When you have children who attended the same school, you naturally become friends with their parents and that’s how I met the beautiful Sherry Corday, mother of our artist this month – Kimberly Corday.

Recently, I went to a moms’ luncheon reunion, where Sherry shared with me that her daughter has become quite an accomplished artist.  (As a side note – also at that luncheon was Nancy Nickerson, our featured artist in July) I right away thought she’d be perfect to profile on insidewink. Her work is amazing… we love it and know you will too.

Here’s Kimberly Corday:

Kimberly Corday 

“Just DO.”

Who or what inspires you?

17th-19th Century Japanese woodblock prints, the Impressionist movement, Patti Smith, Kate Bush, Picasso, nature, mythology.

I recently found out about the Norwegian textile artist Hannah Ryggen. Completely self-taught, she dyed materials with plants from her coastal farm and wove radical, anti-fascist tapestries during WWII. It’s spunky pioneers like Ryggen that compel me to stay on a creative path.

What do you love most about Los Angeles? ?

The fact that one day can be comprised of a hike through the eucalyptus-kissed trails, a trip to the farmers market, a gallery opening, and a dinner with friends below the shimmering skyline.

I’ve always thought there’s something particularly mystic about the canyons- I’m enchanted every time I drive through them. It’s like a labyrinth rich with tales of hippies, mavericks, artists, and scandals. I’m lucky to call this place my home.

What words do you live by?

Five years ago I had just moved back to LA after graduating from RISD- I was frightened of the unknown and unsure about my path. Someone showed me a letter Sol LeWitt wrote to his friend and fellow artist Eva Hesse in 1965 where he urges her to stop thinking and just “DO”.

Each time I revisit his words, I’m moved in different ways. It’s candid, it’s funny, it’s encouragement any artist (or non artist!) could benefit from. I have a printed copy of it up on my wall.

Who makes you laugh?

My sister Amanda.

What’s next?

Working toward a new body of work that would incorporate repurposed textiles and natural dyeing techniques!

I’m looking forward to a residency this summer in upstate New York where I’ll be honing my floral arrangement skills and learning about sustainable farming.

Pie, Cake or Ice Cream?

Right now I could go for a coconut-based ice cream (preferably pistachio or honeycomb flavor) with sea salt flakes and bee pollen sprinkled on top!

Interested in seeing Kimberly’s  work?

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