William Linville works beyond space and time and is presented with your light-realms. His events are tools to assist humanity in its awakening, remembering and arising within and throughout its divine, benevolence of Creator Incarnate.


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Jean: All right.

Alison: There we are. Yeah, we did it. Okay. Your voice is very good.

Jean: Oh, I don’t. I don’t love my voice.

Alison: Really?

Alison: It’s very peaceful.

Jean: I know, everyone says that. I feel like I’m lulling people to sleep.

Alison: Okay, Wake up, we have to wake up. Come on, Energy. You do you.   All right, so now we’re talking to someone today who you actually have known for a long time.

Jean: William Linville. Love this man.

Alison: Tell me.

Jean: Yeah. So I’ve known William…  I’ve known I met William probably back in 2012, 2013, and I heard him on another podcast, if you will. And I just thought what he had to say was… It just moved me and I felt it was the truth for me. And he has really been a huge champion in my life. He’s really helped me overcome a lot of fear and I love him.

Alison: Oh, that’s beautiful.

Jean: And I love his wife.

Alison: Oh, that’s excellent. I love that. So I was not as familiar with William. I had I had heard of him through you, but he is fascinating to me. Yeah, I think he really is right. So let’s listen and then we’ll we’ll come back and talk.

Jean: Great.

William: Hello, everyone. How’s it going?

Alison: Hi. Hi.

William: How are you doing, Miss Allison?

Alison: Hello, William.

William:  Are you having a blast?

Alison: Yeah.

William: Awesome. Awesome, awesome.

Alison: I am. It’s so good to meet you in person, because I’ve heard so much about you for so many years.

William: Oh, well, thank you. Thank you. And likewise. And you too.  What are you ladies been up to?

Jean: Well, I’m getting over Covid, William.

William: Oh, really? Well, that sounds like fun. You’re having a good long time.

Jean: Just a lot of alone time and getting caught up on things that you know, I maybe pushed aside for a while, but now my closets are super clean, and I’ve caught up on calling everyone that I’ve ever known and…hahah

William: Counting the cracks in the in the fingernails and toenails.  haha

Alison: Exactly.

William: Counting the pours  in the body, you know, all the fun stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Or you feel better now?

Jean: I am. I’m feeling much better. Much better. And this is such a treat to have you with us, because I know, you know, you and I have known each other for– I was thinking about this William, for probably over ten years.

William: Yeah. Yeah, it’s been a while. It’s been great… On one hand, it seems like eternity, On the other, it’s like a blink of an eye. Yeah.

Jean: It really has.  And Allison has heard me many times speak about you, William, And so now we get to introduce you to our listeners from Inside Wink World. And um Allison, do you have anything to say?

Alison: I’m just so happy to meet you. And you’re one of the more interesting humans I’ve ever heard about or read about.

William: Oh, well, thank you. Thank you. It’s been quite the interesting journey.

Alison: I bet. I bet. And how did you two meet?

William: Well, Jean came out to our place in Vegas where we were living, and we did a an interview. That’s how we met in the physical. But how did we meet Jean, was it a referral, right?

Jean: Yeah, I think. William, You were on a show,not Beyond the Ordinary, but a, you know, a show where they interview spiritual healers or, you know, just people that are helping humanity awaken. And you are on a show, and I just thought your interview was amazing and something that that we can start off with– William, if you wouldn’t mind, You talk a lot about your vibratory levels.

William: Yes.

Jean: And you talk a lot about marrying your lower and higher vibratory levels. Can you say why that’s so important now more than ever?

William: Like right now. haha

Jean: Like, in this time of of planet Earth, I mean, I guess it’s always been important, but, um. Do you sense that we are bringing in and allowing more of our God self to emanate through us?

William: Absolutely. And what’s going on is there’s so much going on, especially internally and then externally. So internally, you know, it’s kind of a dance. I call it a  Divine romance. Romance with you and the whole universe as a whole. So what happens is like ,there’s all this unveiling moment going on within you. So you look at this, we can call it– To me, it’s all dimensional, but for the sake of understanding, what the linear context You know, we call it incarnational realms. So, times and spaces that you’ve had many different experiences and as a soul. So you’ve been the queen of France, you’ve been kings, you’ve been coal miners, you’ve been natives, you’ve lived in the jungles, you’ve lived on the islands. You’ve lived in the Midwest, far west, far East, um, all over the planet. You as creator have picked up a form being that of humanity or human. Hu being ancient frequency and tone of creator through the mammalian species which is expanding and embodying and expanding through creator man. That’s not meant as a gender. It’s meant as creator through the mammalian species. Hence his hue man– hue, being the ancient frequencies and tones originally of creator from first separation to now, really, except the paradigm shifted, which means dear ones have, through the evolutionary cycle of things, became denser and denser as you go through.– You know, the Times of Aquarius, You go through the Dark Ages, you go through the freezing and the ice ages on  imam, which would call it more like the absence of you.

