Super Houseplants that have lots of benefits! 

I have had plants in my home all of my adult life.  They are a reminder that nature provides the most amazing health benefits as well as beautifying our living space. They are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors.  When one lives with a house plant, they become a part of the family.  We water them when they’re thirsty, feed them when they’re hungry and get a huge amount of satisfaction when they thrive. But none of these elements are without your consistent attention.

Easy to Grow and Environment Friendly

Successfully growing an indoor plant depends on the type of plant and how well it survives in an indoor environment.  Some plants such as Pothos live in a variety of environments and are one of the most hearty plants one can grow indoors and outdoors (in shade). No arctic temps please!

It is an amazingly gratifying and sturdy plant.  We have a plethora of Pothos in our home because they are so environmentally friendly.  Not just because they are easy to grow but also because they help to filter indoor ozone, the main component of air pollution in our homes and offices.

An added beneficial effect of the Pothos plant and other indoor plants such as Spathiphylum (Peace Lily), Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen), Dracaena (All types), Sansevieria (Snake Plant), Clorophytum (Spider Plant), and Aloe Vera (Aloe), are that they will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night which usually only occurs in the day time, so put one in your bedroom for a little extra oxygen while you sleep!

Besides being beautiful, an Aloe Vera plant is a healing succulant that relieves sunburn and has many other benefits.

Are Your Indoor Plants Getting Enough Light?

What we think of as a bright area in our home, is in many ways woefully inefficient to maintain a healthy plant.

Plants in an interior should ideally be close to a light source, otherwise they can slowly wither and die.  Keep in mind also, that an indoor potted plant will show signs of stress if they are either under-watered or over-watered. If a plant is under watered it may never recover.  Conversely, plants that are overwatered have a better chance to survive, unless the overwatering is constant. Remember plants are living organisms and we should treat them with respect.

In further issues I will enumerate in more detail, my favorite indoor plants and what you can do to maintain their beauty and health.

This planet and our survival relies on healthy plant life and we are losing them at an alarming rate.  Let’s all do our part to encourage our plant partners to live a healthy, long life.

“Remember plants are living organisms and we should treat them with respect.”

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By Peter Martin

Peter Martin started his own business in Studio City specializing in interior plantscaping and exterior landscaping. You can see many of his landscape designs at apartment buildings and commercial real estate all around Los Angeles, as well as homes to the stars! He was also owner of Martin Iron Design where he manufactured and designed wrought iron furniture, lighting and accessories for architects and designers. Peter resides in North Hollywood, CA with his wife Susan and son Nick. Peter is a graduate of Cal State Northridge.

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