The extraordinary multi-faceted channeler Lee Harris talks with Jean and Alison about his life, his sensitive, intuitive communications with the Z’s and his book The Energetics of the New Human Soul (book 1 of his book series).


Jean: Hi, Alison.

Alison: Hi,Jean.

Alison: How are you?

Jean: I’m great. 

Alison:  Jean and I went to an event last night, and we were shocked because we won little door prizes, and we’re living on that high today..

Jean:  We are. Also, I’m feeling a little tired today.

Alison: I do, too, because of the thrilling excitement of winning a Simpsons basket and a blood pressure monitor.  It was excellent.

Jean: It was. It was fun. It’s so interesting now what makes us happy?

Alison: That’s right. The most basic things. That’s right. And this, But I know this interview is going to make me happy, you know…

Jean: This interview, I think back to when Emma, who you know, helps us set up all these wonderful podcasts and she said to me,” Jean, Lee Harris, accepted our request and I was just like, Wow, that is so great!” He’s just someone that I’ve tuned into and I love his message and he’s just he’s the real deal. He is so down to earth and easy to talk with you. You know, you feel like he’s the the guy next door.

Alison: Right, Right. And I, I was not as familiar with him. But when you look him up, you go, oh, my gosh, this guy is, he’s been doing this 18 years and he’s got it going on.

Jean: We get to interview Lee Harris and definitely we GET to, as It was a big deal. Lovely. Yeah. People were all like, Oh, I know Lee and I’ve been listening to him and, and so on..

Alison:  He’s a channeler, right?

Jean:  Right…. of the Z’s,

Alison: Which is amazing to me. Like that is just something that, even he says it at one point, you know, “I thought it was kind of fringe”, you know what I mean? Like, but he really is, the message he brings forth are amazing. So this interview was,was so, so much fun for us. Right?

Jean: Right.  Also one of the other things I love about Lee is that he, like all of us, we’re all multi-dimensional. And he is not only a channeler, he’s an amazing musician, singer, teacher, actor. Right. He is an intuitive healer, he’s an author. So he’s just such a well rounded and he’s funny.

Alison: And he’s funny! And he’s got a great laugh and he lets you tease him, which is, you know, what we like! We do! We do like that. All right. So listen to Lee Harris and we’ll be back after.

Jean: Hello! Oh, my goodness. It’s so great to see you.

Lee: Oh, thank you. It’s so nice to meet both of you. I’ve heard lovely things about both of you. It’s very nice to meet you.

Jean: Well, we’ve heard very nice things about you! That’s right.

Lee: Maybe we all paid the same person.

Alison: What person likes us all?

Lee: Yeah. Thank God. Hey.

Alison: This is wonderful.

Lee: Oh, I’m so glad.

Alison: (Holding book) is just such a wonderful manuel (book).Jean is further along on the spiritual train, so for me, this was so, um. I gleaned so much from this.

Lee: Oh, I’m so glad. Thank you. You know, and it’s so funny because my only concern about book one was originally, it should have been at least one and a half times the size it is. And the publisher opted to take some out. And my big concern was, is this too small? You know, book two is going to be almost double the length. But actually it seems like it was. You know, the universe has a way. Right. So thank you. I’m happy to hear that.

Jean: You know, my son came to visit me and he said, can I take that book home on the plane? Wow. I was like, Well, Matthew, sure. And I think it’s a perfect size, Lee, I think it’s great. It’s so full of wisdom and support. I was sharing with Allison that I felt this book was was a love letter from spirit to our soul and to our human self. And and it’s easy to read. It’s not like,  I’m going to wait till I’m more evolved. Yeah, yeah.

Lee: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, thank you. That. That means the world. So thank you.

Alison: And Diana is lovely.

Lee: She’s fantastic. Yeah.

Alison: Yeah.

Alison: So we have some questions that were offered to us from someone, but we would love to just know, Talk to you, actually, about you.

Lee: Okay. All good with me.

Alison: Because you’re very, very peaceful. So I’m wondering, can you just tell me a little bit like about a day for you and do you ever, like, get angry when you don’t get a parking space or something?

