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Crave The Love

Have you taken the time to really listen to what your heart is trying to tell you, and have you ever noticed just how much we crave loving ourselves, even when that seems to be the last thing on our list to do each day?

Daily, we are bombarded with the mindset that our value comes from the outside world and that what our friends, partners, and coworkers think of us is of utmost importance. I don’t know about you, but haven’t you noticed that looking to others for your self-worth can be very short lived and unsatisfying? This has been the case for me, and I have found that after years of struggle the only way to find lasting happiness is to love myself first and foremost. This is what my heart had been trying to tell me for years, and until I stopped to listen, I continued to feel a big void in my life. 

This may seem like an airy-fairy sort of goal, but I have to say that in my experience it is crucial and vitally important that we find ways to love and nurture ourselves rather than look to other people, places, and things to provide it for us. 

Use The Tools

It is absolutely worth your while to bring whatever self-love exercises and tools into your daily routine that you can, as the benefits of growing your feeling of self-worth are limitless. Some ways to “feel the love” can be through meditation,  a bath, a walk in nature, journaling, dancing or even a cat-nap! The list gos on and on…  whatever activity that connects you to a relaxed, freer aspect of yourself is the goal. Here are some ideas from Tiny Buddha, too! How you “feel about yourself”  affects how you go about your day, how you interact with yourself and others, and even what you attract into your experience.

If you believe that you are wonderful and worthy, you will have wonderful things in your life, but if you feel that you are less than and that you aren’t deserving of the good that the universe is always sending you, then much of that good will be blocked from entering your experience. 

Love The “You”

On a final note, I’d just like to say that you are worth it.

You are valuable.

You are amazing.

You were put here to shine from within and touch everyone with your inner light and love.

There has never been a better time to value yourself, and you have nothing to lose.

In fact, the most important relationship we each have is with ourselves, so how about listening to your inner guide and see where it takes you? 

By Erika Satie

Erika has been a licensed Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner since 2017, and is now in her final year of ministerial school. With a passion for helping others to achieve a better relationship with themselves and others, she has made it her personal mission to facilitate The Self-Love Academy, as well as offer workshops, one-on-one sessions, and regular speaking engagements. The essence of her work is to help foster self-love and greater satisfaction in all areas of your life by helping you identify your core beliefs and limiting ideas, so that you can overcome them with confidence. Only then, will you be able to fully embrace who you are and start living a happier and healthier life.

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