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When was the last time you had your hearing checked?  If you are like me probably never.  Perhaps you have had some experience on this topic and have needed to pay close attention to your hearing and if so I trust that you addressed it and received the support you needed.

I am referencing a different sort of hearing though.  This one is about listening to the Universe.  Yup, I’m going there.  Surprising from the hippy, energy healer, yoga instructor, holistic health coach, fitness guru right?  I try to stay steady to the course.

Shhhh… Listen to the Universe

This is a very important sense to hone though.  Listening to the Universe is more about subtly and willingness.  The whisper comes first, that’s why it is important to hone your skills so you can pick up on the whispers.  If not, it’s okay though, the Universe will turn the volume up for you but often it isn’t as comfortable as the whispers were.

What the hell am I talking about? You ask, well, let me tell you.  We are living, breathing creatures who have wants, preferences, habits, and dreams.  There is a lot of cross communication from us, our atmosphere we take up space in, our fellow neighbor, co-worker, family member, our body, energetic field, and way beyond.  There is a lot of stuff we can pick up on.  

Cherish What You Hear

The skill we want to hone is to allow all that white noise to simply fade away and begin to fine tune into the language of the Universe.  That language is what we want to listen to. 

Listening to the Universe is like reading a book of life lessons from a great, great, great, great grandmother who handed down wisdom through the generations.  You would cherish it, right?  I would indeed.  Well, the Universe is like that.  She only has your greatest good in mind and only wishes for you to experience joy, love, peace, harmony, and be radically blessed with good health, prosperity, intellectual expansion, and longevity.

How To Listen To The Whispers

Dove Rose

Pay Attention

Your sixth sense is the Universe coming in.  Listen, pay attention and don’t ignore.

Feel The Pull

When you get a strong pull to do something in your life that will expand your world; career, relationship, path in general.  Listen to it and take it seriously.  Don’t ignore it.

Notice repetition

There will often be a repeating of things that are trying to get your attention.  Respect that and listen.

Accept The Confirmations

When you think of someone and they call, or you want something and it comes to you, or you lost something and you find it.  That is the confirmation you need to remind yourself how powerful you are.  You CAN manifest anything you want and you WILL.  This is the Universe’s way of reminding you of your super powers.  Don’t forget them.

I won’t be focusing on how the Universe begins to get louder at times if we miss the whispers but you can simply rest assured that it is not a bad thing but if you forget, aren’t trusting, or truly listening than the Universe just goes a little bigger with everything to remind you who you are and how powerful you are.

Live In Trust

I live my life in a deep trust of the Universe having my back; of being protected, provided for, Divinely led, and radically blessed.  How do I know this?  Why do I feel this way?  Just because it is my choice.  It isn’t some magical potion or course you have to take.  It’s a belief system.  It is like praying.  It works because you believe it works.  Try it.

Listen to the Universe and see what happens.  Get quieter and listen to nature, to your soundscape, to your gut, your heart, your Soul.  It is about being in deep relationship with your Self.; it is all in there.  Get to know the terrain and settle into the soft moss under the tree and listen to the heartbeat of your soul, which is that of the Universe.

Sending boatloads of love and wishes of good heath and peace of mind.

Much love,



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