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So, when we find something we love, we want to share it with you! Our insidewink staff picks are some really “great finds”… from Pens, Online Organizers and Portable Cement Mixers to Bread (yes, BREAD… that helps, right?)

Team Picks

jean trebek recommends

Pentel Energel Pen

“It’s the little things in life that matter most”…like a really great writing pen. Here is my favorite…Pentel Energel.  This pen writes really well – the ink flows smoothly, consistently and fast.  Since I still do a lot of letter writing by hand, this is always my go-to… actually I will hunt this pen down before I start to write a note or even a check.  It makes my handwriting look so much better than it really is…which is a good thing 🙂  It has a latex free grip which makes holding the pen so comfortable, plus it comes in a great assortment of colors.  Really my favorite writing tool!

Check out all of the Pentel writing products here 

Staff Picks

Emma Berdie Donson Recommends


I don’t know about you, but I am constantly looking for the next best way to keep my to do list. While the notes app can be helpful and writing something down is always beneficial, Airtable has blown my mind as to its usefulness in a multitude of arenas.

Airtable is an incredible spreadsheet/database hybrid website that helps you keep organized in the cloud and even collaborate with a team if you so choose/need.

You can use it as anything from a CRM to an inventory tracker to an event planner and their templates are life changing andmajorly time-saving. I’ve even heard of brides using it to plan their OWN wedding, sans wedding planner — it’s that helpful.  Especially as we begin to open up again, I plan to utilize Airtable to track both business and personal goals. I cannot recommend it enough.

Check out Airtable’s website

What's Good? Arsenal of Clean Hand Sanitizer

Patti Ring Recommends

Harbor Freight Portable Cement Mixer

Hiring a concrete contractor for small masonry jobs can be costly. If you’re handy and not afraid to get your hands dirty, this little workhorse will pay for itself in no time at all. Harbor Freight’s Portable 1.25 Cubit Ft. Capacity Cement Mixer will easily handle an 80 LB. bag of concrete mix and is perfect for small projects such as sidewalks, setting posts, footers, slabs and curbs.

Nicely priced, sturdy and powerful enough for most home owners and weekend warriors, it is super portable, easy to maneuver and easy to use. Just dump in your concrete mix, start adding water until you get the correct consistency needed, tip and pour. Save your buckets, wheelbarrows and back muscles for other jobs. This handy cement mixer makes concrete work fun. I wish I had bought this years ago.

Here’s the Harbor Freight website

Jeanette Dubois

Jeanette Dubois recommends

HASI Bread

Love bread?  Want something delicious, nutritious and 100% organic, while supporting a small local business? 

While out walking one day my husband and I discovered a local artisan who didn’t allow Covid to stop him from creating what he loves, and sharing it with the world.  When restrictions made it impossible to sell out of his shop in 2020, Matias took Häsi Bread to his backyard, milling it there and selling it directly to his neighbors and customers (safely I might add). 

With yummy offerings such as his original Sourgdough, Pumpkin-Seed, Chocolate Chip & Sesame, or Olive & Garden Rosemary loaves, not only your mouth will be happy but so will your eyes as his creations are filled with fun naturally occurring colors in purples, blues, yellows and oranges.  The colors come from the natural spices and ingredients he uses, which aren’t bleached in any way.

Now that restrictions are lifting, you can find him and his superb home-made, home-milled offers at local Farmer’s Markets once more.  Or you can still pick up a loaf from his home shop.  But order in advance – he only makes a few extras each week as he makes it fresh daily, and only sells from his home or the farmer’s markets on specific days.

Check out his website to find out where and when you can pick up a loaf, and order one (or three) of your own here

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