William: So when you started identifying that and perceiving that you were no more than a mind and a body on a planet. Now what’s happened is humanity got stuck from the solar plexus down. The solar plexus is your levels of carnality. So it’s where you go into fear. You go into sink or swim, fight and flight. You go into survival. It’s the instinctual levels of surviving. It could be surviving the physical flesh, like when you would be hightailing it away from dinosaurs or danger or running away from the cliff rather than running off the cliff, you know, being chased, by more villagers are coming after you or whatever it may be from standing out. And that has created, you know, from the Crusades to the hunting down the witches, warlocks on and on. Now, what’s happening is all of those incarnational states, which once again I call dimensional, that’s how you’re able to take a breath, go through past incarnational clearings, is that you’re bringing that stuff up. You’re asking it to unveil itself. The things that are still affecting you now in this body, on this planet, in this life. I call it phobias, anxieties, like recently, like every dear one and their brothers, dogs, chickens and cats have had anxiety attacks. It’s coming up in waves. And what that is, it’s all those fight and flight responses. Kicking up  to the influx of you as your higher levels, which is still you open and as creator vibrating and waking up within its incarnation, but as higher vibratory levels that are coming up as you but then as coming up through the soul level, it’s coming through the emotional calibration latiswork, through the sub psyche, all the way through the psyche and the soul level journeyers are waking up as well

William: even going beyond the Trinity State as spirit and soul in form. So it’s like the lights are coming on, but all these hidden away, call it secrets, call it hidden away… Um, I call it misperceptions of yourself, misunderstandings of yourself, misperceptions that you made all these decisions just like you as creator said, let there be light. And there was light. Well, you said, let there be danger. Let there be fear. And this is unsafe. This is safe. I love everyone except my family or  everyone’s wonderful , they’re all creator except my mother in law, I know she’s demonic. haha

William:  So from here, you know, all this stuff is rising up before you to look at it right in the eyes, to say enough. To look at it and I’ll call it resolve it, come to terms with it, to where it just no longer holds, nor has that power over you. And didn’t we get into the old paradigm stuff, you know, like, what is fear?  What is darkness? It’s interesting.

William: They’re both, as far as I’m concerned, major umbrella phrases…that doesn’t really say anything except to me, it says the absence of You.  So you’re going into these areas within your cells, your atoms, your molecules, sub molecules to the human genome through the master cell, the DNA, the RNA through each and every charkra level vortex, from the crown, the third eye, front mental and back, through the throat from the lower back heart front, middle and back. It’s starting to merge down through the solar plexus front, middle and back through the creator chakra level vortex, front, middle and back, all the way thru your root chuckled Vortex, and you’re reopening them… But you’re not there to try to relive anything. You’re there to see it for what it is. Ideally, I would have you find the benefit because it’s got you to where you’re at now, which is- that’s where, that’s part of the healing up process.. Is when you can actually look at it now, not rehashing the same judgment, not rehashing the same issue that –yep there’s my dad. Yep. Still hate him. Okay. And it’s more like, it’s now– where I walk dear ones through is- understanding where the dear one was coming from, understanding him, waking up to, you know, honestly, I don’t care who it is, what it is, or even the extreme. It truly was not personal about you as a personal being. Does that better clarify that, Jean?

Jean: Yeah.  That’s so great,because that is exactly how you’ve helped me over many years, is actually showing me someone’s intention so that I wouldn’t take it personally…I think that is one of the things you really helped me with, William was to differentiate between what was mine and what was someone else’s stuff. So thank you, thank you for that.

Alison: Could you explain just a little bit– I saw on your website, you just said it just now… Fear is the absence of You. And am I am I correct in understanding that to mean the absence of the baggage that I’m carrying or these personal judgments? Is that the You that it’s the absence of?

William: No, that’s all the stuff that is not you.. You know, like when you look in the mirror and it’s a fun game to play with yourself, but it’s also– you know, I always look for the truth serum in everything. Show me the truth. Not what I want to think. Not what I want to hear. Not what I think others want to hear or think. Show me the truth. So when you stand in front of the mirror, like a physical mirror, you know– In massage school, when I was going to massage school to learn about anatomy, learning about how my own body works, you know, much less facilitating. One of the exercises was to sit in front of the mirror totally naked, like up on the vanity. Or you can be just with a whole body mirror or whatever, you know, sit there totally naked, do your best for a moment just to become more clear to where you can just sit there. Ideally, you’re going to hear it first– All the criticisms. Secondly, that over there is definitely picking up on gravity. And over there,.. Yeah, A couple of months from now with those who, you know, who needs a mammogram, you know?  And all of that stuff– and where I was wondering what I was hitting when I was walking… Oh, it’s my buttocks, you know, so where we get past all the criticizes. Yep, shouldn’t have had that donut,  you know that’s just all the conscious mind thoughts.

