Jean’s Reliable Recipe – Roasted Potatoes with Oregano, Garlic & Lemon

Jeans delicious roasted potatoes with oregano, garlic and lemon is a wonderful side dish that goes well with chicken and fish.

Honor & Integrity Define Your Legacy

How do you define Honor & Integrity? Here is Amy McLaughlin-Margolis’ wonderful Honor and Integrity Inventory Questions in 9 Key Areas to help you explore your own values.

How to Honor Yourself

Honoring yourself is such an important choice to make… especially during these times. Dove Rose suggest ways to open up to your own beauty and friendship.


We all have style and we all have the way we usually do things. Looking for another idea? Try some good eats in Reliable Recipes from Jean Trebek & friends, Dr. Aletta’s wise words of wisdom and our encouraging Affirmations.

Honor Your Expression Affirmation

insidewink’s affirmations give a new perspective, a moment of insight, an invitation to pause and breathe.

Creating An Effective Caregiving Routine During COVID-19

Creating a Safe and Effective Caregiving Routine During COVID 19 starts with taking care of yourself! This is an all important article during the pandemic.

A Valentine’s Day Tunnel of Fudge: Jean’s Reliable Recipes

Jean’s delicious Tunnel of Fudge cake, originally a 1966 Betty Crocker Bake-Off competition winner, is one the Trebek’s family favorites!

How To Feel a Greater Sense of Emotional Freedom

Emotional Freedom can lift us out of the current situation and bring us true peace. Try Amy’s two exercises to allow your own personal freedom.

Resistance Affirmation

insidewink’s affirmations “share the good’ and are little reminders to breathe, give yourself break and reframe any situation you’re in!


East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Stringing Kit

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Stringing Kit

Coach Mac from Verdugo Lacrosse shares with us another lacrosse equipment review. In this article, Coach Mac will be reviewing the ECD Hero mesh 3.0 Semi Soft.This is a continuation of our ongoing series of a complete East Coast Dyes (ECD) stick setup. In his previous...

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