Try Our List of Wonderful Socially Responsible Companies!

We set out to celebrate 12 companies in 12 days that share the love — incredible, socially responsible companies that give back and have impressed us with their missions!

And we did it. Here’s a little reminder of where you might follow your heart to shop this Valentine’s Day!

12 Days of Love: insidewink Valentine’s Gift Guide

On Day 1 we told you about Headbands of Hope, who donate a headband to a child surviving an illness for every one that is purchased on their site. They’ve donated to every children’s hospital in the U.S. and to children in hospitals in 19 other countries. As of 2020, they have donated over 340,000 headbands and 850,000 total headbands since the beginning!

Day 2 brought us comfort from Fazl, who are committed to supporting orphanages in India that care for vulnerable children, dedicating 50% of their net profits to this cause. We love their cozy socks and hats handcrafted by Himilayan women who use indigenous designs passed down from mother to daughter and who receive ethical Fair Trade wages for their work.

On Day 3 we cheered for the idea that for every Yoobi item you purchase, they donate a school supply item into a Yoobi Classroom Pack, which is then distributed through their partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation.  They’ve also given to hospitals through their partnership with The Starlight Children’s Foundation. Have Yoobi-n to their website yet?

Day 4 brought good ommmmens.  OM Matters contributes 10% of all sales to organizations like OG Yoga, which brings yoga and mindfulness practices to the Girls Rehabilitation Facility for incarcerated youth in San Diego and helps kids develop healthier coping mechanisms, higher self-confidence, and better school engagement.

You’ve walked a mile in Day 5’s shoes, or if you haven’t… you simply must meet TOMS! TOMS pioneered the term, “socially responsible business” and in using their “one for one” concept, TOMS gives one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair bought. They’ve impacted over 100 million lives since their conception.

We held out for a hero on Day 6 and we found our green knight EarthHero, who provides us access to 160+ ethical brands and over 6,000 eco-friendly products. EarthHero is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of sales to environmental non-profits worldwide. Thank goodness for their all-inclusive sustainable shopping experience.

Day 7 pushed us to dream of TSA lines again with STATE Bags whose giving initiatives, aimed at American children and families in need, include donating fully-packed backpacks at their signature bag drop rallies.  Every STATE Bag purchased also helps fuel their #WhatDoWeTellTheKids initiatives, created to help children understand some of the most challenging issues of our time. 

Amour Vert helped us fall in love on Day 8 with gorgeous “slow fashion” made in the US.  Also, for every tee you buy, they plant a tree in collaboration with their partner American Forests. They have planted over 330,000 trees in North America since the beginning. Every fiber of Amour Vert’s clothes and being is created and cared for using green practices. We love green, too.

And on Day 9, we hate to gloat but you know we found the perfect tote! The Tote Project gives 10% of their profits to Two Wings to support survivors of human trafficking in the US through mentoring programs, life skills classes, and career training workshops, to help them establish financial & physical independence. Giving to help people take their lives back is as good as it gets.

Day 10 caused us to pause and think about some of the good this pandemic has wrought. Caesura was formed in the belly of 2020 and gives 30% of proceeds to a different charity every month. Wearing a stylish, earthy necklace or a pair of dangly stone earrings means more than it ever has, when its purchase additionally helps flip the senate or end the backlog of untested rape kits in the US.  

Thank heaven we reached Day 11, though funnily it was Ten Thousand Villages! With their gorgeous, handmade goods, they furnish us with access to a network of 20,000 makers in 30 countries who earn a fair, living wage in safe working conditions. That means families are able to build homes and save for the future, their kids stay healthy, and by purchasing from them you’re helping to stop the cycle of poverty.

We rounded out our dozen on Day 12 with DonorsChoose who have created a platform that’s all about giving. Along with our help, they are able to fund teachers when the schools can’t. Parents/grandparents love to give gift cards to their kids, or work with them to fund a project directly, so they can use that gift to teach about philanthropy and gratitude. What a beautiful message this Valentine’s Day. 

By choosing a gift from one of these incredible companies in our guide, you are not only providing the recipient with a thoughtful, many times handmade or sustainable gift, but you are also giving to a wider net of recipients.

This year we wanted our love to travel farther and these companies provide us with a way to do that. We’re truly proud to support socially responsible business ventures here at insidewink and we look forward to hearing how you feel when you buy from them, too!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!


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