Jean: Mhm.

William: So for a minute we just take another breath. We let that go, because it will pass…. I gotta get the hair done, and then all that stuff’s gonna pass. (thoughts like) The ears are too high. They’re too low. They’re too big. Too small.  And it’s like, Yeah, I knew there was something about taxi cabs with these ears— we just let all that stuff pass now. Then we just still sit there. We still stare. We don’t get a book. We don’t try to become preoccupied. We really just be right there. The criticizers gonna pass, that’s all of 20% of the mind, the conscious mind and all the emotions that like, it’s like all that harshness starts to come up and you start to realize and feel, or I’d say more so than feel experience the emotions starting to die off with it. And then, it’ll be quiet for a few moments. Maybe three. Maybe five. It’s different for everyone. But then, you’re going to start having these memories now. Memories are an interesting thing because many perceive it linearly. Like yesterday, the day before, when I was three years old, when I was in the womb… Blah, blah, blah. Well, in reality, it’s not about way back when, linearly. It’s still dimensionally, still going on. The way you always know, is that you sit there, you watch. If it was not dimensional, you would not be able to still experience the energy around it. Because right now, when I say, all right Allison– let’s you and I just go back to relive dinner last night. And what’s the first glimpse? And as you go to the first glimps, how much is your mouth salivating and how is your body responding?

Alison: I’m hungry. I’m hungry for more pasta.

Speaker3: Yeah, exactly. And now, if you look at that for a minute, you really follow that to its source, you’ll be given, you’ll be shown from yourself, the first time you when you first had pasta and then when you first decided you liked it. And the interesting thing is, it’s really not about the pasta. It was about the ambience going on when you first had pasta.

Alison: Well, it makes me say, I wanted to say– being with my grandmother.

William: That’s exactly what I was about to bring up, that connection that made the pasta so wonderful. Okay. Now that’s dimensional. That’s not Grandma 20 years ago. Okay. That’s why you’re able to still feel her presence around one of the billions of reasons, but including that her presence is around you. But from here, it you go beyond that for a moment, as you’re sitting in front of the mirror, then you start looking, hearing, experiencing all these conversations. To me, I call it like– Doors that are still open that have never really fully been closed nor resolved. Doesn’t mean they’re all derogatory. It just means it’s just different parts of yourself (And this is where I do call it at times soul fragmentations), depending on it’s areas of yourself that got fragmented, scattered. It’s a lot like PTSD or dear ones are still stuck in that moment where the soul’s been fragmented. So, it’s like constantly running and running and repeat. Haven’t been able to yet, at that moment be able to welcome back of the the rest of themselves to where they’re at now. Now, you go beyond that in front of the mirror and you start listening to all these dialogues and then you start to become, you start to recognize… eventually, that you’re no longer that little child. You’re the third person here. You’re observing what’s going on. You’re watching. To now we can take that part of you, pick them up, embrace them, and now welcome them back to you cleared and purified.

William: Or, we can welcome forth the ascended host, the angelic, the arc-angelic realms. Whatever presents for you at that moment to take them by the hand and walk them home. Because that’s also when we get into, you know, the different emotional age of decisions where all the decisions you made in that circumstance, how that circumstance is still affecting you, even though your body is older,  you made all these judgments about how the world works, about your value, about what you deserve, what you don’t deserve, about whatever, however– worthy, not worthy, lovable, not lovable because of x, y, z. So where now, we get to look at it clearer as a third person. Now we have the brilliant opportunity to undecide what those decisions that were made to either re-decide or just undecided. (acknowledge to yourself) You know what? Ijust don’t require any more stuff in my cellar, being that of the sub-psych, because it just doesn’t benefit me anymore. And now, depending on the extremes, you can walk out of the back of your shoes, step into the back, of it’s a perpetrator or whatever, and then looking through at their eyes back at you and what you’re going to find.. You do a scan, where you can really see how they really felt about you. You’ll find more often than not they were jealous. They were envious. They wanted what you had.

