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Let go and allow today. Instead of having a plan or an outcome or strategy, let life lead.
Let it be a day of surprises, of unexpected joy, of release. Allow.


insidewink’s weekly affirmations:

Positive reminders to encourage, motivate and inspire. Challenge yourself to repeat them, believe in them and eliminate self-sabatoging or negative thoughts.

I have a friend…

I have a friend… … who gives me gardenias as a surprise … who makes me laugh till I cry … who always reaches for the check first … who calls me because she knows I have a...

3 Halloween Lessons I’ve Learned

I thought halloween was a simple holiday. Put on something weird, ring a doorbell, get candy, repeat. Simple.But then I had children. Children make you think...

James Intveld – “All The Way From Memphis”   James has been in the LA music scene for years and has a large following.  He started out working with Dwight Yoakam and...





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