the corner of 4th & Hewitt, you don’t actually stay at the 60’s era motel overnight… instead it’s an incredible, family friendly, retro- leaning experience that takes about 60-90 minutes.

I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say it’s really fun, imaginative and relaxed. Unlike other experiences such as escape rooms or murder mysteries (which I also LOVE), the Madcap Motel is decidedly different… no one dies, there’s no time limit…. instead you are transported to an alternate dimension called “Elsewhere”. All four of us had a really wonderful time!

Check out The Madcap Motel at their website

Team Picks

Kathlene McGovern Recommends

Le Voyageur Mini Hip Pack in Electric Pink 

The 1980s called and they want their accessories back… 

I’m old enough to remember when fanny packs were a thing the first time around, so I was slightly horrified when my friend Cat (also of an age to have lived the trend) picked me up at JFK sporting an over-the-shoulder “bum bag” and a sheepish grin. 

“My daughter and I are fanny pack girls now,” she crowed. Having no interest in strapping anything to my fanny nor its surrounding geography, I declared this was one trend I wouldn’t be revisiting… until I’d been in NYC for two days and remembered how many free hands you need for metro-card swiping, dog scooping and flower-stall browsing.

Soon I fell madly in love (which can happen in New York,) only with a different islander – the Le Voyageur Mini Hip Pack by ALOHA Collection. Splash, spill and weather-proof, with a hidden inside-pocket perfect for cards or keys, this little bag, at only $42, gives you big returns. Fanny-phobics, rest easy! With a strap that adjusts between 28.5 and 45” it can also be worn cross-body. But the best feature is that the company, founded by Native Hawaiians Rachael Leinaʻala and Heather Aiu, is committed to giving back to Hawai’i. Each year ALOHA Collection donates 5% of its profits to Hawai’i-based conservation organizations to help preserve the cultural heritage and natural beauty of Hawai’i.

Shop ALOHA Collection here.

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