William: They wanted their purity back. They wanted their innocence back. They saw that you had it, and they they were just so enraged and they wanted it back. And they’re really crying inside. They’re sobbing inside and they’re acting out in all these different ways. But it’s more out of fear, tournament, not even about you. And you can go through their emotional age capacity when they decided those same decisions, they weren’t lovable and everyone’s against them.  Which will also have you eventually, you know, understand them further to where now– What’s been fear, what’s been hatred, resentment, terror that’s been running your life ..now transcends into compassion. And you’re also assisting them to heal up to current age. And then you step back, in the back of your shoes with now that clarity to where that’s no longer keeping you held hostage anymore. And I’m not saying for a minute that we’re going to sit here and try to justify rationalize that their behavior was okay. Right. It wasn’t okay.  But for resolution, maybe that situation made you more independent. Maybe it had pushed you to become more powerful. It pushed you into waking up sooner, quicker. It pushed you to know to put your foot down,to say no more. And it accelerated your journey into waking up to who you really are– But rather than continuing the hamster wheel of “Leave it to Beaver” and “The Brady Bunch” and pretending.

Alison: Right.  Can I ask ask another another question about the idea of souls, and the idea of if we are all that is then then how are we also individuated souls? Like you had said that there were so many experiences that we’ve had. Is that me as an individual soul or is that like there’s this huge energy soul and I’m dipped in and mixed up with that? Does that make is that does that make sense as a question to you?

William: Yeah, it does. So getting back to first separation. You as Source decided to split itself off. It goes beyond that.wWhen you decided to create the heavens and the earth and all the planets, you decided to create something that you could create to where you could expand upon yourself as creator as a whole.. which once again is genderless. Now, you decided, okay, you created the mountains, the lands, the oceanic realms, the plant kingdom, mineral kingdom, and, you know, the animal kingdom, plant, kingdom, on and on and on. And at first, you would split yourself off, you would experience what it was like to step into the form of a gazelle or a deer. You would hop around. You would you would really just experience hopping around, procreating, mating, and you would experience eating consumption. You would actually, for the first time ever, experience what it was like to animate through a form. And lo and behold, you know, one thing led to another until you decided, okay, now let’s expand upon this now, but let’s create a form of our own that would make it more unique and really a more personable journey, not just through a kingdom. So you created what’s now called humanity– Hu, the ancient sound of Crater, through a mammalian form, you created a form that has senses, that can has corpuscles that touch. That is the only one in the universe that has the the mind came later on, but has the ability to process free will on and on and on.

William: So you created the divine masculine and the divine feminine with the ability to procreate. Not to get preoccupied by, but being the ability to create a civilization that would continue and continue and continue to express, express love and continue to expand upon itself. Then, you kept noticing as creator, that the forms kept walking off cliffs, the forms kept becoming breakfast, lunch and dinner for the dinosaurs, creatures of the planet, on and on. There was not this thing called intellectual consciousness, like divine intellect, common sense. And you can see globally that’s been very rare these days. haha.. So now it’s coming back online. The divine intellect. So and now where, Okay, if I pick my body and if I walk over the edge of this cliff, I can now analyze that…if I take one more step, chances are my body is going to fall and, you know, bond with the planet. Now, this is where we’re playing with your intellect. This is well beyond fear. Then when this all came about, then you decided to create a thing called a soul. A soul that would be a record keeper. It’s kind of like a hard drive for yourself. That would dictate, take notes, record every experience you ever experience in a body on a planet. So, you took those experiences into the soul and you also took your divine intellect, you took your heart, but at that time, the heart wasn’t really a bid deal because you just were like, you just were love.

William: So it wasn’t come back to your heart, it wasn’t don’t get hijacked by the mind, blah, blah, blah. And then, you started more and more listening to the intellect and letting the intellect, you know, the whole metaphor of the Adam and the Eve, the Cain and the Abel.. On and on and on… you know, all those metaphors about, you know, the woman eating the apple, playing with the snake and blah, blah, blah and of course, you know, it’s kind of obvious, it always comes back anti-female. (haha) Now from here, you go into Cain and Abel, you know, the linebacker and the wide receiver or whatever, and, you know, then we have creator going against creator, which is where dear ones started buying into that the intellect was who they were, rather than who they were that HAD an intellect. So the soul took all this data, all this information, and before you knew it, the Akashic records were created. So now, you became denser and denser and denser, heavier and heavier and heavier to where you started… It wasn’t a fall from grace and all those fairy tales, but every time you would go against yourself, become more and more identified with the intellect that now, we call the ego…the ego that was created, created emotion– emotion is simple–it’s energy that’s bound up. So when you create a specific identity or a judgment, it’s like throwing a rock in a flowing river to where eventually that river gets dammed and the energy that’s that water that was moving now becomes emotion. So emotion is the absolute result from judgment. Now all of those, doesn’t matter what the judgement is (positive or negative).. It’s judgment. It’s just you as creator commanded there be light. You as creator commanded that your neighbors, you know, is a jackass. So the same thing. It’s just where are we going to put the command. Now  you’re saying that with great force at times, you’re teaching your children, don’t run into street! Oh, my God! And you come out yelling and screaming, which, of course, no secret your kids going to freezing get ran over by the bus because they’re freaking out because you’re screaming, and now we have a real issue on our hands. But then there’s that angst and then your kid makes a decision… I’m bad, I’m terrible, I made a mistake, I’m not smart, I’m not bright. And just I deserve to bond with the Goodyears or Michelin, depending on what they’re using these days. hahahaha–And ..there’s something wrong with me, and on and on and on, which only makes it denser and denser and denser.

