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So when we find something we love, we want to share it with you! Here’s this month’s picks of what’s good…Cleansing Oil, Olive Butter and Baseball Backstop Nets!

Jean Trebek recommends MARA Cleansing Oil

jean trebek recommends

MARA algae Enzyme Cleansing oil

I find that taking off my makeup is best with a good cleansing oil. So, when my friend introduced me to MARA , I eagerly tried it… AND I’m loving it! Not only does it easily remove my makeup, but it gently exfoliates. It’s rich in fatty acids, B complex vitamins, Chia, Spirulina and so much more. After removing makeup and impurities, it leaves my skin looking bright and hydrated. An added plus – this company is all natural and cruelty-free.

MARA Website

Emma Berdie Dodson recommends

Orange Blossom Olive Butter

There are three ingredients listed in the Orange Blossom Olive Butter product for your skin — just three! Can you believe that? When it comes to products for your body, it is rare that one doesn’t hyperventilate reading a list of 600 ingredients, most of which you cannot pronounce and probably didn’t even realize were words. Considering how fresh Temecula’s olive oil is, I can only imagine their body products are whipped up with brand new batches of oil and packaged right away. And I do mean whipped! This body butter is so light and fluffy, I actually initially thought the container was empty. This olive butter lotion feels like they took clouds and made them into moisturizer. My skin is loving the natural components and I also love the fragrance. The orange is light and evocative of spring days without being too saccharine and overdone.

Temecula Olive Oil is a family company — Dad is the grower and manufacturer, Mom runs the business side and their daughters each help with social media and video footage. I love hearing about family businesses as I grew up in one myself. They are some of the hardest working and conscientious people due to the fact that there are no employees to fall back on if the work doesn’t get done. Whether it’s 5am or 11pm, you can be sure someone who really cares about the end result is problem-solving and that kind of dedication and care really soothes my soul when it comes to supporting small businesses. Their soap is equally wonderful and made with 9 ingredients, only one of which had 3 syllables. It is smooth and delicious smelling — I’m using the raspberry scented soap right now, but I’m honestly very much looking forward to the next one after this and then the one after that, etc. The raspberry isn’t overwhelming and leaves my body clean and sweet-smelling. I’m excited to continue to try beauty products from this small family-owned all-natural business — they’ve definitely got my credit card number moving forward!

Temecula Olive Oil Company Website

Baseball Backstop Nets

Stephen O’Bryan recommends

Baseball Backstop Nets [50 Sizes] | Pro Grade Baseball Softball Netting – 100% Weatherproof

Having a lacrosse player in my home I’ve learned that I have to take measures from stopping the ball from going over the fence and into the neighbor’s yards.

These Baseball Backstop Nets do just the job. Although designed and branded for baseball they work just fine with lacrosse balls. After suffering through one broken window I knew I had to do something right away. There are many options but after looking through Amazon’s reviews I settled on the Pro Grade Baseball Softball netting. First and foremost I chose it because of the excellent ratings on Amazon, then I looked at the price and I thought it was quite reasonable. Finally, I liked that description said it will hold up to the weather, the netting and mesh is high grade and that it’s rot-resistant. I own a variety of sizes from the 14×14 to the 12x 70. I’ve been very pleased with this product and I think you will be too.

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