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More Beautiful As I Grow 

I don’t know about you but I am feeling more, and more, beautiful as I grow up.  Side note, why do we call it growing up when we are younger, but aging when we are older?  Aren’t we all simply continuing to grow up?  I know I am!  

I look at myself when I pass a mirror and I see beauty; it is in my eyes, my flesh, my essence, my glow, the light that radiates from my soul, what makes me, me.  I adore myself.  I also feel this overwhelming sense of stillness in knowing who I truly am and that is beautiful to me.  Feeling beautiful, seeing beauty, because you know who you truly are, is a wonderful thing.  

I do have a sense of my mother’s love for me pouring out of me, towards me, when I see my reflection.  I hear her say ‘Dove, you are so beautiful.’  I get excited in the morning when I get to look at myself in the mirror.  That is when I hear her the strongest.  It is an organic ritual that has become part of my life without me even creating it; it simply came to be on it’s own.

Dedicated Time

I invite you to find an honoring ritual that naturally aligns with your life and how you vibrate in your world.  Perhaps it is a mantra, maybe you also see yourself and can find some words that help you ground into truly seeing the true you, and the beauty that lies within.  

I feel it is so important for us to dedicate time to this practice because our world is filled with comparative markers that are not healthy at all.  It is best to limit that flooding of data in your world and it is wise to incorporate some radically kind practices towards yourself. 

Here are a few you can play with until you find what feels the most authentic to you.

Tips To Help Claim Our Beauty

Dove Rose

Discover Beauty

Deepen your connection with nature and discover beauty everywhere.  Look up and see the branches of the trees.  Pause and study the petals of a flower.  Watch the butterflies, the bees, the hummingbirds; all of it!

Choose 3

Find three things you find beautiful about your Self and say them out loud; often.   Change them every time you practice this.  Get creative too.  I happen to love the shape of my feet, they remind me of my mother’s so this is a tender one for me.  I love my eyes.  I love the way my hair is changing as I grow up.  It is a new adventure and I get to be the passenger as I enjoy the view along the way.  Have fun with it.  

Breathe Into It

Pause and actually see your Self when you look in the mirror; yes you, the beautiful human looking back at you.  See you and take a few breaths taking in all the beauty; even if it feels uncomfortable, fake, or awkward, stay with it.  

Dove Rose

Stop Scrolling In Life

Put down the phones and magazines, stop watching the shows or wherever you are getting these images that sneak into our minds and create a base of comparison that convince us we are lacking in some way.

See it & Say It

Find some lipstick and write on your bathroom mirror or use a chalkboard, post its at the front door, in the car, etc.  ‘I Am Beautiful.’ Say it out loud every time you see it.  This is a good one for kids too.

Ask Around

Ask friends what they love the most about your beauty.  Truly listen and take it in; even if it feels a little weird.  We should all be celebrating ourselves, and each other, all the time.  Make it not weird by normalizing it.  Bring on the flattery!

Access Beauty Outside & Inside

Beauty is surrounding us at all times.  Even if your landscape is not filled with beauty, or times are especially challenging, or filled with suffering, you can use your breath and drop into the beauty of life pulsing through your body.  You can pause and feel the air touching your skin and notice the miracle surrounding you; sustaining you.  You can embrace the sun, the moon, the clouds, the rain, the snow; all of nature’s glory.  Beauty is always in the Now, everywhere; in all ways.

Have fun exploring and repeat after me:

I am beautiful.

I am beautiful.

I am beautiful.

Yes you are!  I’m so glad you see your true nature.  

Massive blessings of love, good health, and a calm mind~



Dove Rose

Dove’s boutique studio, Dove’s Bodies, has been an LA institution for more than 35 years. With a background combining decades’ worth of studies in fitness, dance, pilates, martial arts, primal movement, yoga, pranayama, organic nutrition, energy healing, mindful living, intuitive clearing and meditation, Dove is sought out for her unique, intuitive wholistic total-body approach. Dove’s life passion is to guide her clients on their own unique path to wellness, wholeness, and the full integration of mind, body and spirit.

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