Some days you just might not be “feeling it”…

and that’s Okay.  

Thank goodness for powerful reminders that can assist us in breaking through the heaviness of our thoughts that seems to weigh us down. Take a couple of minutes to listen to this wonderful video created by Nataly Kogan above.

What she says can really change our perspective in a minute;  and perhaps that’s all we need… some wonderful prompting to reset our minds by uplifting our thoughts about ourselves.

Five things to say each day-

  • I’m a “being”, not a “doing”.
  • I don’t have to earn my own joy.
  • I am more than enough.
  • I can’t give what I don’t have.
  • I am an awesome human

Want MORE good feelings? Then check out the wonderful interview we did with Nataly over a year ago… she’s truly beautiful inside and out.

I learned how to be happier now, in my life as it was, even when everything wasn’t perfect (it never is).”

—Nataly Kogan, CEO, Founder – The Happier Method

“I Have Lived a Full Life”

This was on my street. Just like this. Leaning against a tree. I have lived a “Full” life. I laughed that someone joked about the “Full” size of the mattress (I guess “I have lived a ‘Twin’ life”, although interesting, doesn’t quite work as well). It strikes me, so I stop to….READ MORE

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I’m Just Curious

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