A few of our favorite fun winter videos!

Spring is upon us! So let’s give winter the send off it deserves with some fun winter videos. Because snow is fun, right?! Yes, there is shoveling, scraping, slipping and sliding that seems to last forever and we find ourselves longing for spring, but snow can be fun too!

So, before you throw on some shorts, open the windows and get busy in your spring garden… take a few minutes to enjoy one last bit of winter fun.

Snow Angels, Snow dogs and Sledding!

Could this be the best dog sledding ever? This pup makes his own fun in the snow!

See, kids can be helpful with snow removal too!

Snow shoveling can be exhausting. Some times you just need to take a break. And sometimes you need someone to help you up!

Teaching your kids how to make snow angels is easy, right?

This blind sled dog just wants to run in the snow with his friends!

And then there’s Spring in Sweden.

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