In March, we did a zoom interview with the wonderful Nataly Kogan. And everyone loved it so much our wonderful editor, Jeanette Dubois, created a longer version of the talk with Jean, Alison and Nataly.

Maybe it’s her smile.

Maybe it’s her effervescent personality.

Maybe it’s her science-based Happier Method… All we know is that spending a few minutes with Nataly truly turns up or Happiness factor. She is wise, funny, open-hearted. She’s the friend you want in your corner.

Nataly Kogan Makes Us Happier

The video below is the longer version of the interview, it’s just shy of a half an hour. So our hope is that you pour yourself some tea, get cozy and listen. Then you can always check out more on Nataly’s Happier method at and get her book, Happier Now.

Hope you enjoy!

5 Ways To Be In The Moment When Being Present Isn’t Easy

5 Ways To Be In The Moment When Being Present Isn’t Easy

“I lose patience with those who preach being in the moment as if it’s always a pleasant thing. It’s not and that’s OK.”Dr. Elvira Aletta


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The Sacred Pause

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