Lee: Oh, well, no. haha

Lee: Parking spaces don’t bother me, but I have a bit of a thing. Like I have opinions on the road and it usually, it usually revolves around me having to remember to slow down. So I and, you know, because it’s always interesting to look at your triggers, right. And to see how they show up in your life. And I’m I never love it when I get stuck behind someone who’s doing 30 miles an hour on a 50 road. But then I always go, and it happened to me this morning, actually. And today was a really busy day for me. I have my family coming in tonight. My mom and my sister are arriving in a couple of hours, so I’m really excited. But I’m also getting lots ready in the house and you know how it goes when you run a business and you have a big team. There are lots of things that come up that you’re not expecting. So I was definitely rushing and this brilliant driver came out in front of me and my first instinct is, Oh, I need to get to the office. And then my second instinct is, okay, I get it. Yeah, you’re right. I should slow down and enjoy the hills. So. So, yeah, I hear that a lot from people that either the work I do or being around me makes them feel calm. But I’m very human. And like everybody, I have my stressful, you know, stress days and days where I think I’ve got better at catching it now. And part of my work in the last few years has been balancing, um, holding big energy and then really working to bring myself back to the small and the domestic and the grounded. And that’s still something I’m working on. But that that’s where my evolutionary path lies the integration of, of our higher self and our human personality and I think that the words that came through the Z’s were so supportive of being human and.

. De power of and, and at the same time, Really knowing that there’s something operating bigger, more expansive, more benevolent than than we  and we really can put our finger on. And so, Lee, I was curious, I know that the Z’s came in while you’re riding a subway. And did you, were you already like a, someone interested in the metaphysical world? Will you already.. I know you’re a sensitive,  young man when you heard them, speak about that.

Lee: So, y

Lee: So I got very, I first really got introduced to intuition and metaphysics in a more overt way, when I was 16. I remember going to a tarot reader and I remember taking my mum to that tarot reader because I didn’t I don’t even know why I knew to do it. I’m not quite sure. Someone came across our radar. I heard about it and I was all in. And my mum, who is actually very intuitive but unlike me, has never had, um, I would say, you know, the time of her life and, and her situation did not necessarily afford or allow her the desire or the opportunity to go and study it the way I did. So we now talk about that, which is beautiful because I think her seeing what my work has done in the world, has allowed perhaps her to believe her intuition a bit more. But even then, when I took my mum to this tarot reading, she was nervous and scared about it. But I just loved it, you know? I couldn’t get enough of it and I didn’t know why at the time, but there was something that would happen in the tarot reading room and there would be an energy shift that I would feel. And now that is the same energy shift I feel when I channel the Zs, but cranked up to about a ten. So what I understand now, is I felt very at home in spiritual energy and I think like many sensitive or empathic people and any of us who’ve grown up in the cultural conditioning that we’ve grown up in, in our generations, you can feel very ill at ease in the traditional human world or in the way that we as a society are told to show up and behave.

Lee: So from the age of 16 to 17, I got very into metaphysical books. And but I was never that into I certainly wasn’t into channeling. If anything, I that for me was a little too fringe. I was more interested in self growth and personal development and I would take myself off to these workshops. But it was 23 when I first heard the Zs. And honestly, the weirdest thing about it was. If there was one thing I thought I knew, it was that no way were you going to become a channeler on the subway. You know, it was like, no way. Like I should surely be a really pure person or I should surely. And they appeared to me when I was in the middle of negative self thoughts, which was, you know, kind of normal for me in my early 20s –blaming myself for everything, attacking myself for things, occasionally blaming someone outside me. But it wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t high consciousness thoughts, but that was how I knew they were different. I was like, What is this voice that comes in and tells me that these thoughts are wrong and explains why? And as they explain why, I see the logic in their answer, even though I couldn’t see it. But more importantly, my body relaxes and I start to open up. And that’s the effect I notice that they have on me. So after, you know, a few days of going, is this multiple personality disorder? Is this what it’s like? I don’t know. But I have to say, I remember thinking, well, if it is, I don’t want it to go away.

