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Jean Trebek

Jean Trebek Recommends


The Barkbox is really something special to give to your canine pal!

It’s a box of high quality, delicious treats and themed toys (such as Harry Potter or Jurassic Park) for your dog and, because it’s a subscription, it is scheduled to arrive as you desire.
My dog, Luna gets so excited when she sees me opening the box.
She loves the yummy treats and we both get a kick out of the really cute squeaky toys! Go ahead, spoil your pup…you know they’d spoil you 😉
Shop BARKBOX here
Team Picks

Alison Martin Recommends

Victrola Eastwood Bluetooth Record Player

Vinyl! Can I say it again? VINYL! I love that my son is talking to my husband and I about albums… old things become new! So when his birthday came, we researched and found this wonderful record player. It’s light, easy to use and has a Blue Tooth plug so you can connect to BT, too. But best of all… the speaker sound is great! Really great!! My son is bringing it back to college… ahhhhhh… love it!

Shop for Victrola Bluetooth Record Player  Here.

Team Picks
Team Picks

Emma Berdie Donson recommends

Kitty Likes To Scratch

I have been using this “Kitty Likes To Scratch” mini eyeshadow palette from Too Faced for the past few weeks and I absolutely love it. The pigments are so gorgeous and vibrant! They even have a discount roulette wheel on their site for first-time customers — I can only imagine everyone appreciates making saving money more fun. Too Faced has a few other mini-palettes you might like if this color combo isn’t for you.  I like using a little bit of the black on the outside corners of my eyes, a little brown and red in the middle, and the sparkly pinkish purple on the inside corners to open up my eyes… 

Shop Kitty Likes to Scratch here 

Jeanette Dubois recommends

Hide it with Henna

Having trouble caring for your hair – or more importantly, your greys – on your own at home? Or maybe finding that you’ve developed an allergic reaction or other issue to regular hair color as I did? Then make the switch to an all-natural product that not only will give you lush color, but is actually good for your hair: Surya Brasil Henna Cream. Not just for redheads anymore, this Henna Cream comes in a variety of tones from Swedish Blonde to Black and everything in between. Its natural ingredients are so healthy they make your hair shiny and soft, and can be used even over previously colored hair. Bonus: it’s as easy to use as any of the hair coloring kits you buy at the supermarket, which means you can do it yourself at home. 

(Disclaimer: always do a patch test on a small piece of hair at least 48 hours before using first, however, to check for any discoloration, interactions or reactions. Make sure you rinse it off immediately and completely if any kind of burning/itching or other reaction occurs. If you are planning on going back to your regular hair color later, check with your stylist to make sure there will be no interactions between this product and the color you normally use as some Henna products and coloring products can interact badly. See the label for instructions.)

Surya Brasil Henna Cream Website

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