William: So eventually you started forgetting more of who You are, became more identified with the judgments, now, which are called the ego, which is a total false identity because it’s still not you. And then with all the energy behind it, I’ve never heard of anyone having a love breakdown and I got to go to see the shrink. You know, it’s always an emotional breakdown, right? And the shrink would know what to do if you had a love breakdown, Right. Because you love too much. What? You know, there’s books about women who love too much. I don’t think there was any about the males. You see, once again, the women are screwed. hahaha…. So from here, you know, what is that? What is it to mean, to love too much? There’s many get confused between love and emotion, infatuation and I’m attracted to you because blah, blah, blah. Now we get back to carnality and that’s why there’s such a market for perfumes, etc..  It’s activating the olfactory nerve and putting off a different sensory neuron in the brain that says all of a sudden I’m attracted to you, but it’s really the scent. So it’s just interesting. There’s like all these different, like rabbit holes of understanding yourself. It’s not complicated.  It’s so simple, but sometimes it’s not complicated, but it is very, uh, interesting when you’re starting to wake up and arise to understand yourself. It’s kind of like my favorite color is purple or the pasta.

William: You know, why do I enjoy what I enjoy? Is it me that enjoys it, or am I trying to recreate the memory? Now, this isn’t to overcomplicate things, it’s more about understanding yourself so you can become all of yourself. Now, to finish your question, the answer to your question is that, dear ones, that’s when they started waking up to eventually… That, okay, now we start to come forth, whether it be Francis or Sananda, Yeshua, Ben Joseph, the Krishna, Paramahansa Yogananda, whether it be the Buddha and all these different areas where dear ones started waking up to becoming a Trinity spirit, soul in form… which is still, I mean, awesome, great job, great achievement, but it still holds you in the karmic latticework. So I maybe spirit that’s animating this body, but I still have a soul, I still have a mind. So now I got to make up with this thing called karma for all the other dear ones that I screwed dimensionally or Incarnationally now that they’re going to come, they’re going to run me over or whatever, and I’m going to lay there going the opposite extreme and saying, Well, I’m sure I must have deserved it. You know, it’s like, seriously? When they back up five times and say it was an accident?

William: So you woke up to you.. You being the consciousness in the body that goes beyond the soul and the mind and the spirit, which is you as creator now clearing out the Akashic records, not in that same cyclical cycle. Vows, contracts, agreements, all of these things that basically it’s just different words that says I’m wearing different shackles, but now at least I’m aware of them now. Now you’re waking up to them and waking up to you as creator and letting all the rest of the stuff die off, which goes back to the ozone layers and all that other stuff, which is technically the astral planes of consciousness dying off because these other entities, energy, softwares are being walked home and assisted home that have still been lingering around, lost in the astral planes.. which in religion they call it purgatory, blah, blah, blah, but this is where we’re taking them beyond that, to make a full transition back into their source consciousness, whether they pick up a body or not, that’s up to them now,  it’s not because they weren’t able to make a full transition Home.. This soul level is dying off, dissolving, reaching a clear slate to where now you have You as your higher levels, you with your entourage your Angelic, Archangelica host realms emminating through form but also surrounded with what I call your true family.

Jean: Wow! You know, William, you say all of this and it’s so fascinating to me and inspiring…and I think this is a great time to link into the class, the class that you’re offering in September…about waking up, shedding these shackles and… Can you talk about your class that’s coming up?