Lee:  This is way more useful and way less problematic than I hear multiple personality disorder can be for some people, or perhaps the way it’s portrayed by society. I’ve never met anybody who’s who’s experiencing it, so I’d have to really ask them how they feel about it. But so it was very clear, very quickly because I asked them questions and they were like, We are your guides… You haven’t been able to hear us since you were six, but I don’t consciously remember hearing them before six, but I don’t have a ton of memories before that time anyway. So that was the moment and it was a series of months and months and months of me coming home excited to get home from work, to sit down and write more questions and get answers that started to change the way I was seeing the world, change, the way I was seeing my life- didn’t didn’t give me an immediate enlightened personality or anything like that, But it started to shift me in the way that I could see things, in the way that I could perceive things. And then I confided to a few spiritual friends, and then I would give them readings. And that was kind of how it began.

Alison: You know, I love in your book because I get the sense like even with you talking now, that actually we’re all enlightened, but some of us are under a pillow or or like something, and if you can just sort of allow yourself like you, you could have shut that off,  You could have been like oh…..

Lee: You Know, I could have. And the one question that people have asked me is they go, Were you scared? And I my answer was very telling. And it told me something. I was never scared of them. I was terrified of what society was going to think.  They felt like home and I was like, Oh, God, this is going to be very inconvenient to the point that, when I started doing readings, which was about 4 or 5 years afterwards and I was pushed by a friend and I could have again said no, but I thought, Oh, no one’s probably going to come anyway, so okay, yes,.. You can send me out to your newsletter of 300 people and probably no one will come. But I did 60 readings in 60 days. Now, to be fair, I was doing it for a donation, a minimum of £10 or $15. That would have been back then. So it wasn’t risky to people. So I think that was part of it. But people would start sending me to their friends, they’d have a reading and they’d tell 3 or 4 friends. So it took me, I think after about a year, I decided to tell my family what I was doing and I’d never told them that I was a channeler. But it was getting to the point where if I would go home to visit family, why is Lee is running off with his laptop at the weekend? You know, because I because I had a job as well and I had to try and get it all done, because for two years, I, I kept my part time job and I did the readings part time. And then after two years, it just got to the point that and I had raised my prices according with my experience and how many people were coming.

Lee: So after two years and that was 2006, it was like, oh, you can let go of the part time job that you’re holding on to just in case. And you can do this full time. But I didn’t tell my family for the first year. And yeah, I mean, and I lost some friends too, which was tough. I lost some really close friends who I liked, who suddenly either thought that I was the channel which I never claimed to be, or they were triggered by it. So, you know, it was it was it was an interesting time and it was a time that taught me a lot about if you want to Do this, one of the lessons you’re going to receive is it’s going to really make you trust who you are and what you believe. And I had been raised in a family where what the neighbors think, is like of utmost importance. So that programming I was holding got really grappl with with this process. But just just to your point, you know, the Z’s say that we we all incarnate as these extraordinary souls and the human conditioning that we are born into kind of clamps our potential. But even within that, they say it’s extraordinary to be alive, even within some of the gravity and the limitation. They say it’s hard for you to believe that, especially on a day when you’re suffering or when you’re struggling with being on the planet. But they they say it’s true. And the more I’ve heard them say that now for 24 years and the more they’ve explained why, the more I know it’s true.

Alison: You know, we interviewed Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.

Alison: You know who that is?

Lee: I do. I saw her speak once. Fabulous.

Alison: And I feel like when we do these interviews, you realize that God, the universe, spirit says is telling us this is reinforcing the same thing over and over. And that is that the human experience is one of magnificence, even in moments of grief or high emotionality or and and it feels like just the time that we’re in the people that are being authentic to their true selves like you were actually, I consider brave, you know, to be your truest self. And my child is experiencing something now and coming to their truest self that that is enlightenment. You know, living an authentic life. So when you talk about your family, sometimes when you meet somebody like you, you forget that you were raised in a family. Like it seems like you just like you came from a light beam.. 

