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Podcast Episode 8: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

This incredible woman talks with Jean and Alison about the stroke on the left side of her brain which gave Dr. Jill deep insights into the workings of the brain’s functions along with the complexity of the human personality.

Podcast Episode 7: Sarah Dubbeldam

When Jean and Alison saw the online magazine, Darling, they immediately wanted to share it. Founded in 2012, by Sarah Dubbeldam, Darling magazine truly highlights “the art of being a woman”. Sara has expanded DARLING to a multi media corporation that includes a fantastic clothing line. Huge kudos go out to them for expanding the ideals of beauty. How refreshing!

We are so happy that we were able to speak with Sarah about what inspired her to start Darling. She’s completely approachable and down to earth while at the same time has continued to create products that really honors all facets of the feminine.

Podcast Episode 6: Nataly Kogan

Bright and bubbly, Nataly shares with Jean and Alison her recipe for living a happier life which includes acceptance of all emotions. Her history as a refugee from Russia affords us glimpse into the power of her happier living.

Podcast Episode 5: Scarlett Lewis

This heartfelt conversation between Scarlett, Jean and Alison expresses the power of love to shine through deep grief. Scarlett’s Choose Love movement is in response to her son’s murder at Sandy Hook and her mission to relate the practical tools of teaching compassion is infectious.

Podcast Episode 4: Nick Ortner

Nick shares with Jean and Alison the powerful emotional release technique known as tapping. The practice is easy and can be life changing.

Podcast Episode 3: Mariel Hemingway

Known for her acting and famous last name, Mariel shines on her own by opening up to Jean and Alison about her mission to help transform the stigma surrounding mental health.

Podcast Episode 2: Anita Moorjani

After her near death experience, Anita joyfully and authentically shares the message that loving yourself as you are is of vital importance. She also talks with Jean and Alison about her new book “Sensitive is the New Strong”.

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