Every room’s story needs a beginning. It can come from and experience, a feeling, a memory. Natalie Soriano’s room story begins on her aunt and uncle’s farm.

Growing up, I loved visiting my aunt and uncle’s farm.

It was about an hour outside the city, and to me, it represented a slice of Heaven. I knew when we took a left at the McDonald’s that we were leaving normal life behind, and ahead of us was a short drive through their small, quaint, downtown area. Just beyond that were gravel roads. The crunching of the rocks beneath the tires only added to my anticipation. I would look eagerly out my backseat window to see if I could spot their farm before we made a quick left. There weren’t any intersections. You had to just know where to turn. It was exciting.

What did I love most about being there? There’s so much to choose from. Was it the times my uncle let me help with the grass on his riding mower, or the inviting smell of homemade bread my aunt always seemed to be making in her kitchen?

Was it their wood-burning stove, or the dark green wallpaper that swirled together perfectly with gorgeous wooden stairs? Was it the fresh air, the peace of being out of the city, or the special touches in every room?

It was all of it. It was my favorite place to be, and is still very near and dear to my heart to this day.

I recently heard the question “What story do you want this room to tell?”

I was learning a little about interior design. I started thinking about the story my aunt may have had for her home. It was a story of love, kindness, warmth and joy. Her farmhouse welcomed us regardless of the season or our moods. Whatever magic she created in her house, that’s something I’ve been trying to capture and replicate all these years.

Questions to start your Creative Process

What story do you want your home to tell?

Even more than your home being a reflection of you, your family and your passions – your home is your sanctuary. It can energize you or relax you. Everyone has a story, let your space reflect yours!

What better time to let your creativity flow than right now?

Start small. Add some art or put up some meaningful photos.

Go big. Paint a room, rearrange furniture, add an outdoor fountain. Take the time to think for a bit, then go for it!

What do you dream of feeling when you walk through the doors?

Every room, every area of your home creates a feeling or a moment. A good rule of thumb? Listen to your heart. It’s always guiding the way.

Natalie Soriano


Natalie has a passion for personal growth and development, spirituality, crafts and Pinterest boards. As a certified "What If" UP Ambassador, she is happily facilitating groups, coaching, spreading a message of joy and possibilities, and helping people dream their biggest dreams.  To find out more, visit whatifup.com here.

Natalie currently lives in beautiful Valencia, CA with her loving, teddy bear of a husband.

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