Lee: And again, I think that’s kind of the tricky. I think part of that is because we well, a couple of things. This is the same issue I had with some people in my life. All of a sudden it was like they couldn’t allow me to still be the me that they knew and that could laugh with them and that loved movies and music and all of those grounded things. And then I’m doing this other thing over here, like they couldn’t allow me to be all of those things, but this weird thing superseded everything else, and they needed to reject me because of this one thing. So I think that is an issue that we have in society. You know, if there’s one thing we don’t like about somebody, we want to discount them completely. But I think more to the point, what I’ve come to notice, having done this work now publicly for 18 years, I didn’t get this until I’ve seen it time and time again. We have been so conditioned, certainly in the West, to be afraid of and separate from spirituality and the risk of this and this is a thing we’ve seen time and time again. The problem is, there is a kind of heartbreak that we as human beings go through around our spiritual teachers or our gurus or the people that we pedestal. 

Lee: And the reason we pedestal them is we think, well, they know everything and they know more than me. And that’s because we’ve been told we know nothing about spirit and we can’t connect to them. And actually all those people are doing is reminding you we’re all a bridge to spirit. And maybe their job at this moment is to shine that brightly, because that’s the thing they can offer society. Like, I’m really grateful to all the people who can do all the things I can’t do that I benefit from. But I think that’s where Guru culture comes from. This separation and worship culture that’s very dangerous, both for the worshipper and for the one who’s worshipped. If they’ve got, you know, ego imbalances that they inflate themselves and fall from a mighty height. We’ve seen that play out so many times. But what I came to realize is, oh, when you look at the history of mysticism on Earth and the witch trials and, you know, we know that powerful, intuitive women were burned not necessarily because they were witches, but it was convenient for the men running the society at the time to get rid of those powerful women. I mean, we’ve seen we’ve seen women get, you know, cut short for thousands and thousands of years. But we’ve also seen certain rules around how we’re allowed to interact with spirit. Like, I’ll tell you how you can meet God and this interesting control hierarchy that we have as human beings, which thankfully, in some ways we’re going through a big healing shift around. And in other ways we’re seeing it rear its ugly head in response to the rise in consciousness. So I often look at it as that kind of energy template that we’re dealing with. And so for me personally, it’s, you know, it’s very sweet what you just said, but I’m like, Oh, no, no, no, trust me, hang out with me for a day. And yeah, the Zs have absolutely influenced me. But at the same time, I think that spirit’s influencing all of us all of the time. And yeah, it’s to me, it’s dangerous for us to pedestal or Guru I’s any one person, and it’s dangerous to allow someone else to do it to you. Because I’ve been up close and personal and I’ve seen that happen a lot of times. And I also was definitely someone who guru ized in my early 20s because I thought Spirit was so separate from me and I don’t blame anyone. I think we do it because culturally it’s the way we’ve been trained, but it really harms everyone involved.

Jean: Yes, it’s so true and I can absolutely relate to what you just said personally, just putting people on a pedestal. And I saw it all around me here. You know, we live in Los Angeles. You know, celebrities get, you know, oh, my God, whatever they do… And and again, I think this beautiful book reminds us of our sovereignty as a human being. And I think, This book is like a blending of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the spiritual and the analytical it or the the, you know, being in the world with with the contrast and, and not making the contrast wrong, but just embracing it in a more less judgmental and Beautiful way.

Lee: Yeah. And I love I think that was one of the gifts of doing it with Diana because originally we were just going to do some recordings and she had interviewed the Zs several times. In fact, she first came to me for a private session back when I was still doing them, and she said, I don’t ever go for these, but something told me to come to you. And of course now we laugh because it’s like all these years later, it’s like, Oh, look what we were supposed to do together. But because she’s a psychotherapist and yet she’s also very spiritually educated, she’s got that beautiful blend of both. And so her being our bridge and our anchor point and she really tunes in, you know, she goes through her own intuitive process in the weeks leading up to each set of conversations, she helps ground it and make it relatable, but also is there to go, can you just go back on that point because… Yeah, and it’s important because I think even for me, this terminology that they will use and I’m like, I think I know what that means, but what does that mean? You know? Because their language will come through a different lens than mine. So when I do the energy updates, the reason I don’t channel those is because I want to be a human bridge for people. But I take the headlines that they give me and then I try and translate. But when it’s the Zs, there’s there’s a whole other frequency in the language and also the perspective of our lives. So I think it’s really important for all of us to be able to dance between those two poles and hopefully over time, integrate them.