William: Yeah, yeah. It’s a wonderful class. It goes on for three months and one part is clearing out, purifying, divinitizing, opening and accelerating. And the other part is like re-steering, re journeying of who you are and a lot of activations, amplifications and then a lot of coming to terms with what’s working for you, what’s not working for you and being able to clear the decks within yourself…. physical, mental, emotional. We’re playing with you on all levels, not just your physical body, not just your emotional levels–I mean we’re playWng with relationships. We’re playing with finances, we’re playing with, why does the same thing keep occurring? Breaking down dissolving patterns, bringing clarity and also disillusionment to them and going for, you know, bringing you as creator and beginning to remember, but also beginning to re embody within and through yourself of and as creator, expressing through (the body). And even more than that, it’s shifting from experiencing emotion to now feeling you. And then, like we talked about earlier, about the vibratory levels and frequencies in megahertz of Light. It’s a speed in which the cells are vibrating in the body, the cells, the molecules, the atoms, sub atoms, and it’s assisting those to speed up and also dissolving the crustationous that’s been holding them at a very much lower frequency vibratory level and then clearing out the cause, core and the effect, all the identifications, all the stuff that has you live your life like you’re in a cave, like in a tunnel vision mode, and where you start to regain You, you start to take your power back.

William: You also start to wake up and arise in so many different ways where you start now, recognizing, opening up, becoming more receptive, not like you’re constantly dutiful working for something, including like surviving in a body on a planet because you’re never put here to survive…you’re here to live and express, animate, radiate and open up, and then playing also with optimum health and well-being body mind and you, and then the integration of the rest of you and the connection with you, your entourage, which I call your real family, the Angelic, Archangelica and the host realms, and where you’re able to start going more and more direct, even receiving, expressing and receiving, having dialogues and connections with, you know, those dear ones in your entourage that  have always been there. But now you’re starting to reach a point where you’re able to dance together, flow together, and live more in your natural birthright rather than what you’ve been told, what you’ve been taught all the day to day — wash, rinse, repeat levels, into more of why you’re here in the first place and to where there’s no end of what, when, where and how you can experience, express and also receive love in every way.. whether it be an intimate, loving relationship with the heart, whether it be finances, abundance of money, whether it be homes, vehicles, whatever that calls to you, not about sex, power, greed, but about the enjoyment of why you’re here in a body on a planet to live, to enjoy, thrive, receive, express, and becoming lighter and lighter, not just barely getting by each month. I mean, that’s all taught too–you witness, you see it all around, you see the high end and you see the low end, and then you’re in the middle trying to escape, not being in the gutter like the dear one over there , that I know is deemed mental health issues… chances are they’re just loaded with entities, which are from discarnates that have not made a full transition and whatever else they’re running through and running from that, but then all of your vows, contracts, agreements you’ve made, you’re still playing out by default about money is the root of all evil, on and on and on. So we have all these things that you’re looking at, you’re still trying to resolve, wake up to, go beyond rather than just living your life in this tiny little cocoon. Because you know, what happens when you’re physically standing at the top of the planet.. right there in you, the silhouette of light in which you are, where you’re here, not to experience the freezing cold and pulling in, going into lockdown, shut down from the North Pole. But where you’re there to emanate and as you emanate, you’re emanating, but as you’re emanating, you’re also in a state of receptivity, not pushing away.  You’re not there to prove, you’re there to enjoy, where you can actually see the snowflakes, where your body is not flipping out… The solar plexus as it was created, it goes underneath the rib cage, when the fight and flight response kicks in to protect all your vital organs. But where that’s no longer your master nor your go to, regardless of whatever’s going on outside. And what happens when this becomes now a place to where you’re able to feel you, not the experience of emotion, you know, that’s all based in this judgment… but it’s not just about judgments, it’s about how low can you go and how many ways, shapes and forms can you block yourself and allow yourself to be blocked. You know, when it’s not even about you. And yeah, there’s parts that is about you and your own personal, I’ll call it issues, or let’s just call it misperceptions because it’s just stuff you’ve misperceived and taken in to be true about yourself. Like you came home from school, your mom had a migraine, yelled at you, and you took in all this stuff, having no clue she had a migraine. You know, migraine. Your grain, our grain. HAHAH..And from there, you know, you took it, made it all this other stuff that it’s not. And so what is the divine feminine anyways, besides the next Barbie movie? hahah –Just like, what am I doing? Why again?

Alison:  You cracked me up, William.

William: It’s all having a blast, isn’t it?

Jean: It is. And, yeah… I feel like when I’m with you, William, all the layers of erroneous beliefs and concepts that I have packed on…umm…  you help melt away all the debris so that your true light can shine.

William: Absolutely… And the real you, minus all the emotional complications..

Alison: For me,  I feel a little bit like I’m standing under a very fun waterfall.

William: Oh, awesome, Awesome.

Alison: That’s how I feel when you’re talking. I feel like, Wow, Just let it, just be in this waterfall of William. You’re a very exciting person.

