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With things opening up, let’s get out there! We have some things to help you travel!! 

Our insidewink staff picks some great fun finds… with ways to plug in and to see far, to weigh luggage and stay creamy! And for those on a Staycation, we have some lawn help!

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Team Picks

jean trebek recommends

Universal Plug Adapter

If you’re planning a trip outside the US, here is an excellent Universal plug adapter that fits almost all foreign outlets.  My family and I have been lucky to travel to some very wonderful places around the world, and this adapter has been a life saver. It’s a compact device that can convert from many plug types to many socket types while simultaneously providing USB power. It has been verified by thousands of customers and takes the guess work out of wondering if you’ll be able to charge your cell phones, laptops, etc. while visiting a foreign country.

Bon Voyage!

Check out Universal plug adapter Here

Team Picks

Alison Martin Recommends

Celestron Nature Binoculars

When you want to get up close, but can’t… we love these binoculars! We really enjoy getting out of the house and even a walk though the hiking trails in our neighborhood can be full of beautiful animals and wonderous views. For bird watching, road trips, traveling long distance, these binoculars get you a really close-up intimate view. (OK… we’ve also taken them to the theater when you want to make believe you you are right next to the actors!)

Shop for the Celestron Here.

Team Picks Oct 2021

Emma Berdie Donson Recommends

Etekcity Luggage Scale

If any of you are like me, you fly Southwest so that you can overpack and bring 2 filled-to-the-brim suitcases featuring multiple outfit choices and at least a few hats.  But even if you fly another airline and your checked baggage isn’t free or you’re moving to a new place and want to make the most out of packing your bags as close to the weight limit as possible, a lightweight digital portable handheld luggage scale is the absolute best gadget to invest in! 

I take mine with me whenever I travel. Sometimes you pack light and it seems unnecessary but then you realize you absolutely have to buy the world’s largest rainbow gummy bear and you think, “Thank goodness I bought that digital portable scale so I can pack this gummy with the peace of mind that comes with knowing for certain I’m still under that persky weight limit.” 

Overpackers rejoice!  🎉 We’ll never embarrass ourselves at the Drop Your Bag counter again.

Shop for Etekcity Luggage Scale Here.

Team Picks

Kathlene Mc Govern Recommends

Jet Set

Who doesn’t love beautiful products made with high-end botanicals? Maybe someone, but not me! In fact, I adore Thistle Farms’ wide array of merchandise for body, home, travel, and relaxation made from eucalyptus, mint, hibiscus, lavender, and a host of other essential oils. A favorite of mine and my sister – whose work keeps her on the road for thirty weeks out of the year – is their Jet Set, a TSA-approved kit for smooth travels and even smoother skin with body wash, lotion, shave gel and lip balm. And at only $25, you’ll feel no turbulence in your wallet.

Botanicals are a powerful force for relaxation, but Thistle Farms is using an even more powerful force – love – to create change in the world. For more than twenty years, Thistle Farms has used their unique nonprofit business model to fulfill their mission of healing and hope for women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. During their two-year program Thistle Farms, in partnership with corporations and healthcare providers, offers women survivors a safe place to live, food and clothing, counseling, therapeutic groups, and job training, all at no cost to the participant. Hundreds of graduates of the program have gone on to live healthy, financially independent lives. It’s easy to see that Thistle Farms is a balm for both the body and the soul.

Learn about and shop Thistle Farms here.

Team Picks

Eddy DeMelo Recommends

Clover Seed

For those who travel to their backyard 🙂 It’s no secret that, in the pursuit of the “perfect lawn,” we introduce harmful herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers into our environment while wasting thousands of gallons of water. While a lush green lawn looks nice, our family was looking for a low maintenance and environmentally conscious alternative – that’s why we’re slowly transitioning our lawn from traditional grass to clover.

Clover has a number of benefits:
– When mixed with other grasses, it can replace the need for additional fertilizers as the clover is high nitrogen and is able to feed the soil directly.
– It’s drought and heat tolerant, requiring less water than a conventional lawn
– It’s pollinator friendly! The bees love it!
– It’s also resilient and stands up to pets and kids
So far, it’s been working great and we’ve been loving the results.

Get Clover Here

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