Alison: You know the great thing about this that I really enjoyed was that you always stay, Lee. You’re very much Lee, like they talk about you like, just this guy and you could be my neighbor, you know? And that’s that was exciting to me. And then I wonder, they also said sometimes you don’t remember what you said, so sometimes, Are you surprised?

Lee: Oh, God. Someone said to me the other day, a good friend has the book. And it was very sweet. He was telling me he was really enjoying it. And he said, Oh, and that bit where they talked about you and them, I mean, the recordings happened through my body. I edited the book a long time ago, but I, I edited the book once it came back for the final review, I don’t remember it now. So there are, I think because I channel so much, um, you know, so much of it for me is about surrendering my mind. So therefore it’s so in the moment for me that I will maybe walk away from a one hour channeled session and I’ll remember 2 or 3 headlines that piqued my interest because I get to kind of sit behind, you know, my experience is I’m sitting behind and listening. But yeah, there was stuff that came out not just in this book, but in book two, which comes out in May of 2023 and Book three, which will come out in January of 2024. I’m learning things about my connection to them that I had no idea about. But that’s the thing, you know, a conversation is like being a human. We constantly evolve. We constantly see things through a different perspective. So I think they sometimes use me as a teaching example or point. And thankfully at this point I haven’t tried to edit any of it out, even though sometimes I’m quite, I’m quite like, Oh wow. And Diana will say, Did you hear that thing they said? And I was like, Oh, oh, yeah 

Alison: Is it, is it, is it all auditory?

Lee: Yes. So the way when I’m so basically that’s how it works for me. I hear them. Now if I’m working with someone as an energy intuitive, I do get visuals too. Um, but it’s, it’s all auditory for me and it’s very, um, sensory in that my body, when I’m doing my work, not when I’m in the grocery store necessarily, but when I’m in that mode, My energy field tells me a lot about a yes or a no or are my energy fields. If I’m doing a speech for, you know, 300, 400 people, the way my energy field moves tells me where to go next with the audience. Oh, that was a hot button for them. You need to expand on that a little bit more. You need to explain that a little bit more. You know, much the same as I’m sure it works for many people, but when I channel them verbally, which is, you know, the the audiobook for this book is the actual recordings. So if you get the audio book on Audible, you will hear Diana interviewing the Z’s as it happened. And we then turned the audio into the books. The first sentence or two usually I repeat, so I’ll have my eyes closed. It normally takes me a minute or two to kind of be ready to allow myself to be out and then to come in and I might hear just above my head, I might hear them say. 

Lee: Something like Ha! Good. A pleasure to be with you all. And there might be one more sentence that I hear from up here, and then it slowly comes down and then it’s just straight through with no precognition of the word. So, yeah, it becomes auditory until I’m actually channeling. And then it’s happening so fast through my body and usually faster than my own speaking pattern and speed that I don’t hear it first. I hear it as it’s coming out my mouth, which is the slightly nerve wracking part of it. You know, that was the scariest thing in all the early years. I started doing workshops in 2006 and certainly for that first 6 to 8 years, you know, you’re like, Oh my God, what’s what are they going to say now? And I’m the one that’s going to have to live with it. So I’ve got a bit more use to that. But it’s auditory when I speak to them myself and it’s auditory when I have conversations with them that I then write down or type for my own purposes and my own questions. 

Jean: I love that they Uh, say, Ha?

Alison: Yeah. We love Ha.

Jean: Ha. And now, because it reminds my husband was Canadian. And, you know at the end of the sentence they say – A?

Lee: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jean: So I’m and I personally am into sound healing. And so, Lee, tell me just a little bit about, do you use your voice.?. I think, I think we all do, consciously and unconsciously, that we use our voice as vibratory tools to clear. I mean, clearly you speak and people are just feel like melting in butter. And I think that’s one of your superpowers that you’re so humble and so approachable. You know, you don’t give off this aires… Okay, Now I’m up here and, you know, you’re just such a love. I know you’ve had a few YouTubes. I’ve heard them, actually…  Are you using your voice more now?