William: Oh, thank you, sweetheart. And both of you as well. And so ask yourself this question, I mean, everyone knows what you’ve experienced. You’ve experienced what you’ve experienced. You’ve gone here, you’ve gone there. And now from here, you know and you ask yourself, okay, from all of my experiences, from experiencing it–the pain, the torment, some things that were happy, then they were sad, and all these roller coasters. Now you know all that for yourself and thru yourself. Now you know of all the old, so you ask yourself, do I just want to maintain that comfort zone of –pain is bad, comfort is good, the point of life is to be undisturbed ,and just maintain that little tiny merry go round. Or, am I ready to start happening? Am I ready for to start living? Not surviving? Because all that other stuff is all been based in, he said, she said, we said, they said, and you know, all the survival mechanisms from your solar plexus down. What about your natural birthright? You know what it’s like to survive. What is it like to live?

Alison: And if I say yes, I am ready to live, William… What would my next step be?

William: Your next step would be from the rest of yourself, your higher levels and I say your higher levels, and I  want to be clear on that… Higher, does not mean out there on the other side of Uranus somewhere… Okay. More my anus either, you know. hahahaha

Alison: Thank goodness.

William: Yeah, I’m telling you, that’s some places men are not meant to go. haha..  So from here, it’s where you will start to go through and start to feel different changes within yourself. You’ll start to be presented within yourself– stuff, memories, thoughts, experiences coming up and leaving. There’s even times that you’ll have different sorts of dreams, but clarifying dreams, because what you’re doing, when I’m playing with your higher levels, it’s parts of you, still You,  I do not want to make a mistake about that, that are vibrating at a much higher vibrancy, but the body has been so sluggish and the intellect and then the emotional states have been so preoccupied with surviving, getting by making this work, that work or not work, and so preoccupied from the solar plexus down that, that you forgot about the rest of you… that was just mean, this isn’t, I have to get to a certain state to achieve and whatever… Every time you leave the planet, you’re giving your rungs of honor. You’re always celebrated… that’s always going to be. And now it’s about the fast track, accelerating and allowing for your true life to start happening, and for you to start happening. Not all of this wash, rinse, repeat and fears, phobias, anxieties, overwhelming burdens and holding your breath and waiting for the next cataclysm to occur.  Like you’re letting life happen to you rather than.

Alison: Rather than through you.

William: Yeah, and for you. Right. You know, when I say, all right, thy will, not my will to the rest of myself. What that really means is, you know what? I know what the mind’s bought into. And that’s not exactly working. Like, you know, the afternoon in Disneyland with the big giant rodent and all that. hahaha– So I’m thinking, okay, there’s got to be something better. Yeah. Something beyond what my mind can comprehend, because my mind can only base things on the future and the past, when it comes to the manifestational world. So it’s taking the past, projecting into the future and calling that normal. Now, what happens when you go beyond the mental emotional levels and you start welcoming in the rest of the whole universe your creator consciousness, now I want to know what I want… Show me, what’s not possible because, let’s get that out of our our vocabulary, but what’s probable and available?  Possible, it’s like, you know, let’s all go to the island, do some ayahuasca, cross our fingers, hope for the best. Right. Anyone can make it from the fire and not fall in , hahaha..

William: But from here, it’s where we go beyond all that into, Hey, show me what’s probable and available. I’m ready.

Jean: I love that. That just feels so… ready for life! Not hiding from life, not, you know, really stepping into your power and create creation. William, can you leave us with, like a prayer that or a statement that you say in the morning? Um, because you taught me this.

William: Yeah.

William: And I think our viewers would love to hear a surrender prayer, like bringing on your entourage and your higher Self. Yeah.

