We all could use some good news, right?! 

Our Happy Headlines this month are putting a spotlight on pets, entertainment, community and inspirational people.

Completely Adorable

Two-Legged Dog Wins at Cadbury Bunny Tryouts

Amazingly, there was not one bunny among this year’s Cadbury Bunny finalists. There were 2 cats, a hamster, a duck, a pig, a mini-horse and even a llama, but Coonhound Lieutenant Dan was a fan-favorite and took the top prize. Congrats!

Community Support

Breakfast Club Helps Those Who Are Struggling

The cutest couple, who are both in their seventies, are providing a place for those who are lonely, struggling or hungry. WalesOnline shares how Angela Bullard and her husband, Fred, created the Splott Breakfast Club, and “along with their troop of volunteers – provide the people of Splott and Adamsdown with a hot meal, a bag of food to take away with them and most importantly somebody to talk to.” They love running the breakfast club, offering community support and engaging with the many people who stop by.

”We don’t ask what people’s situations are, we just try and help.”

Beautiful Response

After the Crash

Late one night, while putting groceries in his car, Obi Ndefo’s life changed forever. A hit and run drunk driver crashed into him, leaving him horribly injured. But this is not the important part of the story. The real story is how Obi refuses to fall into self destructive hate or anger. The real story is how Obi thrives and inspires. “I don’t have time for negativity.”

LA Times

Sit. Ride. Play. Good Dog.

Meet Seattle’s Bus Riding Dog

Eclipse, a lovable black lab who rides the bus all by herself, has her very own bus pass and takes herself to the dog park on a regular basis. Her human, Jeff, was a little worried the first time it happened, “they usually take the city bus together, but one day Eclipse got impatient and decided to hop on by herself.” She has become a little bit famous and is well loved by many of the regular passengers on the bus route. “She makes everybody happy.”

Eclipse on Facebook


Illustrator Inspires Kids With Free Online Drawing Lessons

The online art community has put out some of the best stuff we’ve seen for kids stuck at home right now. For Rob Biddulph’s weekly online draw-alongs, all you need is some paper and pencils to get creative and learn how to draw something new. Share your #DrawWithRob masterpiece with him on social media. He would love to see your results!

Rob Biddulph’s Website and Instagram

A Must Watch

The Golden Age Meets Uptown Funk.
And it’s Awesome.

So, this isn’t really good news or a happy headline, but it is something extra special and we are pretty sure it will make you feel good and happy! All the clips are from the Golden Age of Hollywood and nothing was sped up or slowed down, which most certainly took large amounts of tedious editing time. Turn it up and dance along!

A note from the creator…If you like this video, please support these film preservation charities:
The British Film Institute 
The George Eastman Museum
The Film Foundation

“The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today.”

– Les Brown


Matthew Trebek, Jean and Alex’s son, is a successful restaurateur with a heart of gold. He and his business partner, Nodar, serve up true hospitality by giving back to their community. READ MORE

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