Lee: Yes, I am, actually. And it’s interesting that they they’ve not that long ago disclosed that they got me first through music. So when I was 21, you know, all through my childhood, the one of my, if you like, escapes was acting. And I was never the kid that could act like a normal eight year old, but I could play a 63 year old Jewish merchant for you like that, because it was shamanic to me. And so in a way, I understand that I was channeling other people and energies through my body from a young age, and I loved it. But I also, as I got to 16 and 17, even though it was what I’d done since I was nine years old and I would do three productions a year, sometimes four, I knew it wasn’t going to hold me. I knew that as much as I loved acting, there was more creatively for me to explore. So I was at drama school and I was doing what I was supposed to do, which was completing the thing that I was good at. You know how that goes. But the gift of my drama school was that it was so holistic. So it opened me up to Alexander Technique, five Rhythms Dance. We had a wonderful head of school who was very spiritual herself, didn’t talk about it much, but now I reflect on the programming. I’m like, What the hell were they giving us that for? I was eating all that up, and then at 21, in the middle of my course, I suddenly started to hear music. I’d always loved music. I’d sung in musicals, I’d sung since I was a kid. And I loved singing. But I started to hear songs and they were like full songs with lyrics.

Lee:  And so my friend showed me a few chords on guitar and I would use the guitar to get these songs down. And this was like, this was like, to me, this was like the best thing in life I’d ever discovered. And it was like a passion was born, so I thought I would go into music. And at the time I met the Z’s, I had just I was just about to or just recorded my first album, and that was the path I thought I was supposed to go on. So flash forward to now, Even though I did some albums in the last 20 years, about two, three years ago, the Z’s were very clear to me just on a personal level, that I had to walk back towards music. And so because I work with a wonderful composer and arranger called Davor, who’s a wonderful Slovenian musician, um, we’re, we’re continually developing more sound healing. And in fact, we’re working on a big course now that will probably come out in 23. That goes a little more into the the science and the energy of sound healing and music and we’ll incorporate the Zs information. But yeah, we’ve been putting music out that’s for example, tuned to 528Hz. And when Devo adds backing music to some of the channeled messages I’ve given over the years, he will measure the frequencies of planets and our organs and our chakras. So I’ve already heard from them that in the years to come, sound healing will not only be an area that I am supposed to continue going deeper into, but that we as a world in a decade from now, they say, you’ll be surprised. It will be a lot more normal, it will be a lot more a part of your society. It doesn’t mean that the other music will go away, but that it will just be a tool and a healing art that we come to accept and incorporate into our lives. So yeah. 

Alison: I love that about 2030 and 2035… And you know, the whole time thing was I thought, wonderful.  Right now, You just said that that you will get like an answer or an idea or here’s the path I’m supposed to go on. So, is it like you’re always with a group of friends in your head?

Lee: Well, they sometimes nudge me. They it doesn’t happen many times, maybe 5 or 6 times a year. They will interrupt me and they will tell me something. But other times it will be when, mostly, it will be when I choose to go to them. So the music thing, for example, there was an interesting story around that for me, which was I was flying home from London in 2019 and I had just done an event, a wonderful event called, Intuitive Power. It was amazing. We had about 310 people show up for the day and it was very, it was you know, I always love working with the energy of a room in that way. But I was flying home and something was ringing in my ears and it was like an ego moment for me, because the event organizer said to me, Oh, this is Marianne Williamson and Caroline Mayss’ favourite venue, and the venue held 350. And so we’d almost sold it out. And I had this moment where I didn’t know what to feel about that. Like, I could tell that the me from ten years ago would have been going, Wow, you just, you know, because ten years ago I knew who they were and I did my thing.


