“Beauty is a heart that generates love and a mind that is open.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

I find beauty in so many places throughout my days and I often forget the one place that constantly resides in beauty; my heart and my mind. We all have our preconceived notions of what beauty means; looks like, sounds like, and so on. But what we will benefit from greatly, if we can remember to do this, is to come back to what beauty feels like inside and how that experience comes to be.

Yes, we see things that are beautiful and our mind registers that as beauty, but that is simply our mind processing something outside of us as beautiful, pretty, nice, fine, etc.

What if we go deeper?

What if we turn inwards and spend some intimate time with our self and sense our heart, our intention, our soft under belly, our vulnerability, our wishes for others to be safe, healthy, at peace and provided for?

Is that not true beauty? I find it is. And when I can touch that space and really connect with the beauty that energy cultivates, oh, it feels so good. Not because I am trying to feel good but simply because resonating in that space creates a high vibration of feel good chemicals in the brain; it is cause and effect. You can actually feel beautiful just by opening your heart and loving and consciously choosing an intention in your mind.

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Find Beauty in This Moment

As I sit here in my backyard writing this I am touched by the sound of the wind chimes, the trickle of the water fountain, the birds singing, the leaves swaying in the wind, the sun cascading down on the flower petals as they shine in the brightness of this day. This is all beauty; I am surrounded by beauty. But they are all out there, beyond my flesh, beyond the edges of my being.

All of those external expressions of beauty assist me in touching something deeper within myself; my beauty.

As I write this I imagine my friendship with Jean, one of the creators of this magical website, and I am touched by her beautiful spirit. I hold her in my mind and send her love, blessings, and hold her family in my heart and pray for their well being. I imagine all of the beautiful people who will read these words and I rejoice in their wellness; good health, calm minds and joyful spirits. This is beauty, this is magic.

Let’s practice now together…

Practice Opening Up to Inner Beauty


Bring someone to your mind and hold him or her in your heart. Imagine them happy, healthy, and vibrating with healthy, high vibration energy. Celebrate their greatness, rejoice in their abundance, and honor their gifts and blessings.


Now, amplify all of that, turn up the volume on all of it. Make it brighter, bigger; shower them with your heartfelt love and protective wishes for their life to be filled with joy, love, harmony and peace.


Now notice how you feel. We didn’t do this practice to feel good or feel beautiful but take a moment and turn inwards and notice how you feel; how your heart feels, your mind, your body. It feels good, right? You didn’t sit down and try to feel beautiful or feel good about yourself, or be a better person. You just connected to your natural state of beauty that resides inside; always and in all ways.

This is beauty.
This is love.
This is living.
This is co-existing.

I invite you to play with this practice daily and continue dropping in to your inner landscape of beauty. Be in relationship with the beauty in your heart and in your mind.

The first step is to notice that it exists. Once you see that then you can drop in and play in the meadow daily; frolic in the fields of your beautiful heart and your open mind. It is a wondrous journey and you deserve to feel good along the way. You are beautiful. You are beauty. You simply are. There is no discussion needed.

Dove Rose

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