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One Good Deed A Day

My husband and I decided to set an intention to do at least one good deed a day and I want to invite you to join us.

We were on a walk and discussing how we can do good in this life.   Sometimes it is the simple things; the anonymous, the tiny gestures that might otherwise go unnoticed but with intention can have magically massive impacts on others, and our world.

At the end of every one of my classes I guide the group through an intention setting practice.  We pause and set our intention for our day.  By doing this simple exercise we align ourselves with who we truly are; we come back Home to our Self.

Embracing the Greater Good

When we practice this we turn up the volume on what we want more of in our life; where we want to come from, how we want to live and co-exist with others.  It allows us to remember who we are.  It isn’t about changing ourselves as much as it is about dropping all the stuff that isn’t us, and isn’t in alignment with our greater good.  

For example, if we set an intention to be more patient today then what we in effect are saying is, I am willing to drop; let go of, release, break the pattern, cycle, bond of impatience, opinion, preference, judgment, etc.  Once we align with patience and set our intention to the vibration of patience then nothing else can exist but that.  It’s like magic.

Go Big! 

Set your intention to be anything your heart desires and simply allow the magic to happen.  Align yourself with energies, practices, and surroundings that support your intention.  Below I have given you some examples of how my husband and I are choosing to be in alignment with doing good and living from kindness.  Come up with your own and share them with me if you wish.  I would love to hear from you.

Every day we do at least one good deed out in the world.  This can be for a person, an animal, a situation, an organization, anything we wish.  We have decided to set our intention to the vibration of kindness towards others.  It is like setting a radio station.  You tune it in to the station you want to surround yourself with and then you feel the vibration of that energy and allow it to flow through you.  Then you live from that space and everything you do comes from that foundation.

A Big Realization

At the end of the day we ask each other what our good deed was and you know what we noticed?  We haven’t actually been doing good deeds, we have simply been living from that intention and we have naturally been coming from that place without trying to actually do good.  It is who we are, not what we are doing.  We recognized that the way we are living our life organically encompassed choices that were landing as good deeds towards others.  

Is that because we set an intention to do so, or simply because we are shining more light upon this energy and turning up the vibration.  Whatever it is, it’s good and we love it.  Join us.

Tune Your Intention to the Good Deed Station

Dove Rose

Pick up trash on your walks

I went as far as asking my gifting group if anyone had a pick up and reach gadget I could take on my walks and voila! I got one.  I now take walks and keep my neighborhood clean.  It adds another layer of goodness to my walks, I love it.

Listen to someone you don’t know.

There is a lovely person who works at our local juice bar.  He has opened up to us because he says he feels drawn to us and a safety to do so.  We recognized that we can be a mentor, and guide, to him as he is much younger than us and we were once where he is. 

We spent some time listening and offered our attention if he ever wanted to get together to ask us questions and share.  I remember when I was younger and looked up to others who had been where I was.  Those humans made quite an impact on my life and helped shape who I am today.  I welcome the opportunity to give back and do the same for others.  The simplest act of listening to a stranger can be so powerful for both parties.

Take Action

If something bothers you about your environment; your neighborhood, your city, etc. then do something about it.  Be proactive and do some research to find out how to actually help fix the problem and be part of the solution.  Instead of festering in complaining, reacting, and feeling frustrated, simply dedicate some time to improving, helping, taking action. 

For me it is partly the first suggestion above about picking up trash while I go on walks, the other is reporting things to my local officials so that they can get the attention they deserve.  Sometimes it is reaching out to my community, either local neighbors, or on a bigger scale to my network of contacts to address something larger.  If it bothers you it means you care about it.  Find out what you want to do to help.  Be a helper as Fred Rogers says.  Focus on being a participant in the light and step out of the dark.

Dove Rose

Pay It Forward

As you walk down the street put a quarter in every meter flashing red.  

Give Things Away

Give things away to others who you know would absolutely love them.  You know you have a friend who just loves that one item of clothing you wear that you might have tucked away in the closet and don’t even remember you have it.  Wrap it up in pretty wrapping paper and ship it to them or give it to them the next time you see them; for no reason at all.  Simply because it is kind. 

If it isn’t an item of clothing then perhaps it is a favorite tool, yes my hubby does that and receives a lot from his buddies as well.  It is like a little gifting group where they all give each other things they think the other would love.  You should see their faces; it is pure magic. 

Walk around your house and find some things to gift.  Perhaps a favorite book.  Will you really read it again?  If yes, then share it with them and ask for it back when they are done and if no, then gift it to them to enjoy and ask them to pay it forward.

The Ideas are Endless

You see I could go on and on, right? This is a passion of mine.  I could do this all day; writing about it and actually doing it.  I love bringing joy to people, causing a reaction of glee, surprise, love, enjoyment.  It feeds my soul because I know the value of it.  I think that is why I choose to live a mindful, healthy, organic, holistic life, because I know the value of it.

How do you want to live?  What do you find value in?  How do your actions line up with those answers?  Dive in the deep end and stay curious.

Sending you massive amounts of blessings of good health and mindful intentions.

Be well.



Dove Rose

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