Speaker2: And it was on a much smaller scale, but I didn’t feel anything. I was kind of going, Shouldn’t you feel happy about that? Or proud or excited? And I was just kind of I was like, well, I just did my job. Then I turned on the movie and I watched a Coldplay documentary. And of course, they’re incredible. And I watched them do their music and move this incredible stadium. And I felt envy. And I was like, Whoa! Because that was a weird thing to feel. I mean, Coldplay are like at another level. So I knew it wasn’t I knew it wasn’t envy of perhaps the size of their career or the success of their career. But I felt envious that they were getting to play with music. And then I told myself, Lee, there are probably other people out there who wish they could have 300 people show up for the channeling and da da da. So I knew I had to channel and I asked them this question. I’m like, you know, am I? Help me out here. There’s something going on in my head that I don’t think is true. And they literally said, Without music, your soul will crumble. And I was like. 

Lee: Whoa, What?

Lee: So I asked questions and they were like, Yeah, walk back towards music. It’s part of your soul. It’s part of your essence. It’s part of what you’re here to do. And you are allowed to create enough space in your work that you bring the music in. And the limiting belief I ran up against in my head was, that’s not what people want me for. And I’m doing this work for these people and I have a team. How am I allowed to now?… So it was it was a fascinating moment for me with my own limits. But it was also a real breakthrough because I got off that plane, I booked myself on a music conference. I told my team- listen, we’re going to do this. And everyone was a bit like, What? And it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped doing all my other work. It just means that three years later, here we are integrating it all. So it’s been an interesting journey.

Alison: Thank you so much for everything you you do and are and have said today. You’re just really… You’re fun.

Lee: Thank you. Thank you. And, you know….

Jean: I was waiting to see.. How is she going to go with… 

Alison: You’re fun. You’re just, you just very light and fun. And you really.. I loved, I loved this. And I can’t wait for the others.

Lee: Oh, thank you. That’s fantastic.

Jean: You’re really a blessing, Lee. Just your consciousness and your willingness, your humility, your humor. I mean, I could go on, but this is… It felt like Christmas morning to me all day knowing that we were going to have a little time together.

Alison: Were both like…What are we going to do? Come over at three. Let’s go. Like, it’s like you’re someone that, you know, it’s just exciting to hang out with.

Jean: And not in a guru way. Just in a very light…Like, look at this beautiful flower we get to be with today.

Lee: Thank you. Well, can I say thank you for saying such lovely things, but I feel daily grateful to be in the position I’m in because I think back to times in my life where I was more scared, more nervous, more, you know, the times in my teenage years when I was I was really suffering internally. And and so, you know, for me, it’s a complete privilege when you get to a place where the thing that you feel purposeful about is also something that seems to be helping and serving others. I mean, it’s a complete win win. So thank you. And from my 22 year old self, his head is spinning with.

Jean:  That interview went by so fast. 

Alison: So we were in a time warp. We’re like, Oh, okay, okay. We’ve been talking three minutes. No, it has not been three minutes. He’s so much fun. 

Jean: He.. Is. And he I just love so much of what he shared with us. And, you know, I think a takeaway for me is really putting an end to that pedestaling others, the guru and the worshipper, you know, just we’re all here. We’re all made of the same God stuff. And no one’s better than than the other.

Alison: And I love that he is so um.. He seems so authentic. Like there’s no, um… I don’t know… There’s no, like, veneer or like you, really. He seems like he’s really present and listening to you which is something I took away. Like, sometimes I’m thinking about what I’m going to say. Or does this person think I’m funny or whatever. And, you know, Lee showed me, like, you can just actually listen and that’s enough. If you can really listen with an open heart to someone, which is what I felt he was doing with us in our interview. I love that because he answered many questions that were like, you know, how is your family treating you? What’s going? And he was very open with us, which I really appreciated.

Jean: Yeah, Very generous, man. 

Alison: Yeah, really, really great. And I just want to make him laugh the whole day. Doesn’t he have, like, the best laugh.

Jean: And teeth and smile. Excellent teeth and his smile and you just want to give him a hug?

Alison: It’s a little known fact that we mainly pick our interviews by teeth. 

Jean: That’s true.

Alison: And now, don’t you know I’m giving the secrets away. See, this is the problem when I’m open. All right. Well, we hope you enjoyed that. And and Lee, thank you so much! 

Jean: Yeah, that was a treat. And we we send you all of our kindest thoughts.

Alison: That’s right. All right. Thanks a lot. Bye, everybody.

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