Your Aging Body

Aging. Ahhh, the word that seems to impact each of us somehow.

My usual approach to this topic has been embrace it, accept it, honor it, be one with it, but sometimes it isn’t that easy.

Feeling Older.

I work with many clients who have concerns around aging. I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 35 years and for most of my career my clients have been older than me and were blazing the trail ahead for me. The topic of aging was one that came up daily.

I was often told, ‘Oh, you just wait. One day you will understand.’

So, I waited and thought I would one day understand. And then POW! Menopause hit at 41 due to the sudden loss of my mother. Sometimes menopause can be brought on by traumatic incidents and boy was that one.

“We are all here for a certain amount of time and while we are here I personally believe we should honor the body we have been given.”


Some Call It Aging. I Call It Living!

The next few years were intense!

I got a crash course on everything that the body can feel, and it was not fun at all. But, and this is a big But, it was a phase; it wasn’t my forever story. And, it wasn’t even really about aging so much as it was simply about something my body went through and would have gone through at a later date if not then.

I feel that we, as a society, place so much energy on the word aging and what it means to us, what it looks like, what we can do to fight it, reverse it, hide it, slow it down, and so much more! I don’t feel that approach is healthy, wise or, quite honestly, even possible.

How Do We Get Over Getting Older?

We are all here for a certain amount of time and while we are here I personally believe we should honor the body we have been given and treat it with the utmost of care, respect, tend and befriend it in every way possible. Yes, things will happen along the way and yes, some might call that aging but I call it living; being alive, being here, being present for what is occurring in the now.

Embrace It.

We have a choice people.

We always have a choice as to how we want to walk through this life. How do you want to walk through yours? I choose to walk through mindfully, kindly, honestly, and most importantly, patiently. If that is called aging, then fine.

How To Love and Accept Your Aging Body

3 Tips To Start Getting Over Getting Older

Helpful tips to practice to be with our bodies wherever we are in our journey of life:

See Your True Self

When you look at yourself in the mirror, really see yourself as the beautiful soul you are. Rather than define yourself by your age, weight, skin, wrinkles, grey or not grey yet, tired, old or young–instead look deeper and see the light that shines from within that radiates through your eyes and your smile. See that reflection because that is your true Self.

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Really Feel Your Body

When you are washing yourself in the shower/bath, or putting on lotion, and when you put on your facial serums, moisturizers, eye cream, hand lotion, and all the yummy stuff we do for our body, really feel your body with your hands. Pause and connect with the sensation of touch and feel your skin, your muscles, your curves, your shape and your physical presence.

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Accept Your Beauty

Tune in to your beauty by being present and love yourself for who you are in this moment. Accept your beauty is real, your body is a gift and it is to be enjoyed by you in this moment. Don’t miss it.

Ask and Share 

Feel free to share how you embrace aging in your life and any tips you have in comments below. Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have on the topic in the comments below.

Blessings to you.
Love, Dove

Thank you, Dove!

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