One of the things that I truly appreciate about the holidays are the traditions…

so let’s create some more!

I love these days between Halloween and New Years. I know they can be loaded. I know they can be complicated. I also know there is a sense of peace because we all take a moment to say thank you and there is a certain calm because of the traditions. I like knowing what’s going to happen… I actually look forward to it. Having said that, I think it’s also good to revive and take a fresh look at some of our holiday rituals.

This time of year makes me smile because “ruts” are re-named “traditions” and doing things over and over again is considered “time-honored” as opposed to “repetitive”… but, honestly, that does feel better! So, let’s own that – we have traditions that we can add to and shake up. This year, in the spirit of consciously making an effort to add to our holiday traditions, here are some ideas that can be added to all our festivities.

5 Ideas for Simple,


you can start this year.

Take 1/2 an hour for some time for yourself before “it” all starts –

It doesn’t matter what “it” is for you. It could be cooking or entertaining or traveling or working – Thanksgiving takes many different forms for everybody. This new tradition asks us to take a conscious 30 minutes to read, take a shower, exercise, meditate, nap, whatever you need to set a loving intention for the day.

Kids set the table

It’s probably easier to do it yourself and it won’t look exactly the way you want, but giving kids ownership of how the table looks can be a great little charge and boost for them. And, in the big picture, who really who cares if the fork is on right or if the napkin swan looks more like a pretzel?

Try a Gratitude Toast about simple, basic things

Your socks, the table, your home, the glass you are raising… it may sound silly and it may make you laugh and that is totally OK… being grateful for the simple things can also bring tears to your eyes because it helps to remind us how lucky we are to be right where we are. Go around the table and see how “basic” you can all get.

Take a walk around the block between the main dinner and the dessert/coffee time

If you’re alone grab a sweater or if you’re with family and friends grab a frisbee, then get up and out. Getting a little fresh air and taking a “constitutional” after you eat the main meal is really good for your health. As Time magazine points out, “along with combatting surges in blood sugar, a little post-meal movement may also aid digestion”.

Clean up completely before bed

It’s been a long day. The turkey’s tryptophan is kicking in and all you can think about is your pillow. That’s the moment to make believe you have very important guests coming over really early in the morning. You! You’re the important guest! Cleaning up before bed sets the stage for tomorrow to start fresh. No matter how wonderful the night before was, it’s no fun to face a stack of dishes in the AM. Just like the first tradition suggestion above, this one’s for you!


It would be great if you could share with us some ideas for holiday traditions – in the comments section below and we’ll write about them in an article before Christmas.

Whatever your holidays looks like for you, we hope you find peace and gratitude!


Happy Thanksgiving

from the insidewink team


  1. Donna

    Coming from Scotland the going for a walk before dessert is a long standing tradition. And not gender specific either. Most of the time either the men would take the kids out while the women cleared up and got dessert ready or the other way round. Dessert was usually tea and biscuits or a cake so easy enough.

  2. Dean Regan

    Family Moment. In the last year my mother and older sister have joined our home. We are now 4 mature adults creating a new family by blending our two households. We set up my mother’s and my sister’s room with room for 4 adults to sit and enjoy one another’s company. We have developed a time in our week (sometimes more than a few times in our week) called “Family Moment.” When one of us has exciting news to share, a challenge needing support, or just wants to spend some quiet time together; one of us will chime out “Family Moment!” We all gather in a bedroom (generally my mother’s) and talk. When we call out “Family Moment,” we are generally in our PJs ready for bed … but sometimes not. Family Moment has become a weekly tradition that transcends the holidays. It has become a God-send of connection and communication … laughter and support. And now, even our animal companions tend to join us when we are all gathered for what has become our blessed: “Family Moment.”


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