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Brad Koepenick and Kathy Eldon – founder of Creative Visions

There are some individuals or organizations that brush against you in this life and well, you are all the better. And then…there are those people and groups of people who “drop” into your life and well, you are TRANSFORMED (Jean Trebek, Alison Martin, Insidewink). L O V E .

Well, as insidewink slides into home, I wanted to take the opportunity to mention another someone who brings such positivity, joy and impact to the planet in ways that sometimes seem…yes…M A G I C A L. Enter Kathy Eldon and the CREATIVE VISIONS FOUNDATION – take a look at their website here.

Our mission is to support, promote and amplify the work of creative activists who ignite positive change through storytelling, impact media, art, education and technology.”
—Creative Visions Foundation

 In a few words, Kathy took the tragedy of losing her brilliant son (a journalist stoned to death in Somalia) and created the Dan Eldon Center, which encourages youth to embrace media, creative activism and connectivity at the highest levels.

The CREATIVE VISIONS FOUNDATION just in the last month hosted an evening with NORMAN LEAR (stunning), a “Sundowner” (networking events on the Malibu patio, the ultimate in meaningful connectivity) and a “Summit” with some of the finest storytellers on the planet and ideas to make change happen.

Norman Lear
Creative Visions

When I left the “Spark Change Summit” at the Hammer Museum weeks back, I was particularly moved by not only the quality of the presentations and guests, but the consistent and ever present “synchronicity”  that Kathy outlines in her book IN THE HEART OF LIFE. That book, which chronicles her whole story, was made into a film a few years back called THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION with Maria Bello. She lives it. Her daughter Amy lives it. And on a daily basis, the team at CREATIVE VISIONS helps us live it, by bringing a vitality to creative activists that allow them (us) to find our way in a challenging creative space that can sometimes feel most overwhelming.

Creative Visions spreads the word

It empowers storytellers to make their stories happen. It connects like minded people in a strategic, global manner that brings together the BEST of humanity. They “provide tools, resources, mentorship and community to help everyone use the power of media and arts to build social movements and impact the world”.

I, for one have been profoundly impacted by their work and can honestly say that certain projects and companies were conceived and codified on that beautiful deck above that surf shop in Malibu. I will forever be grateful to Kathy, her team and their vision and I can only hope that some of that “magic” has somehow rubbed off. We need it now more than ever (especially our youth) and let’s face it…people who make things happen, MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

THAT is CREATIVE VISIONS. That is INSIDEWINK. My gratitude is eternal. PEACE OUT.

Creative Visions
creative visions

Creative Visions Foundations Malibu,CA

“As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and United Nations NGO, Creative Visions creates impact media, supports storytellers and empowers education and youth around human rights issues. 

We manage a powerful network of activists, artists, filmmakers, advisors and organizations. We also host convenings and strategic gatherings both in-person and online to connect people, raise awareness, and inspire action.”


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By Brad Koepenick

Brad is Co-Founder and President of SparkRise, a game changing SaaS platform that provides businesses with a way to engage with consumers while contributing to social good. He is also a Musician, Actor, Writer and is the Producer of feature films including Val Kilmer’s VAL (A24), Cinema Twain also with Val Kilmer, Shakespeare High and the subject of the award winning documentary Autistic Kids with Cameras, chronicling his work with Improvisation, Film-making, Animation and Storytelling for students on the autistic spectrum. Koepenick was awarded the “Hart Vision Award” (California Charter Teacher of the Year) and the monthly “Innovator Award” through the Professional Teachers Network.

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