William: So, before I go to bed at night, I do make it a point to say, I bless this day and it is done. Because, absolutely break energy, so I’m not, my body’s not processing all night the prior day. And then, in the morning I start off with, all right family (divine family), all right entourage, you know, take command, I welcome you in Big guns to take command, speak through me, steer me and journey me, and fully incarnate within me. Now I Welcome in all the gifts the universe has to offer this day and bring it on, let’s go. And there’s times where, like before I’ll do an event, a one on one, and before I start work, I’ll go into saying the prayer of Francis, which is not about Catholicism. It was about his heart. Which goes, Lord, make me an instrument of your peace or higher levels, make me an instrument of your peace– where there is hatred only help me sow love. Where there is doubt, faith where there is darkness, light where there is despair, hope where there is injury, pardon. And where there is sadness, help me emanate joy. O Divine Master Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console. To be understood as to understand. To be loved, as to love. For it is in giving that I receive, and it is in pardoning that I am pardoned, and it is in dying that I am born to eternal life. Now, if we pertain all of that to our self, the dying means  not the physical. It means the dying off of the ego. It’s a prayer of surrender, which is, it’s an invocation to the opening of your heart. So when I give my bride, my angel, a kiss in the morning, when I greet her…It’s not about well, let me tell you about my dreams. You know, it’s more about, you know, who we are. How are you? She feels that love. She knows she matters. She feels that acknowledgment. It’s not, you know, it’s not being common courtesy. It’s not fluffy. It’s not, I’m supposed to. It’s because, You really matter, And what you feel matters to me. What you share matters to me. When I get on the phone, you know ,to do my one on ones for the day, it’s that, Yeah you really matter, what you share, what you’re experiencing, what you have to say really matters. It’s not, okay I’m going through this and that and that and that.. You matter because you are creator expressing through carnate. What you’re running through, what you’re struggling with, what no matter if things are being stripped away because you’re going through a purification that matters, and where it is, you know, it’s kind of interesting because it’s like eventually, the crown chakra level vortex goes all the way down, marrying, dissolving all the other chakra level vortexes all the way through the heart, absorbs the heart and the heart, and all the lower chakra level vortexes get absorbed through the heart. And then what happens is that your crown goes all the way through the heart. The heart is right there, goes all the way down through the bottom of your feet. And right now, I would say it’s at the approximation of about 89ft in diameter because you are becoming the vortex of love that you are. It’s not about going to Sedona and wherever you go to a vortex, as you are that vortex that you’re seeking.  Is’nt that awesome? It’s so much fun.

Alison: It is.  But I have one last question. I want to know what brings you the most joy pie, cake or ice cream?

William: Definitely cake. Yeah.

Alison: All right.

William: Yellow cake, chocolate icing.

Alison: Oh, there you go.

Alison: Me too, man.

Alison: Me, too. William.

William: Thank you for not peeing in the waterfall..haha

Alison: No, no, no, not at all. I felt pretty good. I got it all going on.

Jean: William, you are the most brilliant vortex in my orbit, in my life. And I love you. And I love Mary. And thank you for all your goodness.

William: So you too both. And my angel sends love as well. And we sure love you both. This has been finally great to finally get to meet you.

Alison: Yes. And you are just the biggest pleasure. I would really thank you so much. I really feel so light and I’ve enjoyed it so much. Thank you so much, William.

William: Oh, and you too.

William: This has been an honor and look forward to doing it again some time and we’ll be here all week.

Alison: Okay, good. We’ll talk to you in a couple of days.  haha

William: Love you both.

William: Have fun. Bye. Love you. Oh, you know what?

William: I’ve been. I’ve been practicing my inside wink today.

Alison: Oh, let’s see. I’m feeling it.

William: I’m winking inside.

Alison: I feel it. It’s good.

William: I love you both. Have a lot. A lot of fun. Okay.

Alison: Bye. Thank you.

Jean: He has so much to offer. I could talk to him all afternoon.

Alison: He some of what he was saying was so thick to me, like there was so much going on with what he was saying. I liked the things about the the soul, sort of as a record keeper. I thought that was really beautiful. And I do have instances where I remember something so vividly. I do feel like it is happening right now, like and it brings emotion to me. Does it? Yeah. You know. Right. And go ahead.

Jean: No, no, I agree. I like the I liked how he shared what his practices are in the before he goes to bed. He says he breaks energy with the day.. You know, so he can really, so the soul the consciousness can really clear out and that you wake up like with a clearer clean slate. And and I also love that he says The prayer of Saint Francis, that’s one of my favorite as well. It’s beautiful. Yeah.

Alison: I think I need to break the day more, break the energy of the day.

Jean: I think a lot of us do because most of us have so much technical equipment around us. When we go to bed, we have our cell phones, we have our TV, we have our laptop. Right. And I think it’s really important that we kind of calm that stuff down and all the thoughts and…

Alison: Even just my own personal energy. Right, Right.

Jean: Like l everything that people that we’ve met. Another way of breaking energy, I was told, is, you know, to take a shower at night, get into water.

Alison: Then I want to wake up, though.

Jean: Do you? Yeah.

Alison: And the sad thing is, I sometimes listen or watch TV to fall asleep and I watch like, those reality shows. So it’s like, yeah, like I have a lot to break now. I have a lot to break.

Jean: Set yourself free.

Alison: That’s right. Break those chains. Well, I enjoyed him so much.

Jean: Yeah, he has. He has a great website. He has a wonderful class coming up starting in a few days. So treat yourself. It’s it’s his work is so unique and it’s life changing and very empowering because he guides you to live from your  true God Self.

Alison: I’m not going to even say anything else. No. Okay. You did. You killed it. Mic drop.

Jean: And scene.

Alison: That’s right.

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